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TON Innovators - EVAA Protocol

"TON Innovators" is the latest content series on the TON Blog, dedicated to exploring the most innovative projects within the TON Ecosystem and the creative minds behind them. In the premiere feature of this series, the spotlight turns to the EVAA Protocol.

What is EVAA Protocol?

EVAA is the first decentralized lending platform built on TON Blockchain. It empowers users to lend and borrow digital assets through smart contracts, eliminating the need for central intermediaries. Its seamless integration with Telegram (Wallet and TWA) provides the messenger’s 800 million monthly active users with easy access to DeFi.

Leveraging smart contracts, the platform ensures that transactions are both secure and transparent. Looking ahead, EVAA is set to expand its offerings to include multi-asset collateral options and to further refine its risk assessment algorithms, enhancing the safety of its lending services.

EVAA Hackathon

EVAA has launched the EVAA Hackathon, focusing on the development of liquidation bots for the EVAA DeFi ecosystem. This hackathon aims to enhance the functionality of the TON DeFi ecosystem by introducing effective liquidation bots, building connections between the fundamental TON DeFi protocols: lending and DEXs.

For developers interested in contributing, check out the EVAA Developer Guide on GitHub.

To learn more about EVAA and their roadmap, delve into this blog post and join their Telegram channel.