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Moonsie WL minting info has been announced!

Moonsie NFT is a collection of 5,555 3D fully animated NFT that holders can use as playable character in a Battle Royale Styled PVP P2E gameFi!

Each Moonsie is uniquely designed with hundreds of different traits including onesies, drones, melee and range weapons. Every Moonsie will be fully animated with unique abilities. Master the abilities and prepare for the Grand Battle in Moonverse!

If you have a WL spot go to;

Or here if you have collab WL:

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Damn Decentraworld just rugged for just over 1 million dollars
I hope none of you were holding
132 views18:17
Presale starts at 14:00UTC

Only 1hour left

Dont forget to take part in the Presale

They are hosting a voice chat now!

Check them out if you haven't already!
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LevkoyCat is created by Peace Lover with a mission to protest against war and help people who are affected by war!

Why you should buy LevkoyCat
Their dev doesnt hold any tokens
Launching Soon!
CMC already booked!
KYC Verified by Pinksale!
Doxxed team!
Audited by Interfi!

Presale infomation:
Location: PinkSale
Date: 14:00 UTC 12/03/2022
Soft Cap: 200BNB
Hard Cap: 400BNB
220 views20:11
Dog Rider is the first hyper casual game in crypto world, benefits all the shinny features for an exciting game like: P2E, Real Time Online Multiplayer, NFT, 3D UI, Unique UX, Leaderboard, Customize, Store.

Presale Link:

Pinksale Presale: February 17th 15:00 UTC
Pancakeswap Launch: February 19th

Soft Cap: 200 BNB
Hard Cap: 400 BNB

KYC Certificate: Click
Audit Certificate: Click


DogRider In The Media

Yahoo: Read
Associated Press: Read
Marketwatch: Read
Digital Journal: Read

Website | Telegram | Twitter | KYC | Audit
88 views14:15
Just stealth launched, meme token with trusted dev and big marketing is coming, this should moon as the name suggests

CA: 0x2c22394ac8f6c37295ac03577470fb1c8a690464
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Some info of Microzilla:
Launched on 4th of Feb
Features of the project: P2E, PVP, Staking, NFT land (under development) Casino in future
Devs KYC’d and Doxxed
The first Malaysian project on Metaverse

Things Microzilla has achieved:
50% presalers holding after 5 days
Partnerships with several influencers such as Solitaire + Gateway group
Indonesian community building
Bscdaily long term partnerships
Chinese feixiaohao and avedex trending
Hotbit listing partnerships & BSCdaily partnerships
Over 30 AMAs

Buyback contest of Microzilla
Duration :
15th Feb, 4pm UTC to 16th Feb, 4pm UTC
Winners will be announced at 18th 4pm UTC

Each 0.3 BNB purchase counts as one ticket; keep in mind that the more 0.3 BNB purchases you make, the more tickets you'll receive.
The one with the most tickets will be rewarded 1888 BUSD
The second investor with the most tickets will receive 888 BUSD , we’ll also draw 3 random winners with 222 BUSD each.
The buyers must hold 48 hours.
Share it on Twitter and Tag @MicrozillaCoin in the tweet
Complete the form below!
Poocoin Link:
52 views16:00
I dont know if you heard of pegaxy, it p2e project that promising to fix axie infinity problems
We still are in early stages of the game and i think it has potential to be one of the top games, the earning potential is decent so far and the token and horses that u need to race are having a correction( look like a good entry point ps: not a financial advice)
Also if you dont have money to buy a horse u can rent a horse on there website or apply for scholarship. People are making good money doing that. Up to 50$ a day racing for others.

I own three horses so far

Check it out
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Welcome to Shiba Crossing!

Shiba Crossing is a game that will be built exclusively on Ethereum via Web3 technology. This will be unlike anything you've seen within the cryptoverse. The token will be built upon a unique ecosystem that will allow you to earn rewards and use our currency to purchase certain generative NFTs and metaverse plots of land.

Generative NFTs based on eight (8) types of dogs: Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Floki Inu, Zinu Inu, Kishu Inu, Doge, Dogelon Mars, and Baby Doge. Purchased using ETH via our very own dApp.

