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The Open Network (TON) is putting crypto in every pocket. By building the Web3 ecosystem within Telegram Messenger, TON is giving billions the opportunity to own their digital identity, data, and assets.

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2022-01-19 16:00:53
Decentralized exchange Biswap has listed Toncoin.

Biswap is one of the largest decentralized exchange platforms in the world with over 1 million active users and has Binance as one of its main partners.

Biswap’s daily trading volume exceeds $80 million, with a total value locked of about $469.3 million.

Swapping is available in the Toncoin/USDT pair.

What’s more, Toncoin holders can add liquidity to the Toncoin-USDT pool and stake their crypto of the same pair to earn rewards in the form of BSW, the native token of the Biswap platform.
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2022-01-18 23:30:00The three commandments of TON.

TON is a third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain.

Ever since it started developing the network, the TON Foundation has been preaching three commandments that illustrate its commitment and philosophy of the TON blockchain.

Today, we’re going to share them with you.

The three commandments of TON:

1. World-class transaction speeds

The TON blockchain is practically unrestrained in terms of the number of active users it can have interacting with the network while providing low transaction costs, which allows TON to process millions of transactions per second.

For comparison’s sake, Ethereum can only process 20 transactions per second, which leads to the network having exorbitant transaction fees and slow transactions.

How does TON achieve lightning-quick transactions?

Currently, TON is using two intersecting blockchains: a master chain and a workchain.

Whatever the case may be, TON is ready to show off its scalability.

When throughput reaches a certain threshold, the workchain breaks into shards: separate blockchains that have smart contract capability and keep a ledger of users’ funds.

Consequently, every shard is further able to split into more sub-shards, the number of which can reach up to 2^32.

TON can exponentially increase its scalability and transaction speeds thanks to this advanced sharding technology.

2. Streamlined and user-friendly interfaces.

TON’s primary goal is to onboard billions of users, which means that app interfaces must be intuitive and easy to use for every user — instead of only being for a small group of specialists.

It was only a short while ago when tech geeks and the curious were the ones using and interested in decentralized networks who would spend days and weeks studying blockchain technology.

Developers at the TON Foundation are shifting the paradigm and allocating a large portion of their time to making decentralized applications simple to use.

3. Decentralization.

Many blockchain projects are suffering from the labors of trying to offer decentralization. A prime example, Ethereum has a high degree of decentralization; however, it pays a steep price with its slow transaction speeds and high gas fees.

Meanwhile, Solana and Binance Smart Chain are much quicker and cheaper blockchains, but their levels of decentralization have been at the center of criticism recently.

Having witnessed missteps from other blockchain projects, TON has been striving toward complete decentralization, offering stability, reliability, and a path to a safe and self-sustaining world.

These three commandments form the pillars of the TON blockchain.

Part of TON’s mission is to stay true to the original tenets of Web3, and we believe that TON has the tools to accomplish this and become the internet of the future for which everyone’s been waiting.
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2022-01-17 22:34:20
Announcing a hackathon for developers.

The TON Foundation is going to host a hackathon contest for developers and will have a prize pool worth $30,000.

Task: Create a decentralized frontend that has liquidity pools for the TON blockchain.

Deadline: Jan. 31.

For more details and to learn how to participate, read this post.
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2022-01-17 16:00:58 We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a Content Manager.

The position is freelance, part-time work for a native English speaker who has one to two years of experience in copywriting, SMM, marketing, editorial work, or similar fields.

Click here for more details.
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2022-01-17 12:00:52
Toncoin has amassed over 90,000 followers on CoinMarketCap.

Only two months ago, in November, this number was just 10,000. Since then, the number of Toncoin followers on CoinMarketCap has increased 800%.

Join the growing community and supporter base by clicking on the star next to Toncoin’s name on CoinMarketCap.

By adding Toncoin to “Favorites,” you’ll be able to follow its price action more closely and bring it more recognition on the platform.
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2022-01-16 20:14:20
Our New Year $1.5-million airdrop event has come to an end.

We’ve received over 350,000 screenshots, but thankfully, the team has already processed most of the entries. Participants can expect to receive their 0.5 Toncoin in about four days.

