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2022-01-22 14:29:55 Welcome to the future of gaming!

🎮This is the place where everyone can play a fun, immersive game, program their AI bots to match against other players (or their bots!), make important decisions about the game, and earn some moolah while doing all this.

🌎Codyfight is a blockchain-based AI vs. human competition metaverse that will bring together millions of creative, tech-savvy, and multi-talented people in a community-driven game. The goal is to win in the ultimate arena where the savviest gamers can compete with AI algorithms.

🤖Codyfight revolutionizes P2E gaming by eliminating the need for grinding. Instead, we give our players the option to write code and automate smart AI robots to play the game automatically.
💰You can play Codyfight AND code in Codyfight - while making money!

👉Get more information in our Medium

✅Solving the ever-present problems plaguing the gaming and programming communities, Codyfight aims to create challenges and fun for talented people via immersive gameplay, balanced competition, a friendly community, and fair rewards.

👤One of the ways it achieves this is by introducing an entirely new kind of player: the player-programmer.
🤖This player-programmer develops AI bots, sends them off to fight and earn rewards in their stead, rents or sells them to others, builds robot farms to maximize rewards, and more.

🏆In this rich ecosystem and friendly community, the player-programmer is joined by artists designing and selling NFT skins, non-programmer players hungry for new challenges, beginner players, and others. All of them can earn profit from their various activities on the platform.

Join our official channels:
🔸 Telegram 🔸 Twitter 🔸 Website 🔸 Github 🔸 Facebook
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2022-01-18 23:09:24
💎Codyfight is a turn-based strategy NFT video game that is all about the battles of wits among the players provides players a friendly user interface (UI) and eliminating the need for grinding.

🎮The gameplay is turn-based and contains unique mechanics. Thus, even players without coding knowledge can play and learn on the way.

Codyfight is many cool things in one:

⚔️A multiplayer, turn-based strategy programming game and immersive environment where tech-savvy enthusiasts can have fun and put their talents to good use,

🌐A metaverse where one-of-a-kind pre-programmed (ro)bots with custom NFT skins confront each other in engaging battles of their owners’ wits and logic,

⚙️A platform where users can develop their own unique robots using any programming language, challenge others, earn cryptocurrency, and become the ultimate player-programer!

📊Trade NFT skins on the Community Shop, or unleash your inner artist and earn from your drawings

▪️ Website ▪️ Telegram ▪️ Twitter ▪️ Github ▪️Medium
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2022-01-17 08:16:21
🎮Prometheus is the first Multi-chain strategy sRPG NFT game that will be launched on BSC, Polygon and other chains!

💎The game Prometheus has NFT integrations that have both utility and real-world value based on rarity and scarcity.

👻Apparent from the title, Prometheus is the world’s first strategic RPG NFT game. Prometheus is a game that uses NFTs, governance tokens, and high-quality art to create an impeccable gaming experience.

🏆The game contains a broad variety of cards that can be used for in-game experiences as well as value in the secondary market. The more rare and significant a card is, the more its value appreciates.

👾All in all this game targets hardcore gamers, as well as NFT lovers, to collaborate and have an elite gaming experience. As the game progresses, the strategic side progresses exponentially.

Come join us in this adventure!

🔹 Prometheus's channels:
Website | Twitter | Telegram group |Telegram announcement
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2022-01-14 13:13:01 ⚡️What is Koii?
Creators first means content first. That’s why you need Koii!

🌐Koii inverts the ownership model of the internet by bridging blockchains and rewarding content creators for the attention they generate.

⚙️Koii leverages Arweave to immutably store your data and keep it censorship-free. With Koii, you’ll never worry about your content being removed.

💰Koii tracks attention on the open internet to equitably reward valuable content, and the network of Koii Nodes provide faster, cheaper, and more rewarding ways to build cross-compatible, chain-agnostic decentralized apps.

🚀Koii’s breakthrough innovation is a scalable consensus protocol that tracks attention on the decentralized internet to reward reliable or creative stakeholders.

🏆This serves as the foundation layer of the Koii dApp developer framework, which provides the security, transparency, and incentivized performance benefits of blockchain-based technologies with just a few lines of code.

