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​The TON Bootcamp for mini-app builders in Telegram’s Web3 eco | TON Community

The TON Bootcamp for mini-app builders in Telegram’s Web3 ecosystem

Future3 Campus, a Web3-oriented incubation platform powered by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Capital, has partnered with TON Foundation to launch The TON Bootcamp, a dynamic incubation program designed to boost mini-app development within Telegram’s TON-based Web3 ecosystem.

What is The TON Bootcamp?
This program is a unique Web2.5 incubator, enabling developers to build innovative mini-apps that blend the traditional Web2 experience with the advantages of Web3. The focus is on fostering projects that offer real-world payment and gaming solutions, seamlessly integrating them into TON's thriving Web3 ecosystem in Telegram.

Opportunities and Funding
Managed and sponsored by Future3 Campus, The TON Bootcamp offers more than just development opportunities; it's a chance to receive significant funding and support. Future3 Campus has allocated a substantial $50 million seed fund, with the potential for the 15 selected teams to receive as much as $500,000. This support extends beyond financial assistance, offering integration aid into TON’s Web3 ecosystem.

Duration and Features
Spanning five months, the program offers participants a chance to showcase their projects on tApps Center, benefit from experienced mentorship, and receive marketing support within the TON Ecosystem. Additionally, participants get priority access to Telegram’s 800 million active users, among other benefits.

Application and Deadline
Apply for The TON Bootcamp here. The application window closes on December 18, 2023.

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