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2020-11-28 01:07:43
Introducing Crosschain Swap!

Using Trust Wallet you can now quickly and easily swap between #Binance Chain and #BinanceSmartChain.

#BNB and #TWT are currently supported, with more asset support coming soon.

Check it out 👇
361.7K viewsAlex, 22:07
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2020-11-12 20:02:37 Don't let your memes be dreams!
Think you've got what it takes?
Enter our meme contest for some $TWT bounty

Details here:
305.7K viewsAndrew M 🇵🇭, 17:02
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2020-11-12 19:58:55 TWT holders who voted on @PancakeSwap's governance proposal will get $CAKE tokens.

Thanks for voting. Details here:
244.8K viewsAndrew M 🇵🇭, edited  16:58
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2020-10-30 17:31:22 Win Limited Edition Animated Halloween #Binance NFTs!

If you’re already using Binance Smart Chain with Trust Wallet, this one’s for you!

For a chance to win:

Share the activity on social media with the hashtag #BinanceSmartChain

Make a transaction on any of the below #BSC projects:

🥞 #PancakeSwap
🍔 #BurgerSwap
🍩 #BakerySwap

Fill in the form to enter!
252.7K viewsAlex, edited  14:31
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2020-10-19 18:14:30
Trust Wallet now supports $EGLD!

To celebrate, we're giving away $30,000 in #EGLD!

Click here 👇
229.4K viewsAlex, edited  15:14
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2020-10-15 04:43:21
NEAR Protocol $NEAR is now integrated into Trust Wallet.

Learn more:
230.7K viewsAndrew M 🇵🇭, 01:43
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2020-10-06 18:18:05
TWT giveaway!

Create a short video explaining how people can interact with #DeFi platforms on the Binance Smart Chain to enter.

Win up to $250 in #TWT!

Learn more👇
239.4K viewsAlex, 15:18
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2020-10-03 11:52:45
We’ve made some changes to the Trust Wallet Token (TWT) to leverage the strength of the Binance ecosystem and to give TWT a stronger presence.

TWT was originally created as an experiment for our team to reward loyal Trust Wallet users and grow our community. By all accounts, this experiment has been a blinding success.

We believe that this change will continue to help the Trust Wallet community grow, and it will give us the opportunity to bring more in-depth tokenomics to TWT in the future.

See the full details on the Trust Wallet Community site...
225.5K viewsAndrew M 🇵🇭, edited  08:52
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2020-09-10 21:01:35 Live now with Trust Wallet Founder Viktor!

Join the workshop:
225.3K viewsAlex, 18:01
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2020-09-09 13:09:33
Trust Wallet Founder Viktor will be part of a #DeFi workshop at the #Binance Summit: “The World of DeFi” tomorrow!

🔹Discover DeFi products and services
🔹Learn how to conduct research and analysis
🔹Find out how to select the right DeFi products

Get your free ticket here ➡️
204.8K viewsAlex, 10:09
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2020-09-07 11:59:49
Trust Wallet now supports #Binance Smart Chain!

Learn more ➡️
183.8K viewsAlex, edited  08:59
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2020-08-27 11:46:50
Trust Wallet now supports Polkadot $DOT

Learn more here ➡️
243.8K viewsAndrew M 🇵🇭, edited  08:46
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2020-08-19 20:03:33
$TWT is now live for trading on Binance DEX!

Click here➡️
257.0K viewsAlex, 17:03
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2020-08-01 13:45:03
🛡 10,000,000 TWT Giveaway! 🛡

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Binance x Trust Wallet we're teaming up to giveaway #TWT to 10,000 winners!

Enter now👇

304.9K viewsAlex, edited  10:45
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2020-07-30 15:27:31
Announcing the new Trust Wallet referral program!

Refer your friends, earn $TWT.
257.2K viewsAlex, 12:27
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2020-07-22 16:00:17
🛡️ 500,000 $TWT #Giveaway! 🛡️

We're going to be rewarding active community members with #TWT.

Here's how to qualify⬇️
241.8K viewsAlex, 13:00
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2020-07-20 15:05:54 🛡 200,000 TWT #Giveaway! 🛡

We’re launching our biggest #airdrop ever to celebrate Trust Wallet hitting 100k followers on Twitter.

🔹 10 winners get 10,000 #TWT
🔹 100 winners get 1,000 #TWT

Complete simple tasks to improve your chance of winning!

Enter ⬇️
222.9K viewsAlex, 12:05
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