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2022-10-21 07:26:51

4-hour chart

On a regular chart, I have marked out the liquidity sweep. If we begin to move up from here, we have resistance at $19500, which is a daily level, and we also have this trendline that has been forming for a few days now, which, in my opinion, could be taken as we can assume there are stops just above.
The most significant level of resistance for me is at $20070, which has acted as resistance each time price has attempted to go higher. This is also a weekly Naked point of control

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2022-10-19 17:01:26

$6 has been held as support for a number of months and has been a level that bulls have defended on multiple occasions.
If we see this level lost, I will turn my attention to $4.18; why?
It's the POC of the whole range + Monthly level.
Keep this level on your radar

19.5K views14:01
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2022-10-18 13:26:56

Still rangebound, with price closer to resistance which makes the risk-to-reward for buys risky.
We have a daily level + POC of this current range located at $19058, which is a possible area of interest

19.2K views10:26
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2022-10-18 00:09:02

Monitoring the following channel for the next possible set. Break below I am short, break above and hold, then I am long

19.3K views21:09
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2022-10-14 16:33:13

After yesterday's price action has reverted to its old range with the price testing the value area high, we also have resistance located at $20070, which is the Weekly naked point of control. Both these levels will need to be broken to see any further advancement in price.
We can also assume a lot of liquidity above $20300, which is begging to be taken at this point.
The other level of interest is that while the area of imbalance has been there since September

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2022-10-11 07:01:43

With the bearish order flow and price at the point of control of the range, this could indicate the price is heading lower.
Between $19000 and $18800, we have a daily and weekly level + value area low. This area could act as support if we head lower. Ideally, we would like to see a fake out of the weekly or daily level followed by a reclaim to begin looking for longs. This type of move would also run the stops of $18800 low. A possible idea for now

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2022-10-11 07:01:43

Order flow

We begin the trading week with a bearish CVD divergence.
Price is forming lower highs while CVD is making higher highs
During today's small pump, from $19150 to $19400 was made in declining open interest, which indicates a lack of buyers.
To negate this bearish divergence we will need to see a break of $19500

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2022-10-07 17:27:41

Orderflow chart!

Bearish divergence is now forming on the higher timeframes

Price is making lower highs while the CVD is making higher highs.
We also have NFP ( nonfarm payroll) today, which is an event that usually comes with volatility
Trade safe and use risk management with any trades you take today

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2022-10-03 13:22:08

4-hour timeframe

Over the weekend, we saw little to no volatility in price action, with sideways trading being the theme of the last two days.
As we are now in a new month/quarter, we could see things hopefully move.
After yesterday's weekly close price created a new weekly level which is also just below two current, which makes this idea a little more probable while also maintaining this ascending support we have formed. Ideally, for the above scenario to play out, I would like to see a wick below fooled by a swift recovery /reclaim of the weekly, with the emphasis on the weekly reclaim

4.0K views10:22
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2022-09-30 18:06:48

Price is extremely oversold territory+ hitting strong support

Entering a small spot, long within this zone

Target $1.62 - $2.00

Stop loss $1.05

Enter at your own risk

8.8K views15:06
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