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PORTAL seems to be cooking up some new things with their new launchpad

The debut token on the Portal Launchpad is $SOMO (https://twitter.com/playsomo) and those who stake $PORTAL will be able to receive a guaranteed allocation for the $SOMO sale which is happening on Thursday, 25th April at 11 am EST and I’m expecting this to skyrocket

Within the niche of Web3 gaming, we’ve seen many successful launches recently such as My Pet Hooligan’s $KARAT – $SOMO could be next. SOMO will quite literally be the Pokemon Go of Web3 and is also a playable 3D game

$SOMO seems to be the next big cook following after $PORTAL’s success, hitting a 3bn FDV and it was the biggest Binance Launchpool launch in history. I would really recommend picking up some $PORTAL and staking via their launchpad for the $SOMO sale https://launchpad.portalgaming.com

Wallets will be able to purchase up to 1 ETH of $SOMO and to balance the demand against the available allocation – there will be a weighted raffle to give everyone a fair chance. Your chances in the raffle are dictated by your ticket size and how early within the 24 hours you purchase.
The earlier you purchase and the bigger your ticket, the more $SOMO you’re likely to receive. The current presale price terms seem very fair considering other rounds available like Pixelmon’s $MON and Revolving Games’ $RCADE.

Portal Twitter: https://twitter.com/Portalcoin
SOMO Twitter: https://twitter.com/playsomo

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