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Bot Developer and Promotor.
✅ Create Airdrop bot
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✅ Always legal Airdrops
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2024-03-16 14:08:12
Airdrop: Beoble
Reward: Earn points through Chatroom contributions, Reactions, Tasks, Activities, and Games.
Winners: Everyone
Cost: Free
Per Referral: 20 Points
Market: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko
End Date: 31st March, 2024 (Snapshot)
Distribution Date: 15th April, 2024 (Claiming)

Go to the Airdrop Page

Beoble allows users to communicate between wallets. Simply it's a decentralized chat app similar to Telegram.

Step-by-step guide:
Go to the Airdrop page (Airdrop is confirmed)
Connect Wallet
Enter this invite code: [Only 5 invites, post yours in the comment]
Set up your account
Go to the reward center, and complete the mentioned tasks.

Website: https://beoble.app

Post your invite codes in the comment
I have made a channel for Airdrop Ninja community, you can join here:
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2024-03-16 10:06:54
Airdrop: Xally AI
Value: Xally AI OG role
Winners: all participants
End Date: Mar 24, 2024
Distribution Date: Right after the end date

Go to the
Airdrop Page

Xally is on the hunt for the Original Gangsters of AI and Web3, and we think you've got what it takes.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.
46.9K views07:06
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2024-03-15 12:11:21
Airdrop: Golden Paws
Value: $11,125 ($11,1K) worth of $GPAWS
Winners: 1000 random
Audit: Contract Wolf
End Date: 15th May, 2024 23:59 (UTC)
Distribution Date: 16th May, 2024 15:00 (UTC)

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Golden Paws Token is a digital currency created to support stray animals.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.
23.2K views09:11
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2024-03-13 11:48:00
Airdrop: DFlow
Reward: Earn XP (Potential $2k airdrop)
Winners: Everyone
Cost: Free
Per Referral: Earn XP
End Date: TBA
Distribution Date: TBA

Go to the Airdrop Page

DFlow is a protocol that allows for the establishment of decentralized markets for order flow.

Step-by-step guide:
Download phantom browser
Go to the Airdrop page
Click on "Join Early Access".
Enter your email address.
Verify your account via email.
Go to the "Reward" tab.
Use this code: UB7O8N
Click on "Redeem Invite Code".
Deposit & claim xp
Invite friends

Website: https://dflow.net

More codes in the comment section
Depositors will get early access to DFlow. The more and earlier you deposit, the more XP you will earn.
XP will be redeemable for
After the deposit, you will receive the first points
Withdrawing funds during Phase 0 will reset your XP. This means any decrease in account balance at any point
Dflow has raised $7.5M in investment.
47.8K views08:48
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2024-03-12 21:47:08
Airdrop: Gas meta
Value: 100,000 Tokens
Winners: 9000 random
Top 100 Referrals: 1000 Tokens
Contract: BSCscan
End Date: 10th April, 2024
Distribution Date: 1st May, 2024

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Gas meta is a forward-thinking program established to create Authenticator Notes, facilitating the recovery of gas fees associated with smart contract transactions between blockchain wallets, including Tokens, Coins, & NFTs.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.
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2024-03-12 15:25:54
Airdrop: Xintel
Value: 2,400 $XIN
Winners: 1000 random
Top 50 Referrals: 600,000 $XIN Leaderboard pool
End Date: 30th March, 2024
Distribution Date: 5th April, 2024

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XIN - Xfactor Intelligence, a revolutionary platform combines three core elements: Travel and Earn, SocialFi, and Payment Gateway

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.
43.5K views12:25
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2024-03-12 10:10:41
Airdrop: DistrictOne
Reward: 3,643 Gems (Convertible into $OLE)
Winners: Everyone
Cost: 0.005 ETH ( $BLAST Network)
Per Referral: 70% invite bonus + 20% linkup bonus
Investors: Backed by Binance Labs
End Date: 14th March, 2024 (Epoch 1)
Distribution Date: Immediately

Go to the Airdrop Page

District One is a socialfi project build blast where you can play money games, engage with social groups & earn rewards like gems, $OLE & BlastGold

Step-by-step guide:
Go to the airdrop page
Sign and bind your wallet
Use invite code: Q507VB
Connect twitter & follow
Join link up with 0.005 blast ETH gas fee is cheap 2-3$
Join & interact with space to earn gems

Website: https://districtone.io

Convert gems to
$OLE (Tradable on Kucoin)
$OLE will be unlocked weekly, Ratio is 1:1
You will earn 70% of your invite and 20% from their linkups
Chat on spaces to earn Gem interact with post and get 100 gem. Earn 100 gem when you get a like
46.6K views07:10
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2024-03-10 13:40:01
Airdrop: Blits Coin
Value: 30 $BTS
Winners: 1000 Random
Top 35 Referrals: 3500 $BTS
End Date: 15th March, 2024
Distribution Date: 30th April, 2024

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Blits provide investors with unique opportunity to digitally invest in Real Estate.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free.
47.4K views10:40
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2024-03-09 13:08:59
Hello Airdrop Ninja family

Hi family, we’ve compiled a list of Airdrop Updates from airdrops posted recently. Go through the list and participate if you haven’t.

1.  XION : Main-net coming very soon. So join XION if you haven't yet : https://xion.bonusblock.io/?r=vsmYCp3u

2. Grass : Grass coming up with some update (maybe tokens in 4 days/ or in Q2 ) so starts mining Point now.
- Install Grass Extension Addon on as many devices you have to mine more: https://freeairdrop.io/airdrop/grass.html

3. HOT : Be more active in HOT as halving is coming . Join if you haven't yet

Join here: https://t.me/herewalletbot/app?startapp=839597

4. Notcoin : Token will soon be listed and you can now swap notcoin into Voucher that can be sold in market

Join here: https://t.me/notcoin_bot?start=rp_3295777

5. Nibiru: Token is said to be listed on the 12th March, 2024 & will be listed in Bybit, Kucoin, MEXC & more to come so airdrop is near.

Nibiru is currently hosting a $30,000 airdrop on gate. Details here
46.1K views10:08
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2024-03-07 15:23:27
Airdrop: LatestChain
Reward: 1500 LATEST Coin
Winners: Everyone
Per Referral: 300 LATEST coin each
End Date: 15 April, 2024
Distribution Date: June 2024

Talk to the Telegram Bot

Introducing Layer 1 DPoS LatestChain: Empowering the Next Wave of Decentralized Applications

Step-by-step guide:
Talk to the telegram bot
Submit Twitter & Telegram username 
Submit wallet address

Website: https://latestchain.io

Complete 3 tasks for 1500 LATEST Coins

300 LATEST Coins per successful referral.
45.3K views12:23
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