The Village Metaverse -- combining your villager NFTs and your plots of land to build your very own village!

The Village DAO is the treasury for everyone which will be used to buy all kinds of other crypto investments.

Reflection Fee: 3%
Liquidity Fee: 3%
Development Fee: 3%
Marketing Fee: 3%

Learn More Here!
43 views20:55
$DINU. Im still holding my bag and still hoping for bigger mcap. Because not only the project gonna be a Degen DAO. They also have a P2E game that went live today. The team is working hard and heard huge marketing push incoming.

Telegram: @degen_inu


Play the game:
57 views19:54
Im on holidays but i just aped this stealth degen launch DYOR #NFA
43 views18:53
Im on holidays but i just aped this stealth degen launch

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I have 3WL spots for Fenomy to giveaway
To be eligible you need to do the following:
(if you dont do it, you will be disqualified)
sub to my Channel
join their Telegram
tell them @ADirtyCoins sent me
comment your @ username under this post when you're done
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Live utility in place with its own Blockchain, that started in 2017 and has a working Android App and an established user base

They are KYC'd with Pinksale and audited by InterFi

Presale is to be held on the 9th of February at 14:00 UTC.

Launch is scheduled for the 11th of February and they will also be listed on XT.COM in Early May.

HC is 260BNB with a max buy of 4 BNB for WL wallets then moving on to public.

The best part….Its a 0% tax token

64 views14:39

Buying degen inu here at 700K cuz i believe its can moon and do couple of millions mcap
Dev team is solid and they have great experience in the space and the road map is just keep getting better

Degen Inu DAO:

Exclusive Web3 Crowdsourced Farming Community for investors to collaborate on investment decisions

There can only be 500 members of this exclusive Dao community due to the limited supply of only 50,000 $DINU tokens.

You must have a Degen Inu DAO NFT Pass and stake a min of 100 $DINU tokens.

Community will use decentralized voting system to vote on projects and tokens to buy into. Rewards will be paid out to members based on total holdings staked along with DAO pass status level - Gold, Silver, Bronze

Only 50,000 Token Supply with Max Tx of 300 tokens and Max wallet of 700 Tokens!

Tax: 12% Buys / 15% Sells
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Winner Announcement

We're happy to announce the winner of our @squidverse3d WL giveaway!

Whitelist winner:

Congratulations everyone! Please send your wallet addresses to @ADDEFII asap!
46 views22:10
Winner Announcement

We're happy to announce the winners of our @FomoPot WL giveaway!

Whitelist winners:

Congratulations everyone! Please send your wallet addresses to @ADDEFII asap!
43 views22:07
I have 1WL spot for the @squidverse3d presale to giveaway
The presale is on 1st Feb and they will be launching on 2nd Feb

To be eligible you need to do the following:
(if you don’t, you will be disqualified)
be subbed to my Channel
join their Telegram
tell them @ADirtyCoins sent me
comment your @ username under this post

Good luck everyone!
109 views11:41

After 4 months of development, we are proud to bring you the first High Graphics MetaVerse NFT P2E game on BSC. Presale on February 1st and Launch February 2nd.

High Graphics 3D P2E Game Developed (Completed)
SQUID Staking within first week
NFT Game Characters Season 1 Releasing soon after launch
SQUID LaunchPad being developed
Audit and KYC (Completed)
Company Fully Registered in Dubai (In Completion)

Interfi Audit & KYC
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I have 2WL spots for the @FomoPot presale to giveaway
The presale is on 31st January and they will be launching on 1st Feb

To be eligible you need to do the following:
(if you dont do it, you will be disqualified)
be subbed to my Channel
join their Telegram
tell them @ADirtyCoins sent me
comment your @ username under this post

Good luck everyone!
121 views22:20
FOMO Pot is a community driven token on the Binance Smart chain which grows and multiplies in your wallet just by holding.