If there’s a problem with your entry’s information, the bot will notify you to fix the issue.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Toncoin New Year airdrop!
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2022-01-15 18:43:04
Use multicheques with the @wallet bot.

Users of the service can now send each other crypto instantly and without commission fees.

To create and send a cheque, go to the @wallet bot’s main menu, click on “Cheques,” and follow the prompts.
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2022-01-14 22:28:33TON Sites as a Web3 industry standard.

Currently, the world is going crazy for Web3 and the capabilities it’s bringing to the world.

However, current Web3 applications deployed on Ethereum and other popular networks can still be considered as semi-centralized entities due to the high concentration of intermediary service providers.

The industry needs to choose another standard, and TON Sites services are a perfect example of true Web3 service applications.

What is Web3 and why hasn’t it still reached its perfect state?

Web3 is actually a pretty ambiguous term that refers to the internet of the third generation. Web3 will create a Web 2.0 environment with services comparable to Facebook and Google — but decentralized.

A perfect example of a Web3 service is nonfungible tokens (NFT). Most people think of NFTs as images and digital art that store their data on-chain. However, this is only partially true.

Most NFTs that function on-chain store a link instead of an image.

This link leads you to a centralized data point. Contrary to what many believe, the art displayed on popular NFT marketplace OpenSea is not located on the Ethereum blockchain — it’s kept on centralized servers.

Thus, most of the art that is currently circulating on-chain is in fact a combination of URLs that don’t store images on-chain — contrary to the tenets of Web3.

As a result, such an architectural approach creates a strong dependence on centralized data providers, such as Amazon. These data providers could potentially go offline at any moment, meaning that the data and the NFT art would be lost forever.

Why does the TON Sites service take a different approach to data ownership and creation?

From a technical perspective, TON Sites are similar to usual websites, but they’re accessed through the TON blockchain, which is an overlay network atop the internet.

Traffic in the new decentralized TON internet will pass through The Open Network’s nodes, which have a new ADNL protocol, meaning that data will never be stored by a single entity.

This creates a long-lasting relationship with various NFT services by enabling creators and artists to be completely sure that all of their data (if needed) could be further stored securely within the decentralized TON network once NFTs are minted on the blockchain.

This system will be completely decentralized and censorship-resistant, which was Web3’s initial intention.
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2022-01-13 20:48:00Morgenshtern is teaming up with Toncoin.

Famous Russian rapper Morgenshtern, who has almost 8 million Instagram followers, has launched a paid subscription Telegram channel that will only accept Toncoin as the means of payment.

The rapper’s Russian Telegram channel, Not Morgenshtern, posted a note saying that Morgensthern’s paid subscription channel will include exclusive, behind-the-scenes content and a platform where fans can chat with the rapper himself. The subscription fee is 1 Toncoin.

As a side note, he created his paid subscription channel with the help of the verified payments service Donate, an official partner of the TON Foundation.

We’re excited to see what Morgenshtern has to offer his legions of fans, and we’re thrilled that TON and Toncoin continue to turn heads.

When prominent social media personalities endorse and use TON and Toncoin, it helps increase awareness for the project considerably, leading people to integrate it into their lives.

Today, Morgenshtern declared his confidence in the TON project and immediately became an early ambassador of the TON ecosystem, hopefully spearheading further Toncoin adoption among his myriad fans.
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2022-01-13 15:22:13
Russian rapper Morgenshtern gives a shout-out to TON.

The most popular rap artist in Russia, Morgenshtern praised the TON blockchain project on Instagram in a post to his 7.9 million followers, expressing the amount of trust he has for the team of developers and saying that he would be taking on an essential role in the network’s development and growth.

The rapper posted an Instagram Stories in which he announced he had bought $139,000 worth of Toncoin, which jumped 8% from $3.5 to $3.8 at the time of writing, by showing his followers a screenshot of his Tonkeeper wallet.

We’re ecstatic to see Morgenshtern, who has collaborated with Lil Pump and has become a household name in Russia, spread the good word of the TON project and Toncoin to a broad audience.
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