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By the way, we were in SHORT position since yesterday!

Yesterday, right after CPI data came out, we entered SHORT position on #BTC together with Premium Members, right at the top! The price reached 4/5 targets and printed +95% profit.

Join our Klondike Premium Channels while the prices are still cheap! Write me @kankordio or visit our website
3.2K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  16:12

The chart might look cluttered, but in fact it is very simple:

- There is a descending channel, so there are two obvious zones for purchase: bottom of the channel and breakout of the channel’s resistance

- Starting from the middle line of the channel, the priority turns slightly upwards

- The support of $2860 is very strong and should hold the price, this is where you can buy too
4.3K viewsRobert Mercer, 13:55
It is now clearly visible how important the $58,000 - $61,000 level is.
4.9K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  10:56
And… LONGed some #PEPE today!

we opened a LONG position on #PEPE together with Premium Channels members. Entered right before the pump! The signal reached ALL targets and printed +120% profit.

Want to join Klondike Premium Channels? Write me @kankordio or visit our website
3.2K viewsRobert Mercer, 17:53
Earned some GOOD profits from #WIF!

Yesterday we opened a SHORT position on #WIF together with Premium Channels members. Entered right before the dump! The signal reached ALL targets and printed +140% profit.

Join our Klondike Premium Channels while the prices are still cheap! Write me @kankordio or visit our website
3.6K viewsRobert Mercer, 17:06
#PEIPEI reached the first target, printed +80% profit so far!

Memes are living their best lives.
4.1K viewsRobert Mercer, 13:43
Positive CPI data, market reacting with green candles
4.6K viewsRobert Mercer, 12:32
Updated CPI Data will be announced in less than 30 minutes (12:30 PM UTC).
4.7K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  12:07
Buying some #MOG here and placed some buy orders on the $1.2 level.

The chart looks extremely similar to #WIF right after Bybit listing. Currently #MOG is one of the strongest memes on ETH chain (in terms of price action).

Entered this trade on profit from the #LNQ trade, not a big amount. Still very risky since tha market is very shaky.
4.6K viewsRobert Mercer, 11:35
Want to remind you that #MOCA listing is TODAY already, in less than 30 minutes!

The token will be listed on the following exchanges: Bybit,, Bitget, KuCoin, HTX and Coinone. Contract address: 0xF944e35f95E819E752f3cCB5Faf40957d311e8c5.

But you can start claiming your tokens already now using this link: You have 30 days to claim!

But that's NOT ALL! Mocaverse has recently announced Staking options! #MOCA stakers will unlock exclusive access to MocaList token sales, staking pool rewards from a 10+ confirmed list of committed partners and more.
4.9K viewsRobert Mercer, 09:39
HAMSTER KOMBAT — Free Money Guide!

We made a YouTube video where gathered all information and insights we know about the current progress of Hamster Kombat:

- Potential listing date
- AirDrop size
- Founders
- Prospects of price

Please like and leave a feedback

Make sure to check it out:

6.1K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  15:03

Nothing has really changed since my recent Bitcoin update, just want you to remember that there are only two spots from where you can go LONG:

Support of $50,000 - $52,000 and breakout of the $60,600 resistance.

Don’t buy it in the middle of nowhere.
6.5K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  12:28
Finally, there are good news — #MOCA listing is about to happen TOMORROW!

You can claim your tokens at the 11th of July already (listing date). Don't miss it.

What are the project goals at the moment? They are aiming to become largest interoperable consumer network that includes gaming, sport, IP, music and others. At the moment they already have 60 partners and 20 more strategic partners will be announced later (should be announced very soon).

Overall, the project should grow strongly even in this market as the founders and the Animoca brand are very strong and powerful. Will be listed on T1 exchanges, there is no doubt.
6.3K viewsBill Charison, 07:43
#LNQ reached the second target, printed +55% profit!
1.4K viewsRobert Mercer, 11:10
In the past 3 hours, the German Government has sent 6306 BTC ($362M) to Kraken, Cumberland, 139Po (likely institutional deposit/OTC service) and address bc1qu.

Of this, 3206 BTC ($184M) has been sent within the past 20 minutes. The German Government currently holds 22,847 BTC ($1.32B).

