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AirDAO Announces Transition to Decentralized Leadership AirDA | Crypto Evolution

AirDAO Announces Transition to Decentralized Leadership

AirDAO has announced its transition towards true decentralization and community governance. AirDAO has embraced a community-first ethos and is now empowering its global community to take the reins of its future. This groundbreaking shift marks a significant leap forward for AirDAO and decentralization in web3.

AirDAO will adopt a flat DAO structure, decentralizing its leadership and eliminating traditional roles such as ‘Director’ and ‘CEO.’ The AirDAO blockchain will no longer be maintained, controlled, or built by a single developer or development company. Instead, AirDAO will be developed and governed by the people, for the people.

The community will elect a nine-member AirDAO Council. This council will control over AirDAO’s finances, operational budget, and blockchain core-engineer multi-signature wallet in the coming weeks. By May 31st, 2023; the council will have complete control over all AirDAO assets and convene regular meetings to make roadmap and operational decisions.

The AirDAO community will nominate candidates and conduct the AirDAO Council voting process with fairness and transparency ensured through on-chain voting. The community will also shape the council’s role, establish rules, draft the AirDAO constitution, and develop the voting process. The internal AirDAO team will support the community during the formation process and council elections.

Lang Mei — the current Director of AirDAO - will oversee the change to decentralized leadership during the transition period. By May 31st, 2023, his CEO/Director role will be retired, allowing the elected council to assume total control of the roadmap, HR, financial, and operational decisions.

A community-led web3 ecosystem thrives on active participation. AirDAO invites everyone to play an instrumental role in shaping its future. Get involved in the governance process, contribute to AirDAO development, vote in the council elections, and be the change you want to see.

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