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The Open Network (TON) is putting crypto in every pocket. By building the Web3 ecosystem within Telegram Messenger, TON is giving billions the opportunity to own their digital identity, data, and assets.

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2023-12-26 14:03:37
Festive surprise drop with Pearls by Gems

Pearls by Gems has announced a special surprise drop to celebrate the festive season. This unique space offers the chance to receive digital collectibles for free, featuring curated collaborations with artists, creators, and various projects.

The upcoming drop promises to be a thrilling event, with all participants guaranteed to receive a present. Additionally, some lucky individuals will have the opportunity to acquire the most rare pearls in the collection.

This event presents a fantastic opportunity for members of the TON Community to engage with the world of digital collectibles and celebrate the holiday season.

To take part in this festive event, participants are required to connect their wallets to the @pearls_drop_bot on Telegram. It is important to complete this process before the deadline of December 28, 2023, 9:00 AM UTC. After linking the wallets, participants simply need to wait for the drop to occur.

Don't miss out on this exclusive festive opportunity.
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2023-12-25 13:00:05TON Community Weekly Digest

Here's a roundup of the most exciting news from the past seven days in The Open Network (TON) Ecosystem.

Network Growth:

The number of registered accounts on TON grew from 4,043,474 to 4,174,537 (+3.2%) between December 18 and December 24, 2023.

Ecosystem News:

Foresight X and TonUP launched a $200,000 grants program for the TON Ecosystem. Aiming to fund over 20 TON-based projects, this initiative focuses on startups developing upper-layer apps and Telegram Mini App integrations. Read more here.

Last week's CoinMarketCap Live featured discussions on the future of Web3 and GameFi with Telegram and TON. Listen to the full recording here and read more here.

HackenProof and TON Foundation teamed up to launch a new bug bounty program. It is aimed at enhancing TON Ecosystem's security by leveraging HackenProof's extensive global network of hackers and professional security researchers. Read more here.

Layerswap has integrated TON, enhancing user access to the TON Network from over 40 sources, including major blockchain networks, popular exchanges, and fiat via Stripe. Read more here.

Animoca Brands, now TON Blockchain's largest validator, released in-depth research on TON, highlighting its potential in mainstream crypto and GameFi, among other aspects. Read more here.

Ton Raffles introduced the fair launch method for its $RAFF token sale in the TON Ecosystem, attracting 2,151 participants and a deposit of 197,493.69 TON, showcasing TON's commitment to innovation and transparent project launches. Read more here.

TON achieved a significant milestone by processing over 80 million Inscriptions transactions in just 15 days, showcasing its robust scalability and dynamic sharding capabilities. Read more here.

Happy Holidays to all TON Community members!
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2023-12-22 17:31:29
TON processed over 80 million inscriptions transactions in 15 days

TON Community is delighted to see the work to supercharge the network led to the successful launch of Inscriptions on TON. While other networks attempt to ban such demanding levels of transactions, TON evolved to carry the load with open arms. There were issues, but they led to great learnings that will shape how TON evolves to even greater levels of scale.

Since TON20 inscriptions launched - 98,945 unique users have made over 80 million transactions. Transactions per second have consistently held above 300 in over a week of minting activity, at one point reaching a peak of 649, a new record for TON Mainnet. TON’s dynamic sharding was in full swing, splitting into a peak of 16 shardchains. At the same time, transaction costs remained fixed and low at an average of ~$0.004 per transaction. In a community-led effort, crucial infrastructure was upgraded, including liteservers, APIs, and message delivery services. Special thanks to TON Diamonds, who set up additional liteservers, and GetBlock, who provided free RPC nodes for key projects.

The road to putting crypto in every pocket and making TON the most scalable blockchain on the planet was never going to be easy, but stress tests will always strengthen our ecosystem.

Read this blog to learn more about Inscriptions on TON and read this report for a full technical report on how TON conquered the issues. Plus, check out the inscriptions protocols on TON: @tonano_announcement and launching today @Gram_Announcement

Disclaimer: Nothing written in this post constitutes an official endorsement by TON Foundation. It is for the purposes of education and should not be considered advice to use these protocols that do carry significant risks.
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2023-12-22 12:00:10Introducing fair launches in the TON Ecosystem with Ton Raffles

Ton Raffles has pioneered a new era in the TON Blockchain with the introduction of the fair launch method for its $RAFF token sale. This innovative approach marks a first in the TON Ecosystem, leveling the playing field for all participants. The fair launch ensures that every participant has an equal opportunity from the very start, up until the token's listing on DEX.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Ton Raffles has achieved remarkable milestones:

A participation of 2,151 individuals.
An impressive total of 197,493.69 TON deposited, equivalent to approximately $420,000.

This successful launch not only highlights the growing interest in projects developed on TON but also demonstrates the practicality and effectiveness of fair launches. By adopting this method, Ton Raffles has enhanced the standards of transparency and fairness in crypto project launches, offering equal opportunities to all participants.