We have made investor safety our first priority.
Dev KYC by Certik
Doxxed and experienced team
The most laid back community for shilling contests, huge giveaways, lotteries, and everyday conversation.
Tons of utilities planned and already getting executed
Not to forget the most important utility is profit making

Upcoming Utilities

Staking Platform
Stakeable NFT's with Marketplace
P2E Game

• TG: @FomoPot
• Website:
• WL competition:
135 views16:21


To be eligible for the giveaway:

- Join Discord
- Verify in #verification"
- Screenshot proof.
- Post proof in Influencer community

MΞTADOMΞZ is a 3D collection of 8,888 NFTs launching late January on Ethereum

This 3D collection features hundreds of unique attributes that were carefully designed by a talented artist who has worked with A-List celebrities and top artists/influencers

MΞTADOMΞZ holders are eligible to stake their NFT to earn $DOMEZ which provides access to exclusive airdrops, giveaways, merch and more.

If you own NFTs that are a part of any of the blue-chip projects listed below, connect your wallet in ・collabland to get automatically Whitelisted!

- Bored Ape Yacht Club
- Neo Tokyo Citizens
- Mutant Ape Yacht Club
- Cool Cats
- Doodles
- CyberKongz
- CloneX
- Kaiju Kingz
- Smol Brains

We also added a few more collections to the list:
- VeeFriends
- World of Women
- Azuki

Twitter | Discord | Website
72 views02:29
CHEEMSINU Buy! Spent: 235.25 BNB ($110,457.92) Got: 11,053,308,463,168,406…
81 views03:08

Spent: 235.25 BNB ($110,457.92)
Got: 11,053,308,463,168,406,000 $CINU
Buyer Position: New!
DEX: PancakeSwap
Price: 0.00000000000000002128 BNB ($0.000000000000009993)
MarketCap: $46,220,706
TX | Chart | Get BubbleBuyBot
88 views03:07

What is Shibyutaka?
Shibyutaka is a token just launched on the Ethereum network; it will soon feature cross-chain compatibility on BSC, POLY, and Solana as well.

A Treasury Token with a Twist!
A percentage of each sale is routed to the Gilded Treasury, which will act as the bankroll for the upcoming Grand Shibyutaka Casino! $SHIBYU will also act as the casino's currency.

A Statistically Sound Investment
Holders will receive a percentage of all profit that the casino generates! Since the House holds an edge, investors will always see a healthy ROI.

By Degens, For Degens, Of Degens
The Grand Shibyutaka will be a fully decentralized, immersive web3 experience, complete with a wide variety of classic parlor games—along with some brand new ones! We are designing this casino so that it can be implemented into others' metaverses as well.
123 views01:01
Im bridged some funds over oasis network, i like to be early on this kind of chain. Its easy way to print some gains.
Use this to bridge

Read the docs and chose the usdt of every chain u bridging from.

PS: oasis network has 0 fees so dont worry about gas money
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Cheems goona be the dog coin of 2022. And it just getting started.

127 views14:36

Spent: 49.75 BNB ($23,734.42)
Got: 2,922,837,655,236,053,000 $CINU
Buyer Position: 119.34%!
DEX: PancakeSwap
Price: 0.00000000000000001702 BNB ($0.00000000000000812)
MarketCap: $36,411,114
TX | Chart | Get BubbleBuyBot
134 views14:34
Winner Announcement

We're happy to announce the winners of our @floki22moon WL giveaway!

Whitelist winners:

Congratulations everyone! Please send your wallet addresses to @ADDEFII asap!

I would like to remind everyone that we do check if you have completed the steps!
95 views17:52
Sphynx X Fight Of The Ages "FOTA"

FOTA is an upcoming 3D P2E experience, that empowers its players to roleplay and make their characters exclusively theirs in its fantasy world. As a MOBA-RPG genre, players can real-time interact with their teammates in the FOTA Metaverse. Powered by Mixed Reality from Microsoft.

One way to getting on the Whitelist is holding 2 Sphynx NFTs

Holding 2 NFTs gives the owner access to 5 WL per month on both ETH and BSC.

The links to learn more about FOTA:
FOTA Community | FOTA Website | SSC Website *MINT HERE*
91 views21:55