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Logo of telegram channel cryptoexpertsignals — Crypto Signals
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The main goal of this channel is to share an unbiased opinion on the crypto market from a technical and fundamental point of view.
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2023-01-28 23:43:55
Bitcoin on the route to $25 000

Even though Bitcoin's price action slowed down the last few days, the price is still very bullish as we're able to hold major support levels without making any significant market corrections.

All in all, no reason to be bearish on Bitcoin especially having in mind that an extremely bullish monthly close is coming in 3 days.
1.7K views20:43
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2023-01-26 01:16:40 Bitcoin reached 23 800, we’re on the way towards 24 500 as I said
2.0K views22:16
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2023-01-24 16:16:15
Bitcoin is targeting 24 500
2.4K views13:16
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2023-01-22 12:58:03 Crypto Signals Trading Challenge We will try to turn $1000 into $10 000 in 4 months! We will be using Binance for this challenge because you've chosen Binance. Challenge starts on 1/1/2023 and ends on 30/4/2023. We may end this challenge before the…
2.5K views09:58
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2023-01-22 12:00:51
Bitcoin - high timeframe update

We are currently above the previous trading range and we're holding at this price point very well without any major rejection.

In a scenario like this, we will most likely go for a test of the $24 5000 resistance zone and if that one gets broken, we can get one big green daily candlestick and a move of a few thousands.

Avoid shorting because if this happens, you will be in big trouble.
2.4K views09:00
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2023-01-21 00:13:56
Best in the game called trading!

I told you so
2.0K views21:13
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2023-01-20 12:14:16
Bitcoin is targeting $22 800 as the next target
2.0K views09:14
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2023-01-18 17:36:40 Next target for Bitcoin?
anonymous poll

$20 000 – 102

$22 500 – 88

190 people voted so far.
608 views14:36
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2023-01-16 13:59:42
Bitcoin CME gap at $19900

Even though the market looks bullish, we have a CME gap that could be filled and that's exactly where we could place buy orders expecting further continuation to the upside.
1.1K views10:59
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2023-01-16 12:03:57
Bitcoin is targeting $22 800 and $24 500 after closing back above broken support on a weekly timeframe
1.1K views09:03
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