The success of the Ton Raffles event is a testament to the continuous development and growth of the TON Blockchain. It underscores TON's dedication to innovation, its ability to attract a broader audience, and its contribution towards enriching the diversity and growth of the ecosystem.

Join the official Ton Raffles community at @tonraffles_en for future updates.
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2023-12-21 16:30:03Animoca Brands' in-depth TON Blockchain research unveiled

In November 2023, Animoca Brands, a Web3 leader in digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, became TON Blockchain’s largest validator and revealed their support plans for third-party gaming and GameFi projects within the TON Ecosystem. Learn more here.

Before cementing their strategic investment in TON, Animoca Brands performed extensive research to evaluate the network's potential and future trajectory.

The highlights from their recently released reports include:

TON is envisioned as a pioneer in mainstream crypto, thanks to its ease of use and seamless integration with Telegram.
The potential of TON as an everyday digital currency is underscored by its user-focused design paired with Telegram's vast user base of 800 million.
TON's innovative infrastructure is highly scalable, and capable of managing high transaction volumes at speeds never before seen in the industry. While maintaining low costs and high levels of security.
The strategic importance of TON's efficient network is discussed, highlighting its support for scalable dApps and a thriving DeFi ecosystem.

To underscore how excited Animoca Brands is about TON, we spoke to Yat Siu, Co-Founder of Animoca Brands in a CoinMarketCap Live event, where he said: "Telegram is the Web3 messaging platform, and there was no good way of integrating Web3 into Telegram until TON. Now, we plan to launch many of our games through Telegram, and we believe TON has great potential for the entire industry." For more insights, listen to the full recording of the CoinMarketCap Live here.

Discover the detailed analysis and future prospects of TON in these comprehensive reports:

"Role and Potential of TON in Mainstream Cryptocurrencies"
"TON's Scalable Infrastructure Foundation"
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2023-12-21 14:00:08
Layerswap integrates TON

Layerswap has integrated TON, paving the way for users to access the TON Network from a multitude of ecosystems effortlessly.

Known for its fast and reliable crypto transfer services across networks and exchanges, Layerswap processes millions in daily transaction volumes. Their mission is to provide freedom in moving your crypto anywhere you desire. Currently, their app supports 28 EVM and non-EVM chains, 18 centralized exchanges, and fiat onramping via Stripe.

By supporting TON, Layerswap enables users to seamlessly and securely move funds to TON from over 40 sources. This includes major blockchain networks (such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync, Starknet, etc.), popular exchanges (like Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, Bybit, etc.), and fiat through Stripe.

For more information, refer to Layerswap’s announcement here.
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2023-12-20 16:30:04HackenProof launches new bug bounty program to enhance TON Ecosystem’s security

TON Foundation has joined forces with HackenProof, a leading bug bounty platform known for its work with exchanges, protocols, and blockchain ecosystems. This collaboration is set to bolster the security landscape of the TON Ecosystem by leveraging HackenProof's extensive global network of hackers and professional security researchers.

HackenProof will initiate bug bounty programs specifically for TON Ecosystem projects, starting with the launch of three projects: @evaaprotocol, @TonDiamonds, and @stonfidex. To support these efforts, TON Foundation will enhance the accessibility of these bug bounty programs with tailor-made launching conditions.

The collaboration underscores the importance of robust security in the blockchain space and the role of community engagement in achieving this goal. All TON Ecosystem projects are encouraged to participate in the HackenProof bug bounty platform, taking a proactive step towards fortifying their security.

For more information, visit this page.
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2023-12-20 16:00:25 CoinMarketCap Live just started! Tune in:
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2023-12-20 13:00:44
Dive into the future of Web3 and GameFi on Telegram with today’s CoinMarketCap Live

Join today's CoinMarketCap Live to discover how TON and Telegram are putting crypto in every pocket and transforming the Web3 landscape.

Don't miss insights from John Hyman (Chief Investment Officer at Telegram), Steve Yun (President at TON Foundation), Yat Siu (Co-Founder of Animoca Brands), and Ryan Dennis (Director of Brand and Communications at TON Foundation).

Date: December 20, 2023
Time: 1 PM UTC

Click here to join the session.
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2023-12-19 11:30:00Foresight X and TonUP launch $200,000 grants program for the TON Ecosystem

In a significant move aiming to enhance the TON Ecosystem, Foresight X, the accelerator arm of the prominent Asian investment firm Foresight Ventures, has partnered with TonUP, a leading launchpad on TON, to initiate a $200,000 grants program.

This collaboration between TonUP and Foresight X aims to fund more than 20 TON-based projects. Having benefited themselves from the TON Foundation grants program, TonUP understands the pivotal role such grants play in supporting startup teams.

The primary focus of this grants program is to nurture startups that are working on developing upper-layer applications within the TON Ecosystem, as well as those integrating use cases for Telegram Mini Apps.

Additionally, TonUP has announced the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of their $UP native token, scheduled for December 20, 2023, and exclusively available on This development marks another milestone in their ongoing efforts to contribute to the TON Ecosystem's growth and diversification.

Learn more about TonUP's IDO here.
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