➖ Important Documents & Links ➖
🔸 Tokenomics
🔸 Gradual Consensus (Smart contracts revised)
🔸 Lightpaper
🔸 Technical Paper
🔸 Register NFTs (Koii's BETA dApp)
🔸 Node (How to earn Koii?)
🔸 Earn for Code (Dev documents)
🔸 Run a Node (Fill in form : KOII Node Pre-Registration)
🔸 Get the Extension (Finnie wallet)
🔸 Creator Guide
🔸 Koii Partnerships Whitelist (Fill in form : Partnership Application)
🔸 Koii Ambassador program (Fill in form : Brand Ambassador Pre-registration)

➖ 🗣Socials ➖
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2022-01-12 13:16:56 First Open Platform for DeFi Quant Trading EXPONENT.

➡️Exponent enables professional quant-traders and data scientists to launch quant strategies in DeFi. Our aim is to democratize access to financial services.

➡️All in one place. You can choose from a selection of vaults with various crypto quant strategies, while retaining custody of your assets at all times.

➡️Quick clicks to launch. You can set up DeFi quant strategies with all the supporting tools and infrastructure, while keeping your IP protected. Focus on trading, we will take care of DeFi integration and execution.

💬Why End Users Choose Exponent❓

Expand your crypto assets holdings by simply deposit in a vault.

🔹Earn Risk Adjusted Returns
Choose from a selection of vaults with rigorously backtested signals that fit your risk tolerance.

🔹Save Time
Pick a vault to deposit in and let strategists actively rebalance and manage volatility on your behalf.

🔹Optimized Costs
Save on fees by pooling assets together and trading via batch transactions.

💬Why Launch Strategies on Exponent❓

🎖Quick Launch
API-into trading on DeFi. Focus on trading, leave the tech and infra to us.

♻️Easy Execution
Execute with peace of mind. We optimize for liquidity, slippage, and gas fees.

📊Smooth Monetization
Generate return performance. We provide hassle-free fee collection and distribution.

👉Learn more about our mission and roadmap on litepaper

🏆All Your Data Needs in One Place, So You Can Trade with Better Insight

▪️Aggregated data metrics and dashboards
▪️Optimized order-routing to manage slippage
▪️Minimized gas fees

ℹ️DeFi Integration
Powered by battle tested Enzyme Finance infrastructure

Visit our website 🌏
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2022-01-09 14:13:53

Pope Inu is a universally branded dog dressed like a Pope a meme coin,
but with a direct vision.To use the proceeds from the sale to back sustainable NFT projects that
will in turn support charities around the world.

Buy atleast 0.4BNB worth of Popeinu Coins(Pope) and Receive an additional $200 worth of coins(to be distributed immediately after the presale)

👉👑PRESALE: https://popeinu.com/presale/

👉👑PRESALE DATE: SUNDAY 9th January ,2022
👉Presale Price= $0.0000001/token
👉PancakeSwap listing= $0.00001/token

💥OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE 100x returns.

👉 1BNB= 5Billion POPE INU
👉 TOTAL SUPPLY= 10Trillion(10,000,000,0000,000)






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2022-01-08 12:59:08

✔️ Velhalla is a metaverse like no other! It allows its users to immerse themselves in a new universe, driven by the groundbreaking Velas blockchain, where they can perform a wide range of actions, purchase and sell virtual pieces of land, outfit highly detailed characters and much more!

🏆Velhalla built for speed, which has just been fast-tracked into Velas’ $100 million grant program, will bring an ease of use, efficiency, and unique look and flair to the crypto metaverse market.

🤯Velhalla is the definitive FIRST MOVER METAVERSE in the Velas ecosystem! Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

👉Learn more about Velhalla: Medium

🌍Website: Official Website
📢Telegram Official: Velhalla Official Channel
📢Telegram Ann: Velhalla announcements channel
🐦Twitter: Velhalla Twitter
🎥 Instagram: Velhalla Instagram
🦎Gecko: Velhalla on CoinGecko
🥇CMC: Velhalla on CoinMarketCap
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2022-01-05 15:29:11
💥🚀Marvelous COMBO Airdrop valued over 5,000,000 $DRAW Token💥🚀

Dear my Heroes,

As Dragon War gears up for its approaching IDO in late January. It is now time to lay out the plan for the biggest event ever - The Marvelous Combo Airdrop.

