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2024-05-20 18:05:31 More Options to Go Direct to DeFi: Transfer from CEX

Uniswap Labs is making it simple to transfer crypto from centralized exchanges to the Uniswap self-custody wallet.

With the new ‘Transfer from centralized exchange’ functionality, you can transfer money from Coinbase and Robinhood to your Uniswap mobile app in a few clicks. No more copy-pasting or sending funds to the wrong address.

Go direct to DeFi

Research shows that about 65% of Uniswap interface users have used a CEX prior to their first swap on Uniswap. But transferring funds from a CEX to a crypto wallet (like the Uniswap mobile app) can be confusing. Between copy-pasting 0x addresses and making sure you’re on the right network, funds can easily be sent to the wrong place.

That’s why we’re excited to add ‘Transfer from CEX’ functionality into the Uniswap mobile app. Making it easy for users to simply and safely transfer crypto from their centralized exchange accounts to the Uniswap mobile app.

Find out more on our blog

To get in touch, please email [email protected] or telegram @uniswapkevin
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2024-05-16 14:03:39
Codyfight is a turn-based strategy NFT video game that is all about the battles of wits among the players.

In Codyfight, players can play against other people or deploy self-programmed bots (AI) in matches. Each bot is a combination of two main parts: NFT Skin and CKey (game access identification key).

Codyfight is a blockchain-based AI vs. human competition metaverse that will bring together millions of creative, tech-savvy, and multi-talented people in a community-driven game.

The goal is to win in the ultimate arena where the savviest gamers can compete with AI algorithms.

Codyfight robots’ skins will be available for sale as digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, robots’ skins are created by certified artists and community content creators with different rarity and value. Players can obtain these cosmetic items and trade them outside of the game.

Connect with us to get the latest info and updates:

Telegram (Announcement) | Twitter | Website | Github |
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2024-05-12 13:57:20 Measuring Price Improvement with Order Flow Auctions

Research from Uniswap Labs proposes a new methodology for measuring price improvements across Order Flow Auctions (OFAs).

The Rise of Order Flow Auctions

Uniswap has been a pioneer of automated market makers (AMMs) – which have gained significant traction over the past few years. The Uniswap Protocol alone has processed over $2 trillion in all-time volume, with over 465 million swaps.

Order Flow Auctions (OFAs) have been proposed as a complement to the AMM. Systems like UniswapX, 1inch Fusion, CoWSwap, and Flashbots Protect introduce methods like batching and auctioning to optimize trading outcomes for all participants. These OFAs aim to redistribute surplus from specialized actors to swappers.

Measuring Price Improvements from OFAs

While OFAs offer a promising solution to complement the AMM, there is no clear framework for evaluating the impact of introducing these systems into DEX interfaces. Quotes offer a simple way to compare prices across interfaces in a given moment, but swaps on some interfaces often settle at prices that are different from original quotes.

New research from Uniswap Labs introduces a novel, open source methodology to evaluate and compare OFAs, focusing on Price Improvements (PI). The methodology outlined in this research can be applied across any set of trades, focusing on three key factors that impact price improvement: liquidity access, gas optimization, and priority fee settings.

Find out more on our blog
Read the full paper here

To get in touch, please email [email protected] or telegram @uniswapkevin
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2024-05-08 14:45:58 Buy crypto using Robinhood Connect on the Uniswap mobile app

Users of the Uniswap mobile app can now buy crypto with a debit card, via bank transfer, or directly from their Robinhood balance using Robinhood Connect (available only for users in the United States).

To celebrate this launch, Robinhood is giving $10 of USDC to people who buy at least $10 of crypto using Robinhood Connect in the Uniswap mobile app. The campaign only applies for first time Robinhood Connect customers.

Simple self-custody

The Uniswap mobile app is one of the fastest growing self-custody wallets, built by the most trusted team in DeFi.

The wallet provides users with a safe and secure way to swap and store crypto. Robinhood Connect is the latest addition to the Uniswap mobile app’s selection of fiat onramp providers – a list which already includes Coinbase Pay, Moonpay, and others.

Find out more on our blog

Download the Uniswap mobile app

Users can purchase crypto with Robinhood Connect today in the Uniswap mobile app today – available on iOS and Android. Download the Uniswap mobile app to get started.

To get in touch, please email [email protected] or telegram @uniswapkevin
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2024-05-05 13:26:11
Epic real-time robot card racing battles

MixMob is a Solana-powered card strategy battle racing game developed by a team of veteran gaming developers.

Take your gaming to the next level as you level up your MIXMOB profile and go from card strategy battles to full-blown MMO racing as you compete against other players for rewards.

