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Pleased to announce the partnership of Atomic Wallet with Space ID Protocol! To support .BNB domain names
1.9K viewsedited  17:02
Welcome, Elrond (now #MultiversX) - a highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network to Atomic Wallet

$EGLD is now available for purchase, exchanging & managing!
971 views14:10
New Desktop 2.58.0 is here

Membership rules improved
Notification Badges added
Discover hidden & full detail…
2.0K views12:40
Having an AMA with Near on Twitter this Wednesday! Like, retweet and comment your question:
1.2K views14:35
Having an AMA with our CEO and Zilliqa this Friday! Don't miss it out

763 viewsedited  15:01
Welcome, Reef Chain!
3.8K views11:27
Giweaway to Celebrate 11th #Litecoin Birthday!
4.0K views19:56
Learn & Earn 5,000 MATIC tokens!
943 views10:19
BNB Staking is Live!
904 views08:07
Welcome, Livepeer!
917 views16:42
Giving away $100 to celebrate the support of the NFT Unstoppable Domains!
1.8K views16:18
Vasil Upgrade by Cardano will be supported!
3.4K views13:27
New Desktop 2.54.3 is out!

Polygon network is supported! Exchange, send, store MATIC, USDT & other tokens.
BNB Chain Staking is now supported! Stake your BNB with 5% APY.
3.2K views09:37
We'll support the ETH Merge on September 15
You don't need to do anything. Just hold Eth in Atomic. Beware of scammers!
3.8K viewsedited  16:03
AWC token is migrating to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!
5.1K views14:24
Welcome, OCEAN token!
4.6K views08:48
1,000,000 $LUNC Giveaway to celebrate Terra Classic upgrade!
1.3K views15:09
Welcome, Lido governance token!
1.6K viewsedited  12:26
NFTs Giveaway! Get 1 of 3 avatars from the Sandbox Alpha Season 3!
2.1K viewsedited  13:10
New Desktop 2.52.1 & Android 0.94.2 are out!

ETH & ERC20 network fee interface updated.
ZIL staking tx are now displayed in History.
NFTs are now visible in full size offline.
3.8K views10:14
Happy to announce that Atomic Wallet is a digital sponsor for Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas on October 21-22!
4.0K views16:57
ETH NFTs are now supported on Desktop and Mobile!
6.0K views12:58
New Android 0.91.4 is out!

App opening speed is optimized.
ETH and BSC NFTs are now supported!
Network fees setup improved for ETH, ERC20 tokens.
The portfolio button has been added.
5.5K views16:47
What do you know about Theta Network?

Find out about Theta's background, main purpose, THETA & TFUEL tokens, and much more in our new guide!
6.2K views13:21
USDT (TRC20) is available for crypto purchasing on Atomic!
7.4K views09:37
BABYDOGE token is available for crypto purchasing on Atomic!
6.2K views09:55
New Atomic desktop 2.49.2 is out!

– Portfolio button has a new design.
– NFTs are visible offline if they've been opened.
– Updated ZIL staking interface.
6.9K viewsedited  15:55
OGV token airdrop by Origin Protocol is supported on Atomic!
7.7K views08:34
BSC tokens are available for exchange!
6.3K views14:58
StepN token GMT is available for crypto purchasing on Atomic!
6.1K views09:43