📥Link Airdrop: https://official.dragonwar.io/3mTdsa6

⏰Time & Date: 1:30 PM UTC 03 January 2022–00:00 UTC 23 January 2022

👉 It's done in a very simple way, just Join and Complete all tasks at: https://official.dragonwar.io/3mTdsa6

⛔️Note: The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning

⚠️Caution: If many users have the same score, the random completes all the Steps will win

📌Event Information: https://official.dragonwar.io/3FSn2Bw

👉Official announcement on Twitter: https://official.dragonwar.io/3eHrmrD

🌐 Official Links
Website | Medium | Main Chat | Announcement | Twitter | Discord| Fanpage | Youtube
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2022-01-02 16:43:20
⚡️Be Whoever You Want To Be in The ERTHA Metaverse ⚡️

🥷In Ertha, each player is responsible for shaping their destiny. Experience the unmatched freedom provided by the Erthaverse by choosing a life that's right for you.🤯

🏔A good life in Ertha can provide a better life in the real world. Grab a few ERTHA HEXs and become a landowner. The number of HEXs available is shrinking by the day!📉

📊Landowners will be able to develop their land. All transactions taking place on player-owned HEXs generate $ERTHA from rental agreements, business fees, tax collection and more. There are a great number of mechanics at play in Ertha, making it the most diverse and deep NFT based game out there.⚙️

you want to dive deeper? 👉 Look at This

✈️Life in the Ertha Metaverse is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself. Make sure to check out our brand new NFT HEX Globe and start plotting your course to dominate Ertha!💪

Web | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Buy NFT
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2021-12-30 14:34:05
🎮Play-to-earn mechanics began the gaming revolution and SIDUS is conquering this wave to bring out the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game.

🌎The World Based on Crypto and Blockchain Philosophy

🔗The social structure of SIDUS is developed in alignment with crypto and blockchain principles. The top 12 blockchains are represented as planets, each with their own race of beings — Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya and Polkacyon are just some of them.

🌐The initial NFT collection that the project released, termed the ‘Genesis’ collection, consists of 6,000 completely unique NFT works of art. Every Hero was randomly generated from thousands of hand-crafted visual attributes. Heroes are unique as there are no two Heroes that have 100% the same traits. The Genesis collection consists of 6000 Heroes and has 3 levels of rarity: Original, Rare and Legendary.

🕸 Website▫️🐦 Twitter▫️🗣 Telegram chat
▫️📣 Announcement channel▫️📨 Reddit▫️☑️ TikTok
🗽 Discord▫️
🛥 OpenSea▫️🎥 Youtube▫️🧾 Medium
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2021-12-27 16:42:41 💡We know you’re all looking for the next token that could be your key to financial freedom, but crypto is largely a zero-sum game and the deeper you dive off centralized exchanges, the riskier it becomes.

ℹ️Here few interesting observations and thoughts we wanted to share today - Crypto Safety Tips

✅Practice Good Web3 Hygiene.

🔹Using a hardware wallet while never typing your private key into any internet-connected electronic device is really the only way you can be almost completely sure that you’re not compromised.

🔹You should also use 2FA on all centralized/decentralized exchanges.

🔹Always double and triple check the URLs that your wallet is interacting with and double check what exactly you’re giving your web wallet permission to do. We know it makes an already cumbersome process even more painful, but it will help you sleep better at night.

✅Beware the rug pull.

🔹First, we would be aware of basically any “pre-mine” or “pre-sale” from projects with anonymous founders where there is no sign of any venture capital vetting. The chances these are rug pulls are incredibly high and we would say the potential gains are not worth the risk.

🔹Better wait at least a few days if not a couple weeks before aping into any new token. Let the fomo hype die down and see how the team executes before dipping your toe in the water. There is a lot you can do to greatly reduce the chances of it happening.

✅Be cautious with degen APY projects.

🔹While a fresh rebase token with massive APY is really tempting to dive into, make sure you proceed with caution. The higher the APY, the more inflation, the more extreme the debasement is. Without significant buying pressure these projects are a house of cards waiting to collapse.