MixMob features a dual-token system, airdrops, and rewards, fostering a robust in-game economy.

The platform also allows players to take charge of the MixMob League on Solana, offering customization of prize pools, tournaments, and more.

About us

Website - https://www.mixmob.io
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MixMobOrigin
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/mixmob
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2024-05-01 17:10:43
Bladerite builds upon the core combat of action games by introducing a rock-paper-scissors system inspired by fighting games.

The three primary skills counter each other, requiring you to quickly assess and strategize in the exhilarating battles to go further and achieve greater success.

After extensively player testing, Bladerite has discarded the active defense found in traditional action games and implemented an automatic defense mechanism along with a corresponding armor system. This provides friendly protection for newcomers to action games.

Centered around the Action Gauge, the displacement mechanism is designed to balance heroes with different ranges, allowing melee and ranged heroes to compete on equal footing in the game.

Explore more

Social links
Website | Discord | Twitter |
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2024-04-27 17:40:13 Access the Uniswap Extension Beta

We are excited to begin rolling out the Uniswap Extension to users on the waitlist. Users will be granted access to the Uniswap Extension on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to know if you have access
Mobile push notifications have gone out to the first wave of users who have early access to the Extension!

If you received a push notification, please use this link to download the Extension. Once you have it installed, you will be prompted to enter your uni.eth username. If the uni.eth username associated with your mobile device has been granted access – you will be able to import your wallet(s) and use the Uniswap Extension.

If you have not received a push notification about early access to the Extension, but have joined the waitlist by claiming your uni.eth username, we haven’t forgotten about you! We are giving access to more users from the waitlist every day, so make sure your push notifications are turned on for the Uniswap mobile app.

Extension still in beta
Note that the Uniswap Extension is still in beta, so please consider the software still in development. Help us make the Extension better by giving us feedback.

Joining the waitlist
If you are not on the waitlist yet, you can join by claiming your free uni.eth username in the Uniswap mobile app. When you claim your uni.eth username, you are automatically added to the waitlist.

To get in touch, please email [email protected] or telegram @uniswapkevin
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2024-04-24 13:51:22 Uniswap Labs and Across propose standard for cross-chain intents

Uniswap Labs and Across team up to propose a new standard for cross-chain intents – establishing a unified framework for intents-based systems to specify cross-chain actions.

Key takeaways:

Uniswap Labs and Across have joined forces to propose a standard for cross-chain intents, allowing intents-based systems to interoperate through a universal filler network.
Developed by two pioneers in intents-based interoperability, the new standard benefits applications, fillers, and end users while making the cross-chain ecosystem more connected and decentralized.
With a unified standard fillers benefit from a lower entry barrier and lower costs, applications can plug into a wider filler network, and users get a better UX.
Uniswap Labs and Across have submitted this standard to the ERC review process, and have included open questions that we hope to get community feedback on within the Ethereum Magicians forum.

The new standard offers cross-chain systems a unified specification for cross-chain intents. This means any application that facilitates intents can route their users’ requested actions to a shared filler network, bringing increased efficiency to the entire ecosystem.

Find out more on our blog

To get in touch, please email [email protected] or telegram @uniswapkevin
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2024-04-21 15:40:35
Aradena: Battlegrounds is an immersive, turn-based Play-and-Earn strategy game on a hexagonal battlefield where players build and train their army of NFTs and battle other players in complex, strategic gameplay

Battle with medieval warriors and fantastical beasts in a revolutionary PvP strategy combat game. Upgrade your characters, own your armies, and fight for ultimate glory and GameFi rewards.

There are a number of key dynamics which facilitate complex strategic gameplay, including command points, special actions, traits and powers, unique environment aspects, support mechanics, and many combat mechanics including unit and rotational modifiers. Players can also create unique army loadouts in the Barracks and collect unique packs to strengthen their army.

Join us

Website Telegram Discord Twitter
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2024-04-17 17:58:49
Fableborne is an isometric, free-to-play multiplayer game that combines Action RPG and Base Building mechanics, infused with unique twists

It leverages blockchain to enhance player and creator experiences; and Fableborne redefines competition in short, snackable sessions.

Embark on a journey through the expansive Shatterlands, a world shattered into islands by a mysterious event that plunged it into chaos. You face the challenge of competing for precious, scarce resources to enhance your power, all while fending off the encroaching corruption.

Fableborne is a free-to-play game. Players will not have to own tokens in order to play nor will they meet an ownership wall in their progression to compete for the best rewards.

Fableborne’s vision is to seamlessly integrate blockchain and we're exploring the new ways of playing that blockchain enables.

Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Medium
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