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Logo of telegram channel binance_futures_spot_signal — Binance futures & spot signals
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We are a crypto signal channel providing Best signals on Binance, Coinex✌️💰🥰
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2023-07-22 21:12:08
SFP analysis:

Price is trading in a symmetric triangle and the triangle is becoming narrower. The support is $0.425-$0.43 area and a break below the $0.425 level will send the price toward the $0.37 level. The resistance is $0.46 and a break above this will bring good upward movement. Wait for a break of the symmetric triangle for new entries.
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2023-07-22 16:36:32 Educational Post

What is Zero Knowledge (zk) Proofs?

A zero-knowledge proof, sometimes also referred to as a zk protocol, is a verification method that takes place between a prover and a verifier. In a zero-knowledge proof system, the prover is able to prove to the verifier that they have the knowledge of a particular piece of information (such as the solution to a mathematical equation) without revealing the information itself. These proof systems can be used by modern cryptographers to provide increased levels of privacy and security.

The concept of a zero-knowledge proof was first described in a 1985 MIT paper, published by Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali. They demonstrated that it was possible to prove some properties of a number without disclosing the number or any additional information about it. This paper also introduced the mathematically significant finding that interactions between a prover and a verifier could reduce the amount of information required to prove a given theorem. 

A zk proof must fulfill two basic requirements known as completeness and soundness. Completeness refers to the ability of the prover to demonstrate knowledge of the relevant information to a high degree of probable accuracy. For the proof to be sound, the verifier must be able to reliably determine whether or not the prover is actually in possession of the information. Finally, in order to be truly zero-knowledge, the proof must achieve both completeness and soundness without the information in question ever being communicated between the prover and the verifier.

Zero-knowledge proofs are mostly used for applications in which privacy and security are essential. Authentication systems, for example, can employ zk proofs to verify credentials or identities without directly divulging them. As a simple example, it can be used to verify that a person has a password to a computer system without the need for disclosing what the password.
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2023-07-22 13:13:08
CHR broke the small downtrend line. If you have opened long positions then increase your stop loss and hold the position. You can book some profit at the resistance area.
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2023-07-22 09:50:07
Bitcoin continues to trade in the range. The price is trading near the support level. We might see a breakout anytime and this will be huge. Be prepared for a big move on either side.
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2023-07-21 21:19:05
GMT Analysis :

GMT flipped above the support zone of $0.236 - $0.255 and broke out of the downtrend channel. Price also hodling above the small trendline and more prone to consolidation. Wait for a strong breakout and price to form new market structure.
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2023-07-21 16:27:15 Educational Post

What do you mean by “Weak Hands”?

“Weak hands” is a term used to describe a trader or investor that lacks the confidence, resources, or ability to hold their positions or to stick with their trading plans. However, the term may be employed differently according to the type of market.

In both the Forex and cryptocurrency markets, “weak hands” is frequently used with a negative connotation, which describes the behavior of inexperienced and emotional traders. Usually, these traders present predictive trading patterns and strategies, which are frequently exploited by market makers and seasoned traders.

So we may define a “weak hands” trader as the one that buys or sells compulsively, driven by emotions rather than logic. They tend to exit positions when the market shows any sort of bearish behavior or due to bad news, often selling their assets for a loss. Such individuals don’t believe in the long term growth of their investments and can be easily “shaken out” by common price swings.
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2023-07-21 14:53:30
Bitcoin volatility is at a minimum. Similar level to early January, when it moved from $16k to $21k

Generally these volatility squeezes are followed by big moves.
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2023-07-21 09:32:07
Bitcoin gave a fakeout above the resistance area on the daily chart. Price is respecting the local support of $29,500-$30,000 area. If BTC breaks below $29,500 on the daily chart, we see a heavy sell-off in the market. A daily candle close above $31,000 will bring a good rally in the market.
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2023-07-21 04:25:53 The bot for buying subscriptions @Buy_vip_signal_bot is currently in trouble and is being repaired and updated. Please send a message to admin if you want join vip

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2023-07-20 21:14:57
LINK Analysis :

LINK tapped inside the major resistance zone of $7.92 - $8.20. Well, its a daily candle so wait for rejection to happen and if candle closed below the zone, you can short the position here with tight stops. Next structural support is at $4.18.
1.6K views18:14
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