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Logo of telegram channel tradingannouncement — DEFI | NFT and blockchain games Investor pools : Investment news
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Best investmetn news and advice.
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2023-07-19 18:05:25 Announcing The World’s First On-Chain Intelligence Exchange
Arkham Project Visualizer

Buy and sell information on the owner of any blockchain wallet address—anonymously, via smart contract.

Buyers on the Arkham Intel Exchange request intelligence from the community by placing bounties.
Bounty hunters claim them by submitting the requested intel, thereby earning rewards.
Conversely, anyone with valuable information on a wallet or its owner can offer that information for sale for a buy-it-now price or via auction to other users
This creates a liquid market for information, allowing on-chain sleuths to monetize their work at scale: “intel-to-earn”
We built the Intel Exchange after noticing 2 trends:
1. Significant demand for on-chain analysis from traders, investors, journalists, researchers & protocols
2. The growing number of talented on-chain sleuths who participate in our community every day
Arkham’s Intel Exchange finally gives sleuths a way to monetize their skills, and meets the growing demand for on-chain intel in a scalable way.
Bringing together 2 sides of this huge market.
1. Buyers
solicit intelligence by posting Bounties, requesting intel on anything they’d like to know.
Bounty hunters claim these bounties by submitting intel in response to them.
Any Intel bought & sold on the Intel Exchange will be exclusively held by the acquirer for 90 days
2. It will then be propagated to all users.
This gives the purchaser time to extract as much alpha as possible from the intel in the short-run
While ensuring decentralization of on-chain knowledge to the community over the long-run.


Join Arkhamintel Media
- Website
- Twitter
- Discord
- Telegram
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2023-07-13 13:51:30 ​​ Hello fellow Community! We want update you about our partner CRYOWAR

For best experience please first read the pinned messages, announcements channel and familiarise yourself with the Whitepaper.


Real-time PvPvP arena brawler
Unreal Engine 5 game
Free to Play
Web3, built on Solana
NFT Game
Open Beta successfully completed

Gameplay on YouTube
Follow us on Twitter
Join us on Discord

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Buckle-up for a thrilling Twitter Space with gaming leaders on BNB Chain!

Set a reminder and learn about our plans to showcase Web3 gaming at the upcoming Innovation Night in Paris.

Thursday, July 6th
1:00pm UTC

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2023-07-05 16:19:26 We announce giveaway - Tweet and take that $1,500,000

Take part in our unprecedented giveaway with a prize pool of $1.5M!

To compete for the prize:

1. Make a forecast about how much the CHO token will cost on March 24, 2024.

2. Post it on Twitter using the #CHOPrediction hashtag before January 1st, 2024. Make sure there are three digits after the decimal point. E.g., $5,321.

3. Sign up on Gleam to boost your chance of winning

4. If your guess turns out to be correct, you will be rewarded with a share of the prize pool.

5. Make it to the #1 spot and take home $1M!

Learn more

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2023-07-04 10:49:12 ​​Take your chance to outperform Bitcoin alongside the next halving with BitDriven

Historically, every Bitcoin halving is followed by a strong BTC uptrend. The BitDriven portfolio is projected to follow and outperform it.

Do not miss the time-limited BitDriven sale and get your own exclusive investing portfolio!

Buy BitDriven now

Find out analysts' Bitcoin price predictions on the verge of halving in 2024
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2023-07-03 11:42:17 ​​ PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT:

SolakGPT x HorizonLandMeta

We are thrilled to announce our Partnership between @SolakGPT and @HorizonLandOfficial

Discover SolakGPT Ecosystem: where cutting-edge AI meets DeFi. Our game-changing AI browser and Solak DeFi platform redefine the digital landscape.
SolakGPT Ecosystem: where cutting-edge AI meets DeFi. Our game-changing AI browser and Solak DeFi platform redefine the digital landscape. Trade NFTs, stake, swap, borrow, and more on our integrated interface. Enjoy privacy and security while earning 10X rewards in SGPT tokens. With a one-time $20 fee, users can access a wealth of DeFi opportunities and even earn while browsing the internet. Plus, our Solak Liquid Staking lets you stake and withdraw from a liquid pool. Join us in shaping the future of finance and technology. Invest in SolakGPT today and unlock limitless potential

Follow Media

Stay tuned for upcoming developments and exclusive updates about the SolakGPT Ecosystem!
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2023-06-19 13:03:46 We are excited to announce Maverick Protocol’s path to decentralization, alongside Maverick’s utility token: MAV!

What is Maverick Protocol?
What’s Maverick’s utility token Mav?
Maverick’s path to decentralization.

Read more about the utility token MAV:

What’s Maverick?
Maverick is a leading DeFi infrastructure bringing higher efficiency to the market.

Phase 1: Capital efficiency: Maverick's Dynamic Distribution AMM
Phase 2: Incentivization efficiency: Maverick Boosted Positions - surgical liquidity incentivization
Phase 3: Governance: ve-model

Maverick’s mission is to eliminate inefficiencies across the market, and build a more composable and decentralized financial system with its ecosystem partners. You can view our ecosystem infographic at:
What’s Maverick’s utility token Mav?
MAV is the native utility token of the Maverick ecosystem. It is designed primarily to be used for staking, voting, and boosting.
MAV is integrated with Binance Launchpool.
For more information, visit:

Follow Maverick’s Media
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Announcement Channel | Discord | Medium | YouTube

#MAV #Binance
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2023-06-15 14:18:52 ​​ DinoWars was repaired with dignity after the attack on their site during the sale

Money which was stolen by the scammers (because of what people's token was not shown on the site), sent to the users to their detriment

In general guys are planning a sale on June 15, greatly increased protection together with Naskep, while I want to give you some useful things to read about the project

- Contract Addresses and Audit from Hacken
- Why token is different from other P2Es and will give growth
-Exchanges ready to work with the project
- Their Lunchpad strategy
- AMA session on the project

Tomorrow will give a link to the sale, the price of token will still be 0.25, when all iDOs come out already with 0.4

TG DinoWars | Chat DinoWars
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2023-06-09 10:33:55 ​​ AMA ANNOUNCEMENT Just in 30 minutes to go!

Don't miss out on the exciting AMA session with Kommunitas featuring Mr. Hardik Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of Polygame Exchange!

Time: 08:00 AM UTC
Telegram AMA:
Receive: $200 worth of $KOM tokens to 10 winners!

Join us for an insightful discussion!

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2023-06-01 11:46:53
Wanna such a merchandise and $150 USDT

DinoWars has announced a giveaway, which takes place in Telegram of project -

100 winners are going to be chosen, so the chance of winning seems to be really high

15 winners will get cash prizes (from $50 up to $150 USDT)
85 winners will get the merchandise from project- cups and T-shirts

To take part in the contest just subscribe
- DinoWars Group-
- DinoWars Chat -

TG DinoWars | Чат DinoWars
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