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$190 in 24 hours by a Philippines Guy! Hello Guys, Anothe | BitCoin Mining, Trading and Investing

$190 in 24 hours by a Philippines Guy!

Hello Guys, Another Philippines Russian guy makes $190 through CryptoMiner Pro App

Testimonial No. 172

Philippines guy who bought our BTC mining app 24 hours back i.e. on 05th Jan 2023 for just $49 (90% discount offer). After installing the app on its Android Phone he started mining BitCoins immediately, and Today, he got a withdrawal of $190 from CryptoMiner Pro.

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He got bitcoins worth $190 in his wallet after mining for just 24 hours and mining is still in progress! New servers in Philippines are working perfectly now. After making this $190, now this guy can easily make $70-$80 a day through our Bitcoin Mining App i.e. CryptoMiner PRO

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