🔹There are multiple examples we’ve seen in the last few weeks of people getting rekt losing 80–90% of their investment over night. This is especially true if the project’s market cap is significantly above the value of its risk-free treasury assets.

✅Leverage, lending, and liquidations.
Beware the Ls. Leverage has been the downfall of many an investor. When you mix leverage with the volatility of crypto, it can be disastrous. Leverage with inflationary low-cap altcoins is borderline suicide and should really only be left to the most sophisticated of investors and most degenerate of gamblers.

✅Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

🔹We know this should go without saying, but low-cap altcoins are some of the riskiest investments you could make. Many of them will go to zero over time.

🔹$BTC and $ETH are the mainstays of good portfolio and if your alt-exposure starts getting too high you need to siphon off some of your gains into safer assets.
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2021-12-25 13:23:08
Own NFT Land in ERTHA Metaverse🔛 Generate Lifetime Revenue!

🌍ERTHA’s world is designed to replicate a real-life environment with a unique player-driven economy.

🏆ERTHA the first to include the Play2Learn along with Play2Earn mechanics in their gameplay, which means players will actually take education along the road.

👥Your society will be supported by business 🏦 people who will work to boost your economy, scientists 🔬 who will help you research new technologies, and warriors ⚔️ who will wage wars and protect your country from impending attacks.

Increasing the strength of your NFTs
👉 Ertha’s 350,000 HEXs, each represent a location based on the real-world.

♻️All player’s actions, whether political or environmental, in times of conflict or peace, can have far-reaching consequences and dynamically impactful on the Metaverse.

ℹ️ERTHA Official Links:
Website | Telegram group | Telegram announcement | Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | Whitepaper | Tokenomics
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2021-12-24 09:16:51
#KATANAINU trading is now live on:

🦄 Uniswap:

🔥 Dextools:

🗡 Katana Inu Offcial Links:
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2021-12-21 11:58:48 🔥Video AMA with Katana Inu

🎥CEO Jeffrey sat down with Wesley from BCA Investments for a video AMA with Katana Inu!

⚔️Hear more about the team, the game, tournaments, the play to earn opportunities and much more!

👇Watch the AMA here

🗡After watching this AMA, ask your friends... Where is your Katana?!

🐕 Katana Inu Official Links:
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2021-12-19 11:18:38 📈Inthe second half of 2021, blockchain games have become the driving force behind the whole crypto industry. The rise in popularity of gaming and its number of unique active wallets, surpassing even theNFT and crypto space, has had quite a transformative effect on the gaming industry as a whole.

🎮Play-to-earn mechanics began the gaming revolution and SIDUS is conquering this wave to bring out the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game.

🏆SIDUS HEROES is a new Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game that challenges AAA-level games and brings a refreshing new experience to the blockchain gaming market. The game does incorporate certain traditional NFT gaming components, like having a DAO community and NFTization of in-game items.

Accessibility of Content
⚡️The SIDUS team made its game available in one click! To start playing, users don’t need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC or Mac. All they need to do is to open their browser and type in the game URL.

The World Based on Crypto and Blockchain Philosophy
⛓The social structure of SIDUS is developed in alignment with crypto and blockchain principles. The top 12 blockchains are represented as planets, each with their own race of beings — Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya and Polkacyon are just some of them.

We took the traditional online RPGs division of labor for multiplayers and carefully applied it to the SIDUS reality, spicing it up with exceptional NFT capabilities.

A Strong Core Team
👥The SIDUS NFT Heroes team features a large number of highly skilled blockchain developers, with years of experience in building DeFi and NFT products. Many members of the SIDUS team come from the game development industry and are skilled in applying cutting-edge technologies and multimedia solutions.

Official Links:
🌐 Website: sidusheroes.com
⛵️ Opensea: opensea.io/collection/sidus-nft-heroes
👾 Discord: discord.com/invite/PGD4bq7jE4
🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/galaxy_sidus
📄 Medium: medium.com/sidus-nft-heroes
📣 Telegram: https://t.me/sidus_heroes
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2021-12-17 09:47:02 🥇WAM — Bringing You the First Experience of Earning Crypto Rewards from Game Tournaments

What is WAM?

💎WAM represents a unique platform where people compete and earn crypto rewards from game tournaments in $WAM, and own games as NFTs.

