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2023-06-12 11:07:57
Polygon (MATIC) was never aimed at the U.S. market

The Polygon team responded to the SEC's claim that MATIC is a security.

"We developed outside of the U.S., deployed outside of the U.S. and to this day are focused on the global community and were not aimed at the U.S. market," Polygon

After this statement, the MATIC token stopped declining.
3.6K views08:07
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2023-06-05 22:57:38
Whales with balance of 10k BTC and more accumulate first cryptocurrency while everyone else sells

Maybe they know something...
3.8K views19:57
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2023-05-30 11:15:34
OP and 1INCH coins are expected to be unlocked within a few days for a total amount of ~$300 million

OP (Optimism) coin will be unlocked on May 31. The total number of unlocked coins will be 154,620,000 ($250 million).

1INCH (1inch) token unlocking is expected on June 1. 240,660,000 tokens ($96.55 million) will be unlocked.

Now it is too obvious to go short, but personally I will wait for the long squeeze, and then I'll look at the situation, the sums are very significant, but not everything will go to market at once.
5.4K views08:15
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2023-05-30 11:06:35
Binance Australia Users Selling Bitcoin (BTC) A$9000 At Discount, Know Why
2.7K views08:06
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2023-05-26 18:07:08
Virtual Real Estate Crisis: In 1 year, the value of land in meta-villages collapsed by 5-15 times
4.0K views15:07
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2023-05-21 17:53:28
The Fear and Greed Index on the crypto market has been in a neutral position for quite some time. Theoretically, nothing prevents the market from continuing its upward trend until the index reaches extremes, which are still very far away.
4.4K views14:53
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2023-05-18 21:49:35
JPMorgan compared the current bitcoin cycle to the 2017-2019 cycle and found many coincidences. If nothing fundamentally changes in this logic, then after trading around $27,000, we will have to go somewhere around $40,000.
4.4K views18:49
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2023-05-18 21:39:11
Breaking: Binance Brings Back Zero-Fee Trading For Bitcoin, SHIB, PEPE, Other Crypto
4.3K views18:39
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2023-05-18 14:05:35
Bitcoin's mining difficulty rose 3.22 percent this morning to another high of 49.55T. The network's average hash rate over the past two weeks has been 354 hashes per second.

So the interest in BTC mining is huge. And the figures once again confirm it.
4.3K views11:05
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2023-05-15 21:15:34
The number of active addresses in LTC is showing strong growth. This is also due to the upcoming halving in three months, but also noteworthy is the new standard LTC-20 proposed by community members.
So we may well see surprises from Lite in the near future
2.1K views18:15
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