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2023-02-14 20:16:29
Upon the release of the CPI data, we saw the Dollar dump and risk on assets react positively. As the trading session has progressed, Stocks and BTC have retraced. BTC is currently finding support at the local 0.618 Fibonacci
4.2K views17:16
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2023-02-14 20:16:29 U.S. CPI (JAN) –: 6.4%, EST: 6.2% - Market looks indecisive
4.1K views17:16
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2023-02-11 01:40:36

There was no sweep of the lows which gave us no opportunity to long. I expect $22300 to be now flipped as resistance as this was also the value area low of the range.
I still have my eye on $21150 as the next level of interest if we fall lower. Will only flip bullish if $22300 is reclaimed as support
3.3K views22:40
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2023-02-06 14:25:27

With liquidity near the weekly level, this could see price action have a pump towards the weekly level and take the liquidity, and if we get rejected, make that move down towards $21000. I have squiggled a line on how it could play out. I will update you if the price deviates from the above
5.6K views11:25
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2023-02-06 14:25:27
BTC / USD - Liquidation Heatmap

There is more liquidity above than below which could see a price take before we see a more significant move. Levels to watch $23500 - $23700
5.6K views11:25
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2023-02-06 14:25:27
BTC/USD - Footprint chart.

Over the weekend, traders got aggressive on the shorts; this is shown as an increase in the negative delta. However, despite a lot of new shorts coming in price, it has still matinee a higher low market structure and, in turn, formed a Bullish CVD divergence. To negate this, the price will need to break below $22400. This is another confluence we have not to short unless support is broken
5.0K views11:25
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2023-02-06 14:25:27
BTC/USD - Update

Nothing has changed since last week's update, with the price still ranging between $23700 and $22500. Currently, the price is testing the value area low as support. This zone has been held as support since entering this range. I wouldn't look for a short here unless this level was lost as support. We now have a new weekly level at $23740, which is where I expect the price to have some reaction if met. To see a higher price, this is the resistance area price that will need to break. For support, the $21000 is still very much in play only if the price loses the value area low as support.
5.1K views11:25
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2023-02-03 17:52:02
Link/USDT - Still ranging sideways. The longer this goes, the bigger the move if the price breaks the $9.30 ceiling. This is a coin to have on your watchlist for the next altcoin run
4.7K views14:52
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2023-02-03 16:52:02
DOT/USDT - Price is still looking strong. Looks like we could break $7 soon. This is a level I am not looking to open any new longs as its resistance
5.8K views13:52
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2023-02-03 15:51:02
SOL/USDT - Price is currently beneath diagonal and horizontal resistance + daily 50 MA. I will not consider longing here unless resistance flips into support
6.6K views12:51
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