💎Developing a brand new play-to-earn concept based on gamers’ skills, WAM set up the vision to democratize game ownership in the industry.

What do we do on WAM?

Play to Earn:
💰Players join the tournaments, compete in games and earn crypto rewards. Each tournament lasts between 12 hours and 120 hours, giving fair chances for everyone to advance on the leaderboard. One will need to prepare an entrance fee beforehand.

Own to Earn:
📈Users can get the ownership of many digital contents on WAM: games, avatars, nicknames, and more. NFT game owners will generate recurring revenue from the entrance fee paid by players who join the tournaments created on their games.

Develop to Earn:
⚙️Game developers can publish games and generate revenue from the tournaments created on their games. They can also sell tokenized versions of the published games as NFTs to their fan base, incentivizing the community to support their brands.

Market to Earn:
📊Marketers will make money by promoting tournaments on WAM. By bringing traffic and customers to the platform, one will receive a percentage of the revenue earned from the tournaments they organize and market.

▪️More information about WAM can be found via links below:
Website | Whitepaper | Blog | Telegram (Global) | Telegram (News) | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

⬇️Download WAM.app on⬇️
App Store
Google play store
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2021-12-14 16:21:00
🚀 Katana Inu is an revolutionary, all-encompassing ecosystem for both gamers and traders driven by DeFi and NFTs!

🎮The Katana Inu game itself is a play-to-earn, battle royale, NFT PC-game with an integrated state-of-the-art NFT marketplace all built on the Ethereum layer 2 solution!

🌏Players will compete in open-world or 5v5 arena scenarios and build up their characters with unlocking special abilities and new gear to become the victor!

🔥Players also have more options to earn - holding $KATA for exclusive NFTs and in-game items, staking, and if you are a top player you may even become a content creator!

💰Players are not only able to earn money from dropping into combat and enjoying the game but also through an innovative NFT-Marketplace. All in-game items are mintable and can be traded on the marketplace - such as: skins, caps, special powers, and more!

⛓ Katana Inu Official Links:
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2021-12-12 18:54:26 💎Savix seeks to bring together different Defi projects and by providing an easy-to-use platform, anyone can invest without having prior experience or background knowledge on the platform.

🎯Savix main objective is to let users profit as much as possible from new investment opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as feasible.

❇️Therefore we let users combine multiple income streams while keeping full flexibility of token usage. The staking mechanism built into the Savix protocol works without any need for user actions.

❇️Users don’t have to lock their tokens and don’t have to claim their rewards since the staking process works completely automated.

🚀Savix is the first self-staking token with a staking mechanic embeded into the ERC20 protocol. It offers many unique features:

✔️The first predictable embedded staking protocol.
✔️Gas-free staking rewards directly to your wallet
✔️Combinable with other DeFi projects
✔️Unique in it's innovative staking mechanism
✔️A ready-to-run and audited product
✔️Lucrative with 85% APY for the first year

⚙️Savix Dashboard
In order to achieve the goal of Savix’ mission statement the following elements will be built into an integrated application:

🔻Personal finance overview showing balances, rewards and their historical development

🔻Integration of decentralized exchange for converting to / from Fiat currencies and other blockchains using existing bridging technologies

🔻Steering modules for different DeFi products like lending, money markets / liquidity providing, decentralized synthetics or non-fungible token markets

⚠️In contrast to other user interfaces the Savix dashboard will stick to main features of applications integrated. Users will be offered single choices in an easy-to-use interface, handling the complex details of DeFi products in the background powered by predefined processes and workflows designed for typical usage scenarios.

🦄Savix Trinary Optimizing Uniswap Liquidity Providing

▶️Savix Trinary will be an application applying these guidelines in order to optimize profits investors can get by participating in Uniswap liquidity pools.

▶️The complex interaction of minting the Uniswap specific liquidity providing tokens (LP tokens) and reinvesting them for optimizing gains will be automated by this application.

▶️Instead of having to actively observe the development of the liquidity pool, withdrawing LP tokens and deciding on whether to reinvest or withdraw them, Trinary will simply offer investors to participate in the application taking care of all details by itself.

