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Never give ur money to anyone.

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2024-06-12 16:10:44 Update
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2024-06-12 16:02:40 Signal update
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2024-06-12 15:45:14 Team Live
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2024-06-12 15:43:10 CPI ka data acha aye hai , ab FED reserve ki meeting NYC 2PM dekhni hai, Example for Pakistani Audience:
Agar aap ka ghar ka kharcha pehlay 10,000 rupay tha, tou ab yeh 3.3% barh ke 10,330 rupay ho gaya hai. May mein khane pine ki cheezon ki qeemat mein halka sa izafa hua, lekin petrol ki qeemat kam ho gayi. Yeh report dikhati hai ke mahangai pehle se zyada nahi barhi, jo ke acha signal hai aur central banks ko apni policies ko stable rakhne mein madad milegi CPI Report Explanation - June 12, 2024
Report Title: Consumer Price Index (CPI) - May 2024

Date: June 12, 2024 (Wednesday)

Key Points:

Overall Change: CPI for May 2024 remained unchanged compared to April 2024.
Annual Increase: Over the last 12 months, CPI increased by 3.3%.
Food Prices: Increased by 0.1% in May; food away from home increased by 0.4%.
Energy Prices: Decreased by 2.0% in May, with gasoline prices down by 3.6%.
Shelter Costs: Increased by 0.4% for the fourth consecutive month.
Medical Care: Increased by 0.5% in May.
Used Cars and Trucks: Prices rose by 0.6% in May.
Airline Fares: Decreased by 3.6% in May.
Overall Impact: Smaller increase in CPI suggests less inflation pressure, potentially impacting global markets by stabilizing prices and influencing central bank policies.
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2024-06-12 15:17:17 Signal update
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2024-06-12 10:46:03 Market update
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2024-06-12 01:45:15 Ab jo jo bol raha tha brett coin scam hogay - is ko screenshot le karo bolo “waqar zaka hi tumhara baap tha aur rehay ga but apna naam nahie de ga lol , mummy ko bolney she was hot haha
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2024-06-12 01:45:11
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2024-06-12 01:15:21 If tomorrow's CPI data shows a rise in inflation, Bitcoin is more likely to fall due to increased risk aversion and the anticipation of higher interest rates.
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