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2020-10-30 17:31:22 Win Limited Edition Animated Halloween #Binance NFTs!

If you’re already using Binance Smart Chain with Trust Wallet, this one’s for you!

For a chance to win:

Share the activity on social media with the hashtag #BinanceSmartChain

Make a transaction on any of the below #BSC projects:


Fill in the form to enter!
453.1K viewsAlex, edited  14:31
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2020-10-19 18:14:30
Trust Wallet now supports $EGLD!

To celebrate, we're giving away $30,000 in #EGLD!

Click here
400.2K viewsAlex, edited  15:14
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2020-10-15 04:43:21
NEAR Protocol $NEAR is now integrated into Trust Wallet.

Learn more:
389.9K viewsAndrew M , 01:43
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2020-10-06 18:18:05
TWT giveaway!

Create a short video explaining how people can interact with #DeFi platforms on the Binance Smart Chain to enter.

Win up to $250 in #TWT!

Learn more
387.6K viewsAlex, 15:18
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2020-10-03 11:52:45
We’ve made some changes to the Trust Wallet Token (TWT) to leverage the strength of the Binance ecosystem and to give TWT a stronger presence.

TWT was originally created as an experiment for our team to reward loyal Trust Wallet users and grow our community. By all accounts, this experiment has been a blinding success.

We believe that this change will continue to help the Trust Wallet community grow, and it will give us the opportunity to bring more in-depth tokenomics to TWT in the future.

See the full details on the Trust Wallet Community site...
363.3K viewsAndrew M , edited  08:52
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2020-09-10 21:01:35 Live now with Trust Wallet Founder Viktor!

Join the workshop:
350.5K viewsAlex, 18:01
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2020-09-09 13:09:33
Trust Wallet Founder Viktor will be part of a #DeFi workshop at the #Binance Summit: “The World of DeFi” tomorrow!

Discover DeFi products and services
Learn how to conduct research and analysis
Find out how to select the right DeFi products

Get your free ticket here
322.5K viewsAlex, 10:09
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2020-09-07 11:59:49
Trust Wallet now supports #Binance Smart Chain!

Learn more
294.8K viewsAlex, edited  08:59
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2020-08-27 11:46:50
Trust Wallet now supports Polkadot $DOT

Learn more here
350.5K viewsAndrew M , edited  08:46
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2020-08-19 20:03:33
$TWT is now live for trading on Binance DEX!

Click here
359.3K viewsAlex, 17:03
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