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2022-07-25 16:06:07
Overlooked DeFi Altcoin Skyrockets Over 720% in a Week

An altcoin from the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has outperformed the entire crypto market by a large margin over the past seven days as the project gears up for its next phase. BarnBridge (BOND) is a cross-platform risk management protocol aiming to allow users to minimize the risks associated with DeFi. BOND, BarnBridge’s ERC-20 token used for governance and staking, skyrocketed this week from a low of $2.94 to a high of $24.11, marking a surge of over 720% in just seven days. The rally comes in anticipation of the project’s latest update.

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2022-07-25 10:37:18
Morning market conditions:

The market is down today, most of the alts are red. BTC is now trading above $21,800, ETH is trading around $1,500.

Bitcoin dominance: 42.36%;
Fear and Greed Index: 30 (fear);
Market capitalization: $987 billion.

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2022-07-25 09:20:06
Ukraine’s New Fiat Restrictions to Boost Popularity of Crypto, Industry Says

central bank of Ukraine has adjusted the fixed exchange rate of the national currency in U.S. dollars and introduced stricter limits on hryvnia transactions for citizens. The measures are likely to turn more Ukrainians to cryptocurrencies, according to a representative of the local crypto sector. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has introduced new rules in response to the changing fundamentals of the country’s economy during an ongoing military conflict with Russia. The monetary authority devalued the Ukrainian hryvnia against the strong U.S. dollars by 25% on Thursday and set new limits on banking operations with the national fiat.

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2022-07-25 05:06:04
Kenyan Activists Say Cryptocurrencies Have the ‘Potential to Create New Ways for Young People to Earn’

to some Kenya-based activists, raising funds through cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT) sales is not only faster but less costly as well. The activists added that digital currency also has the “potential to create new ways for young people to earn, spend, save and send money.” After the Covid-19 pandemic caused traditional funding channels to dry up, some African activists responded by raising funds through cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT) sales.

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2022-07-24 17:28:02
FTX to Help Voyager Customers, CEO Says Firm Willing to Deploy 'Hundreds of Millions' to Help Crypto Industry

founder and CEO of the leading exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried has offered to give early liquidity to Voyager Digital’s customers, according to an announcement FTX published on July 22. Furthermore, Bankman-Fried discussed the crypto industry with CNBC in an exclusive interview. Not too long ago on June 28, Sam Bankman-Fried told Forbes author Steven Ehrlich that some crypto firms were “secretly insolvent” and he warned more insolvencies were coming. The FTX CEO’s words came true, as more companies with financial issues followed the problems customers were having with Celsius freezing withdrawals.

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2022-07-24 11:18:50
Bitcoin network difficulty drops to 27.693T as hash rate eyes recovery

difficulty is a means devised by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto to ensure the legitimacy of all transactions using raw computing power. The reduced difficulty allows Bitcoin miners to confirm transactions using lower resources, enabling smaller miners a fighting chance to earn the mining rewards.Despite the minor setback, zooming out on’s data reveals that Bitcoin continues to operate as the most resilient and immutable blockchain network.

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2022-07-24 06:30:02
Samuel Bankman-Fried Seeks To Acquire Bithumb, S.Korea’s Second Largest Crypto Exchange

Bankman-Fried, the founder and CEO of FTX, is hunting for acquisition targets as the market crashes. SBF acquired various crypto firms last month, including Voyager Digital and BlockFi. Fast-growing FTX is preparing to spend billions for its expansion and growth, along with exploring Asia for potential acquisitions. Recently, FTX has expressed interest in acquiring ‘Bithumb,’ a popular South Korean crypto exchange. The parties have been discussing the purchase for a while now but haven’t yet reached an agreement.

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2022-07-23 20:56:03
@ChartsSignalsTrading just posted their Trading Report For June 2022 with a whooping profit of 1197 %

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Total Trades: 57
Target reached: 47
Stop-loss: 6
Open trades: 4
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2022-07-23 20:55:05
Holding Stablecoins Was More Profitable Than Fiat in 2022: Report

– a blockchain analytics firm – has released a report evaluating data around stablecoins and their peg-robustness. It found that holding almost any of the current top stablecoins throughout 2022 was slightly more profitable than holding actual U.S. dollars. According to the report, the historical mean daily closing price for nearly all top stablecoins is slightly above $1.00, based on volume-weighted price closing data spanning back to 2017.

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2022-07-23 16:00:47
Finnish Customs Sold Seized Almost 2,000 Bitcoins

to the official announcement, the customs seized the funds during drug busts and had been legally forfeited to the state following court rulings. The bulk of the digital assets in various criminal investigations was confiscated in raids before 2018. Last year’s bull run catapulted the stash’s worth to $130 million. However, failing to time the market right cost the authorities a significant fortune.Finland revealed plans to donate seized Bitcoin to Ukraine in April this year.

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