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Learning with Crypto’s everyday since 2014! Free HQ info and paid group with extra info available

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2021-08-07 12:30:46
Great good morning from bitcoin: the rate is above $ 43,000 and the downtrend from the April 14 high is broken. Fixing above this level can be the beginning of a full-fledged market reversal, the first key target is $ 45,000

The top 2 cryptocurrency also feels great: the price of ETH is almost $ 3,000.

It could be the best weekend of the whole summer if shoppers keep up the good work ...
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2021-08-06 14:22:39 https://coinposters.com/journey-of-the-dogecoin/

People asked is it recommended to buy doge coin now? Check it out here!
5.8K views11:22
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2021-08-04 17:45:39 https://coinposters.com/the-new-nft-that-is-making-returns-of-more-than-25000/

Crazy 25000% return
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2021-08-03 20:49:33
SEC wants to regulate DeFi

Gary Gensler is worried about the new ways new investors are entering the crypto market. Of particular interest to the head of the SEC is the DeFi sector and "peer-to-peer lending" - when the exchange takes place without intermediaries.

Gensler believes that DEX exchanges can be viewed as mutual funds, which will allow the SEC to fully monitor and regulate their activities.
To the moon
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2021-08-02 21:58:10 Bitcoin has not yet returned to $ 40,000, which could have been facilitated by Saudi Aramco's denial of rumors about the start of cryptocurrency mining

Monday news:

Profits of companies from the S&P 500 are growing at a record rate of 85%. It was better only in 2009 after the end of the financial crisis, then profits increased by 109%

Payment company Square buys installment service Afterpay for $ 29 billion, in the future their customers will be able to buy BTC through Cash App Square

Regulation: the South Korean authorities will stop the work of 11 cryptocurrency exchanges, and the Central Bank of China has promised to continue to fight against cryptocurrency trading

Moscow Exchange adds 31 more foreign companies to trade in shares, now there will be 204

+1. New York-based investment company GoldenTree with $ 45 billion in assets added bitcoin to its portfolio

US Senators agree on a $ 1 trillion infrastructure development plan

Bitcoin miners tore through a three-month period of falling revenues, earning $ 972.6 million in July, which is 16% more than the previous month
2.5K views18:58
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2021-08-01 15:03:57
The Fear and Greed Index has been in the greed zone for two days in a row. At the same time, the daily RSI for Bitcoin indicates oversold

Historically, this index has always quickly went into the greedy zone during bounces in the price of bitcoin, moreover, it often did this in a bear market.
10.0K views12:03
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2021-07-30 19:36:02
Amazon depreciates by 7% and pulls the S&P 500

A fine of $ 887 million for Amazon is unpleasant, but no more. More importantly, they can be forced to rebuild the business model when it comes to handling customer data. And yet the company has a poor forecast for the next quarter.

Despite new strains of coronavirus, countries are in no hurry with new lockdowns. Offline trading tries to return to the market and this takes profits from online sellers.

It should be understood that a bad forecast means a slower profit growth. But for the modern investor, this is an extremely important indicator, because they prefer only native stories

For contact admin: @EvoCryptoAdmin
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2021-07-30 17:19:11 What is the best cryptocurrency to invest 2021? https://coinposters.com/best-crypto-to-invest-2021/
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2021-07-29 22:59:01 Really valuable information for #bitcoin and #crypto highly recommended to read it! https://coinposters.com/how-to-predict-bitcoin-price/
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2021-07-27 16:56:39 What is the best cryptocurrency to invest 2021? https://coinposters.com/best-crypto-to-invest-2021/
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