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2023-01-16 18:40:44
U.S. Banks Prepare For Recession

Major U.S. banks have reported mixed results for the fourth quarter, as bank executives pointed to the rising odds of a “mild recession,” with inflation and interest rate hikes challenging households and businesses. It seems like big U.S. banks are preparing for a mild recession.

Major U.S. banks released mixed fourth-quarter results on Friday as executives warned of the likelihood of a “mild recession,” and noted the difficulties faced by consumers and businesses due to inflation and interest rate increases, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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2023-01-16 17:15:11
Job openings data is missing a recent upturn in layoffs

Goldman Sachs looked at layoff notices filed under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which require companies to notify state governments, and affected individuals, of plans to lay off 500 or more employees 60 days in advance. The WARN Act also applies to companies making at least 50 job cuts when an employment site is shut down, or the number of layoffs account for at least one-third of total workforce.

WARN Notices from seven big states — California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio — tend to track the national picture very closely, which is useful because some of the smaller states are slow to report the data. And the big-state WARN Act data is more timely than the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS.

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2023-01-14 14:44:36
Consumer Sentiment Rises To Multi-Month Highs

On January 13, U.S. released preliminary Michigan Consumer Sentiment report for this month. The report indicated that Consumer Sentiment improved from 59.7 in December to 64.6 in January, compared to analyst consensus of 60.5.

The report showed that consumer mood was improving. At current levels, Consumer Sentiment is close to the levels of April 2022, when Consumer Sentiment settled at 65.2. The bottom was reached at 50 in June. Back then, consumers were extremely worried about rising inflation and high prices at the pump.

The strong consumer is an additional argument for the Fed to push rates towards the 5.00% level. At the same time, the news may be interpreted as bullish for riskier assets as they show that the U.S. economy remains in a decent shape despite recession fears.

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2023-01-13 19:35:26
JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citi beat earnings expectations, but worries about ‘headwinds’ remain

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc. and Wells Fargo & Co. managed to beat Wall Street’s reduced expectations for their fourth-quarter profits as higher interest rates boosted income from loans.

The banks turned in stronger-than-expected results despite a slowdown in overall deal activity such as home mortgage loans and initial public offerings.

“We still do not know the ultimate effect of the headwinds coming from geopolitical tensions including the war in Ukraine, the vulnerable state of energy and food supplies, persistent inflation that is eroding purchasing power and has pushed interest rates higher, and the unprecedented quantitative tightening.”

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2023-01-13 19:33:06
Biden Vows to Veto House Republicans' 'Fair Tax Act' Proposing Elimination of IRS

Several U.S. House of Representatives Republicans have proposed legislation that would significantly decrease funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The move comes after the newly elected Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, stated that he would challenge the funding granted to the U.S. tax agency in the previous year.

If the president were presented with H.R. 25 – or any other bill that enables the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations to cheat on their taxes, while honest and hard-working Americans are left to pay the tab – he would veto it.

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2023-01-12 19:59:09
Today's Forecast - BlackRock, Inc. Stock Quote 666.58

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2023-01-12 19:52:24
Today's Forecast - Nasdaq 100 (NDX) 11,346.7

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2023-01-12 19:48:13
Today's Forecast - S&P 500 Index 3871.1

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2023-01-12 19:43:14
Today's Forecast - U.S. Inflation Rate 3.87%

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2023-01-12 18:01:08
Inflation will surprise investors again in 2023

The final consumer price index of 2022 is due out Thursday morning, and is expected to show prices rose 6.5% over the prior year in December.

As 2022 began, the inflation conversation was centered on whether a rise in prices would prove to be "transitory."

The answer was definitive: Inflation was not transitory.

So as 2023 begins, conversations now focus on how entrenched inflation pressures have become and how far the Federal Reserve may need to go to cut them off.

The latest Fed forecasts suggest rates will top out at 5.1% this year.

"Chair Powell has made it abundantly clear that the Fed will not be front-running the coming drop in inflation."

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