Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to any information that (the "Site") may receive from Users when they visit the Site and use the services provided by the Site.

1. General


1.1 Your use of the Site constitutes your full agreement to its Privacy Policy and the terms for the collection, processing and storage of personal information.

1.2. By submitting your personal information and agreeing to the collection/handling of other personal information on the Site, you understand that such actions are necessary to operate the Site and its associated services.

1.3. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected within the Site. When you use external links, the Site has no control over how third-party websites comply with this Privacy Policy and assumes no responsibility for their use of your personal information.

1.4 If you disagree with our Privacy Policy, you should immediately stop using the site.

2. Collecting Information


2.1. personal information


We collect personally identifiable information that you provide when you register on the Site. For example: your first and last name, email address, username, etc. We do not check the accuracy of the information you provide.

2.2. Technical data.

We automatically collect technical information through our server logs that we make available to you when you visit the Site. This information includes your computer's IP address, Internet service provider, browser type, operating system of your device, time spent on the Site, activity information (pages visited, links clicked, software downloads, etc.).

2.3. cookies.


The Site uses cookies to store profile settings and other information on the User side. When you visit the Site, it records small pieces of data on your computer that will be used to automatically download your profile and gather statistical information. If you find this technology unacceptable, you can always disable cookies in your browser settings.

3. Using information

3.1 We use your personal information solely to provide our services and to improve the Site. We use the information we collect electronically for purposes such as user registration, statistics, maintenance of services, improving the functionality of the Site, and other purposes authorized by you.

3.2 We may use the information we collect to provide feedback to you. For example, if you send us an email through the Site we will respond using your personal information.

3.3 Sometimes our administration may ask Users to volunteer to take part in a survey or rating of a particular software product. The personal information we collect in this way may be used to notify you of the results of the survey or to rate your satisfaction with the particular product.

4. Disclosures to Third Parties


4.1 The Administration and staff have a duty of confidentiality so we will not share your personal information with third parties without your permission except as stated in Section 4.2.

4.2 We may release your personal information if we receive a formal law enforcement request or court order regarding information related to the Site's users and services. If we are required by law to disclose personal information, but we are not prohibited from disclosing that request, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you.

4.3 Please note that information you personally disclose in comments about a product or post becomes public and can be read by others. The Site is not responsible for any third party's use of publicly available information.

5. Security and protection of personal data


5.1 The Site Administration takes appropriate measures to protect your personal information from loss and unauthorized dissemination and uses it only within the framework of this Privacy Policy. Security is implemented by means of network security, the use of cryptographic methods of protection of information, access control procedures, compliance with the Privacy Policy.

5.2 Please keep in mind that any activity or behavior performed by a User who logs in with your profile will be deemed to be in your name. Поэтому, чтобы защитить свою учетную запись от несанкционированного доступа, необходимо придерживаться следующих рекомендаций:

  • don't send your account password via email or instant messaging;
  • don't use too simple passwords, for example, consisting of a simple set of numbers, as well as passwords with a certain semantic meaning (name, surname, date of birth, etc.);
  • do not save your password in the browser and always log out of your profile after you finish using the Site, if other users have access to your computer;
  • if you suspect that your password has become known to third parties, you should immediately change it to a more complex combination;
  • always control access to your mailbox, because with the help of e-mail a malefactor can replace/restore the password and, thus, can log in to the Site on your behalf.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy


6.1 We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time or to add new items. Such changes will be effective on the date of publication of this document.

6.2 We have no obligation to notify users of changes to this policy. So we encourage you to check our Privacy Policy from time to time to see if there are any new policies regarding your personal information.

6.3. Your continued use of the site and our services constitutes your acceptance of the changes to our Privacy Policy.