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2023-02-03 14:50:45
ETH/USD - Strong breakout from the triangle. Price is now finding resistance at the September 2022 highs. $2000 is still the level that will need to be broken before we begin talking about higher timeframe reversal
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2023-02-02 14:59:14

Update: If you watched yesterday's video, you would know that price action played out as expected, with a surge toward the $24K upon the release of the Fed rate hike. Yesterday's high took out the January high, forcing a lot of shorts to liquidate their positions.
We have a potential swing failure pattern if the price fails to close above yesterday's high. Local support is located at between $23200 and $22700. This is where we saw most of the volume accumulate within this range. Further down support is located at $21K, an area that we have highlighted at the start of the week

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2023-02-02 01:11:43
Nice pumb #Bitcoin
6.6K views22:11
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2023-01-31 18:16:12

I am looking for a move down to a level of support to look for a long opportunity. There are a few confluences at $0.87 -$0.89, which is the zone I have marked out.

Target previous highs $1.34 - $1.50

Stop loss a break below the level of demand $0.83

5.5K views15:16
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2023-01-30 21:56:27

The coin of the moment and the coin everyone is talking about.
Where is potential support if we retrace?
The two zones I am watching are $16 and $11.75-$12.00
The lower zone is strong support, in my opinion, as this where price consolidated before it's moved to a new all-time high

8.8K views18:56
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2023-01-26 21:32:28

The order flow was the critical difference in yesterday's analysis, with the bullish CVD divergence playing out and the price taking out the previous highs.
Currently, the price is finding support at the range POC which will be crucial if lost and backtested as resistance; this could lead to the price going lower
We also have daily support located
These will be the two levels I am watching for today's trading
15.6K views18:32
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2023-01-24 13:47:55

If we get a pullback, this is the zone I will focus on for a potential bounce.

Two daily NPOC + Previous Range POC.
If we get no reaction here, then I will look for lower

17.3K views10:47
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2023-01-20 16:41:57

This chart considers the amount of trading activity based on the time. I merged the current period of sideways price action, which gives us the TPO point of control $20750  and the Volume point of control $20900.
I would expect these two levels to act as support and resistance in the current range

17.8K views13:41
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2023-01-18 15:52:51

XRP hasn't moved much compared to many other altcoins.
If the price can break the $0.40 value area high of the current range, then we could expect a move up to $0.45 to fill in the inefficiency left behind from November last year

2.4K views12:52
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2023-01-17 16:40:20
BTC/USD - Daily timeframe

A break above $21400 would likely tempt a lot of traders to begin aggressively longing but the $22800 is yet to be tested and looks like a prime area for swing failure pattern

5.3K views13:40
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