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We will be using this channel for our Binance signals. Huge gains in short periods with the best group around!

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Shill it on twitter to make it trending, a lot of twitter users are starting to tweet about it
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We are going much higher now be ready
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There is very little resistence, MLN will keep rising
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Target is 500%
4.3K views16:01
The coin we are buying is $MLN

MLN is looking great as a buy right and and can easily reach 500%

Tweet #MLN $MLN on twitter once you are done buying to make it trend faster
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Within an hour we will post our signal at a random time, the next post we make will be the coin we are buying. Be prepared!
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In around less than 4 hours from now we will be posting a massive signal on Binance that will potentially generate the biggest amount of profits for our members to date, even bigger than our biggest signal that we have done in the past. Millions of people worldwide will be joining and the coin will be heavily trending on twitter as we have taken the necessary measures already to make it trend. There are a lot of opportunities in the market currently and we are taking it. The wait is finally over and the opportunity to generate big profits in a short amount of time is finally here and we invite everyone to join us as we attempt to reach a target of 500% or more today.
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Tomorrow we will be posting a signal that will help the whole Crypto world recover from what happened to LUNA. Our signal will be heavily trending on twitter as we have already been doing some preparations for this occasion, we have all the tools ready. We will be posting the signal at a random time instead of at a specific time to spread the buys out and make the signal much more organic and trendy. Our projected target will be 500% as our mega whales will step in to provide some help in the signal. Be ready for the greatest comeback of all time tomorrow.
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Are you ready for the biggest comeback of all time?
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Hello everyone, we hope you are doing fine during this volatile market. We are currently waiting for better market conditions before posting our next big signal. We are almost ready and we will be picking a coin that can easily generate 200% profit for all our members as it is our first signal and want to make sure that we absolutely hit this target. Stay tuned!
2.0K views20:34
In the last few months and years, our mission was to provide many great profitable signals for our community and we have managed to do it successfully with the support of millions of people following our signals all over the world. However, everytime we announced a signal the price would spike up high really quickly which possibly made a lot of people buy high and caused a lot of unstability in the signals in a short period of time.

As the market evolves, it's time for us to evolve too. Knowing that we have a very big influence over the markets, we are officially announcing that we will no longer do "Pumps" and no longer be affiliated with Pumps but rather, we are switching to legitimate buy signals that come from our own observation and believe that they are legitimately good buys which will give everyone a chance to buy at a better price during our announcements. By making this change and moving away from pumps, all of our signals will have a more organic growth which is what we all want. In return, we expect the profits to be much more consistent for everyone and much safer. All of our signals will still be supported by our great team and with this change, the job of supporting our signals will be much easier. All signals will be posted at a random time instead of making a big announcement in advance.

The new Era of signals starts today and we invite everyone to join us as we become the biggest and the most profitable signal group in the world. Stay tuned!
144 views13:29

Everyone join the main channel for future Kucoin pump signals like BURP. BURP went 330% holding its peak for nearly 2 minutes, holding its price over 80% for 3+ hours, and earning members hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

This is a link to the private channel where the BURP signal originated. You must join here to take part in future signals.

JOIN NOW this private link will be open for 1 hour only
50 views18:11

Start Price - 0.03
Peak Price - 0.129
Peak Gain - 330%

BURP was our first pump back after 1 month off to focus on growing and improving the profitability of our signals even more. That is exactly what happened as BURP held near its peak of +330%, over the projected gain, for well over a full minute. This gave members plenty of opportunity to sell super high and earn max profits today. A clean signal at start, a long holding absolute peak, and the fact that BURP is still +70% over an hour after our signal are all incredibly great signs for today and for the future. Thank you everyone who participated and made this possible, congratulations to all who profited. Great job today
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41 views18:11
43 views18:11
Coin is: BURP

Projected Gain: 300-500%
44 views18:11
CryptoFamily Binance pinned « BitShiba ( $SHIBA ) has officially launched! The Shiba Inu Killer on Binance Smart Chain. The community controls 100% of all the tokens. If you missed buying DogeCoin and Shiba Inu in the early days, today we present you the next biggest opportunity of…»
CryptoFamily Binance pinned «93.5% success rate Over 70% of signals reached 300%+ Over 45,000% combined profit since 2019 The next signal is tomorrow on Kucoin Join now»
93.5% success rate
Over 70% of signals reached 300%+
Over 45,000% combined profit since 2019

The next signal is tomorrow on Kucoin

Join now
146 views19:55
Hello everyone, we are aware that our community is looking forward to our next big pump. We are currently still waiting for better market conditions before scheduling our next pump. We want to make sure that it goes perfectly according to plan and for that we need better market conditions. Hopefully everyone is doing fine during these times! If we had one big piece of advice to give to everyone it would be to hold and keep calm because as we know, BTC is not going anywhere. The markets will definitely recover in the long run and hopefully soon enough. Stay tuned for our next announcement.
7.5K views15:57
Big pump happening tomorrow in the Kucoin Pump Server. Those looking to make great gains during this upside down for BTC need to join

Join here
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Join for x10 pumps @kucoin_pumps

For truly fair, slow rising, huge pumps you need to join Kucoin Pump Signal. Pumps on Kucoin have risen as high as 47,000%

Kucoin has:
Over $3 billion daily volume
Fastest growing top exchange
No KYC, high limits
Tons of perfect pump coins with an incredible amount of outsiders who trade altcoins there

Do not just join any kucoin pumps, only join the best and most powerful
Join @kucoin_pumps
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Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for making this year so special. Here are a few of our favorite pumps of 2021

Original source of all Kucoin pumps
4.1K views18:45
Pump result : 350 BTC volume which is close to 17 million $. We had a initial peak of 70% and got sold on by outsiders. Luckily our team decided to bring the price back up for all our members back up to the initial peak of 70% which gave all our members the opportunity to make 60-70% profit 2 times during the pump. There was also many waves that allowed everyone to make profit multiple times. Overall it was a great pump as we managed to maintain top position on Binance for 22 minutes. If we had not been faced with that amount of sell pressure, we could have defintely hit 200%+. Thank you all for participating, we have something big to announce really soon that everyone will want to stick around for as well, stay tuned!
7.9K views17:50
7.9K views17:50
We will go much higher, dont miss this opportunity!
7.9K views17:16
New wave starting now
7.9K views17:05
Target is high!
8.0K views17:01
The coin we have picked to pump today is : #NEBL

NEBL is looking perfect for a massive pump right now!
8.0K views17:00