ℹ️More details on Savix trinary can be found here

🔰Savix token was primarily designed to meet two major functionalities:

▪️One, SVX tokens create predictable regular interests generated by its protocol embedded staking mechanism.

▪️Secondly, SVX tokens can be used as collateral for other DeFi investments simultaneously if the tokens are unlocked while participating in the staking program.

🔥One notable aspect of the ‘Easy Crypto for Everyone’ Savix mission is the fact that users will access gas-free staking rewards directly to their crypto wallets.

🔥All the user is required to do is hold the Savix token and the profits will be realized over time from various crypto projects. Cumulatively, the user will be exposed on different Defi projects in spite of their complexity.

🤝To do more research and contact us






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2021-12-10 15:05:42
🔥#MetaVPad! The ultimate incubation platform for projects bridging the gap between the physical and digital world.

👉 Launching on:
| BSCPad | ADAPad | NFTLaunch | GameZone |
| VelasPad | TronPad | KCCPad | ETHPad |

Initial Market Cap: $170K


✅ IDO launch info
✅ About MetaVpad
✅ Tokenomics
✅ Token utility

- Article: https://medium.com/@metavpad/introducing-metavpad-the-future-of-the-internet-starts-here-3c810c8349cd

- IDO info: Times / Ido checklists / conditions to particpate

- Whitelist: https://app.viralsweep.com/sweeps/full/0f5cc5-99469?framed=1

MetaVpad Official channels 👇

▪️Telegram Ann
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2021-12-08 13:42:36 💫Burnt Finance is the first fully decentralized auction protocol on Solana.

🌎Burnt allows users to take auctions into their own hands, enabling the minting and trading of any asset in an entirely permissionless ecosystem. The platform can support auctions for synthetics, NFTs, digital assets, and much more.

🌏We are building Burnt Finance in order to introduce a new paradigm within the auction space in which we retain high levels of decentralization while also offering lightning-fast speeds and negligible transaction fees.

🌍All of this is done while the technical barriers to entry are abstracted away via a highly intuitive front-end user interface.

Advantages of Burnt Finance.

👥Burnt Finance offers all users unrestricted access to host a variety of auctions ranging from English to Dutch. Additionally, users will be able to mint a diverse set of synthetic assets as well as NFTs.

✔️Fully decentralized:
Burnt Finance is an entirely decentralized protocol built on Solana that is able to support entirely decentralized auctions.

Users can easily mint new synthetics or NFTs in just a few clicks.

✔️Fast Transactions:
Burnt can process 50,000 transactions per second within a 400 millisecond block time which allows for a truly fast bidding process and reduces opportunities for bid manipulation

✔️Negligible Fees:
Transaction fees hover around $0.00005 for bidding or the minting of new assets

✔️Limitless Auctions:
Burnt allows for the creation of English, Dutch, Bonding curves, and a plethora of other auction formats. This allows new artists to sell their works while new projects can also utilize Burnt’s platform for fundraising

✔️Unlimited Assets:
Users can mint a diverse array of assets such as synthetics, NFTs, and new digital assets

🏆Burnt Finance provides an auction platform that is available to everyone in an entirely decentralized setting. In addition, we are able to match our centralized counterparts in terms of both speed and security given our unique technical infrastructure.

Discord | Twitter | Telegram Announcements | Documentation
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2021-12-06 14:26:33
What is Revomon?

👻Revomon is an exciting new online RPG that combines an incredible, immersive virtual-reality experience with the ground-breaking technology behind NFTs built on Binance Smart Chain.

🔗This synergy will allow for the creation of real value in a virtual world by leveraging blockchain technology.
💰Using a play-to-earn model, your entertainment can be turned into a source of income!

📌Each token holder, of the native token $REVO, can vote on major decisions about the platform, the game and its content.

📊Token holders can also stake/farm $REVO to help secure in-game network activities.

🏆Participants are rewarded for depositing and holding coins, with constant guaranteed time-based returns.

👉Find out a lot of interesting about Revomon things here -

⛓ Revomon Official Links:
⚡️Telegram Ann
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2021-12-04 10:02:19
🔱 Get ready to enter into the magnificent world of the Atlantis Metaverse! Atlantis was conceived with the sole mission to create a truly open and immersive Metaverse, where the players not only reap the rewards of play-to-earn gaming, but drive change! Players will freely create values to serve the needs of the inhabitants and build the society of the Atlantis Metaverse!