A half of the initial sum was already distributed, while the price stays relatively strong.
2.7K viewsRobert Mercer, 10:05
There are not many things that cheer me up in this market, but current state of Fear & Greed Index is definitely one of them — 28!

Just another argument there are not much reasons in dumping below $50,000.
3.6K viewsRobert Mercer, 07:06

Bitcoin was able to close 1W candles above $60,000 support for 17 weeks (119 days) straight, but the last week lost it.

Too much FUD, too low bullish volumes to handle it. What does it mean for us?

Unless some strong bulls come out of the woodwork, we are doomed to spend the summer below $60,000 resistance with some fakeouts. Simply speaking — consolidation in the $50,000 - $60,000 range.

A significant break below $50k should not be considered as the demand near this area is at an extremely high level. This is the level where bulls are ready to buy now.

So be it.
6.2K viewsRobert Mercer, 12:12
Despite the dump of the whole market, #LNQ is pumping! Reached first target and printed +47% profit!

Memes are living their own lives…
6.9K viewsRobert Mercer, 14:40

Things are not as bad as they might be. What info the recent week gave us:

1) There us a clear descending support level that was formed by three touches. Currently it sets a bottom line $52,000.

2) The closer Bitcoin comes to $50,500 - $53,000 ultimate support, the higher demand. Going LONG from there is a golden opportunity, leverage up to x5 can be considered.

3) To turn into bullish mode, we need to come back above the $62,000 - $63,000 resistance. To achieve it, we firstly need to break through the $58,150 resistance.
7.4K viewsRobert Mercer, 11:27
Coins I am buying on this dip: 1. #SOL 2. #SUI 3. #FET 4. #DOGE & #PEPE 5. #RNDR 6. #INJ 7. #WLD 8. #DUEL 9. #TOKEN
5.4K viewsRobert Mercer, 16:55
Coins I am buying on this dip: 1. #SOL 2. #SUI 3. #FET 4. #DOGE & #PEPE 5. #RNDR 6. #INJ 7. #WLD 8. #DUEL 9. #TOKEN
5.9K viewsRobert Mercer, 16:07
Coins I am buying on this dip:

1. #SOL
2. #SUI
3. #FET
4. #DOGE & #PEPE
5. #RNDR
6. #INJ
7. #WLD
8. #DUEL
6.8K viewsRobert Mercer, 13:06
6.4K viewsRobert Mercer, 12:52
Meanwhile, Mt. Gox creditors may have to wait up to 3 months to receive their Bitcoins…
7.2K viewsRobert Mercer, 09:21
Another day - Another dump

Today the reason is Mt. Gox that moved 47228 BTC ($2.7B) from their wallet. Distribution begins.
6.6K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  08:56
Guess how many SHORT positions Klondike AI PRO opened before the dump?


All of them reached All Targets, printed more than 1000%+ profit overnight.

Want to become PRO member? You’re welcome: @KlondikeAI_Subscription_bot
4.2K viewsRobert Mercer, 19:27

The Bitcoin selloff made by German Government messed our plans for a bit, our buy order at $58,500 was filled.

As you can see, there is a descending channel, we are already close to the bottom of it, but still can visit a $55,000 - $56,000 area.

The level of $62,000 acts as a main resistance for now. But want to remind you that buying Bitcoin below $60,000 is a Golden Opportunity.

A level of breakeven for miners was already crossed down, so staying there for a long time shouldn’t last too long.
5.2K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  18:02
Still playing Hamster Combat. According to their roadmap, the listing is scheduled on July.

I believe devs are relying on the market. Once it becomes green, the token will come to the market.

For now using time to increase profit-per-hour because this is the main criteria for the Airdrop size

If you are still not playing HC — it is better to start late than never:
5.5K viewsRobert Mercer, 15:46

The price is approaching a crucial support of $1.1. I am aggressively buying this AI gem there.
5.7K viewsRobert Mercer, 13:42
The current dump is happening mostly because of the German Government selling their Bitcoins by market sales. You can track it here. They already sold 1/5 of the initial position size of 50k BTC (!).

Want to remind you that back in January, German authorities seized these 50k Bitcoins from a former operator of the now-defunct piracy website Movie2k.

Now they are selling. Weak hands...
13.2K viewsRobert Mercer, edited  12:05