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2023-01-16 12:35:43
BTC/USD - Footprint chart

On the order flow chart, there is a Bullish CVD divergence forming, which could signify a more significant entity absorbing all the market shorts coming into the market at these highs. A break below yesterday's low of $20300 would negate the bullish divergence

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2023-01-16 12:31:04
BTC/USD - Weekly Chart

Good morning team, no surprises when we saw the price find resistance at $21500. This was a level marked out at the beginning of the year and a zone where we anticipated some resistance. My analysis remains the same. To look for higher, I would like this zone to flip into support. Intraday, the yearly Point of control, has been broken and is yet to be back tested. I would like to see this level tested as this would give us an indication of how strong this current move was.
Last week's price action did happen very quickly, which left behind a lot of inefficacies and value gaps which again could be filled before another leg up in price

4.0K views09:31
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2023-01-14 08:36:12

Remember, at the start of the year, I covered BTC high timeframe; the yearly POC now looks like it will be tested very soon. This was also an area the bulls defended before the loss of $20K.
For now, this is the only area I am watching. A break and hold above, then I will look for higher. If we get rejected and change market structure, then it's likely we will have a significant retracement after this run to the upside

6.5K views05:36
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2023-01-04 05:12:59
BTC/USD - Update

The first posts will look more at intraday price action, with the following posts focusing long term, as we have a yearly and monthly close.

On the daily timeframe, the price has continued to move sideways, similar to what we saw towards the end of last year.

Two levels to watch for a reaction
$16800 - $16900 resistance
Monthly naked point of control + daily level
If the price breaks above this, the price has room to move towards $17500

Support $16500 daily level

6.0K views02:12
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2022-12-27 00:37:08 This year has been quite the roller coaster. For some of you, this has been your first bear market experience. But trust me, this is when you have to sharpen your tools as you go into battle, ready to reap the benefits of the next cycle.
This year has been very eventful; we witnessed the collapse of Luna, followed by the fall of FTX but still, the market fights on. As we approach the end of another year
I want to wish you all and your families a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I will be back better and stronger in the new year.
Much love

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2022-12-21 20:36:19

Since yesterday's post price has moved towards our area of interest, falling just short of our area of imbalance.
I still think this region could get filled over the next couple of days. We could see a retracement first before the move-up local 0.618 Fib

3.9K views17:36
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2022-12-17 22:53:31

In the wake of the Fed's announcement price hit $18300, which is a fraction below my area of interest. Since then, we have seen the stock market and Crypto dump.
This move quickly turned the bulls into bears.
In the above chart, I have highlighted an area of interest that has multiple confluences
Monthly NPOC + higher time frame Fibonacci support and a daily order block. This zone is where I will be looking to buy, while I suspect many will be looking for lower

2.5K views19:53
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2022-12-14 13:54:17

The Fractal showed a while back still looks intact. We have the weekly level below, which is a level of interest for me. I will update further if we reach our zone of interest

1.9K views10:54
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2022-12-14 00:24:30
ES1 - The stock market could give us a heads-up on the direction of BTC.
Similar idea to BTC looking for a move up to supply followed by a movement down to demand. I will monitor price action if we get rejected at the bearish order block

1.5K views21:24
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2022-12-12 22:01:16

Friday's analysis played out as expected, with the bearish CVD and drop in open interest giving us the heads-up that a dump was imminent.
Now that price has broken the structure, we could see the price revisit the $17100 level before we see another move down.
$17100 has multiple confluences of resistance. Weekly level, daily NPOC + previous range value area low. My thoughts as we, if we approach would be to look for a short if we see price begin to stall. This could lead to price to test the $16800 which has not been tested yet

6.0K views19:01
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