🎮 Atlantis is continuously evolving and updating features. Some of those being games and values constantly being created to bring in new players and retain veteran players, constructing an optimal anti-inflation mechanism, and organizing top-tier tournaments.

🔥 In addition to being captivated by a constantly evolving world, players will immerse in a world filled with surreal environments, prestigious equipment and gear, and incredible characters to showcase your ability!

🎥 Make sure you check out the full announcement video ➡️ Click Here!

🔗 Official Links:
▪️Telegram Ann
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2021-12-02 09:44:31
🎮Prometheus is the first Multi-chain strategy sRPG NFT game that will be launched on BSC, Polygon and other chains!

💎The game Prometheus has NFT integrations that have both utility and real-world value based on rarity and scarcity.

👻Apparent from the title, Prometheus is the world’s first strategic RPG NFT game. Prometheus is a game that uses NFTs, governance tokens, and high-quality art to create an impeccable gaming experience.

🏆The game contains a broad variety of cards that can be used for in-game experiences as well as value in the secondary market. The more rare and significant a card is, the more its value appreciates.

👾All in all this game targets hardcore gamers, as well as NFT lovers, to collaborate and have an elite gaming experience. As the game progresses, the strategic side progresses exponentially.

Come join us in this adventure!

🔹 Prometheus's channels:
Website | Twitter | Telegram group |Telegram announcement
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2021-11-29 12:31:26 ⚡️ADALend is building a scalable and decentralized lending protocol on Cardano, governed by the community.

ℹ️Over the last decade, the decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has been forced to evolve to keep pace with the development of the digital asset market. Adalend protocol will power foundational the new wave of flexibre financial markets by providing a layer for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody, and liquidity.

The future of DeFi projects depend on continuous innovation and Cardano exemplifies this:

Cardano is a proof of stake protocol that ensures mathematically proven safety. Given the increased number of cyberattacks in the crypto sector, security is crucial.

🔬Academic backing
Cardano benefits from being one of few coins that have been reviewed by academics who largely praise it.

🔎Multiple layers
Cardano ensures unlimited scalability and quick transactions by implementing a settlement and a computational layer.

⛓Third-generation blockchain
Cardano is considered more reliable than other cryptocurrencies as ADA keeps overcoming challenges other platforms have encountered.

Lend on any pairing. Our governance will ensure that the best offers are available and that only the safest oracles are used.
💰Incentivised Liquidity
Liquidity is predicated on having enough assets in each pool in order to facilitate lending. ADALend addresses this requirement by incentivising users to deposit assets and provide liquidity.

👥Community Governance
Token holders can establish consensus by voting on governance proposals or introducing new proposals for a vote.

📊Ecosystem Foundation Layer
Attract assets and build incentives that can empower an ecosystem of financial products.

🌐Cardano focuses on moving toward an all-inclusive technological standard and open platform with unmatched security and tremendous blockchain speed, also Cardano makes use of the Ouroboros consensus algorithm, which is a Proof-of-Stake consensus system all of which result in lower transaction fees.

💎Cardano is the market leader in PoS as a collection of protocols for economic support to billions of people.

🔗 Official Links:
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2021-11-27 14:54:02
🔥Gamers! ARE YOU READY for the world of #OperonOrigins?!

🎮Fight for supremacy among an elite class of genetically enhanced superhumans 10,000 years in the future. With over 250 chapters to complete, Operon Origins brings hours of dynamic gameplay.

🏆Operon Origins is the first NFT card-based combat game with an Epic art style that pushes the boundaries of competitive NFT Games.

👥It is an opportunity for players from all genres to experience a different world through the innovative features of the games and characters of the cards.

👻Operon Origins has identified the hunger for visually astounding NFT games and thus presents an opportunity for players to own their digital collectibles, giving them the freedom to hold, sell and transfer the collectibles any time they wish.

🗓 IGO Date: Thursday December 2nd
💰Initial marketcap: $132k
👉Whitelist: https://app.viralsweep.com/sweeps/full/cee565-99246?framed=1

🔗OperonOrigins Official Links
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