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DeFi Million

Channel address: @defimillion
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DeFi Million Represents the best DeFi
tokens via decentralised Telegram Channel.
Our Network count over 1 Million of global users who loves DeFi Market, who are stakers and profit makers.
Admin 👉📩 - @mikevazovskyi
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2024-02-09 20:09:43

Join VIP for Next pump

For VIP Access dm @kucoinvipp
25.4K views17:09
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2024-02-09 17:01:07
Bull Market today

Let me remind you about our Pump.

Exchange: Kucoin
Pair: USDT

Trading pair published already VIP group

Here are Previous PUMP
CREAM 919%
DVPN 1320%
ROUTE 1590%
XAVA 975%
LON 47156%

For VIP Access DM @kucoinvipp
52.8K views14:01
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2024-02-08 22:42:14

Date: Friday Feb 9th
Time: 17:00 GMT (12pm est)
Exchange : Kucoin

Token pair published below

Enjoy your pump profit tomorrow.

Not VIP Yeat? Dm @kucoinvipp
53.3K views19:42
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2024-02-07 13:03:39

How/why do our pumps work on Kucoin?

We deeply study the markets on Kucoin for the week(s) leading up to our signal. Typically we find 10-12 coins with incredible breakout potential and begin to track every single order on these coins. If a coin becomes overbought or receives negative news we remove it from our list and will not pump it. Other factors are considered as well, all in a great effort to protect our users and offer the very best pump possible. Our history and reputation proves this, it is what keeps us a step above any other groups attempting to copy what we do.
At signal time our signal bot will post the absolute best coin along with its 'Projected Gain.' There will be no buying in the days/minutes before the signal so do not be fooled by "false" fomo coins. Our signal bot will buy the admin share of the coin AFTER it posts publicly for everyone else to see, giving all members a fair chance to enter at the lowest prices. Once you see the signal coin you should buy it quickly as it will begin to rise immediately after being posted. An updated buy/sell guide including specifics about Kucoin will be posted tomorrow.
As our coin begins to break out it will pass important analytical thresholds triggering algo bots to buy in. This added volume and surge in price will attract other outside traders to enter our coin as well, all adding to its volume and pumping the price higher and higher. As the coin now enters its 'Projected Gain' it is our time to sell. The projected gain has been hit or passed on over 97% of our pumps, it is a very safe range to sell in for maximum profit.
We are a community working together toward a common goal of massive profit. The more we work together the more profit we all earn. Remember this, stay calm, follow the how-to guide and you will surely profit.

Join us: @kucoinvip
52.6K views10:03
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2024-02-06 14:26:57
Are you looking to invest or Promote in the best DeFi project? Stop searching we are here..

DeFi Million represents the best DeFi tokens via decentralised @defimillion Telegram Channel.

DeFi Million is a new way of decentralized finance interactions between users.

Our Network count over 1 million users in Decentralized Finance, which we cover in a long term stakers and profit makers.

Channel @DeFiMillion

Admin - @mikevazovskyi
52.8K views11:26
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2024-02-02 10:53:17
@DeFiMillion largest DeFi telegram channel with 1 Million global users.

DeFiMillion represents the best DeFi
tokens via decentralised telegram channel.

We track and promote most popular crypto projects.

Admin - @mikevazovskyi
53.5K views07:53
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2024-01-29 12:34:21
Welcome to DeFi Million

• DeFi
• Crypto

DeFi Million provides unlimited information on the latest DeFi projects to its subscribers. It is a channel, so there is no room for interaction, but there is enough privacy for subscribers to benefit. This crypto telegram channel currently has a little more than 115,000 subscribers, making it a great platform for cryptocurrency project promotion.

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For Marketing @mikevazovskyi
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2024-01-27 10:33:27
ICO Speaks: The best agency for crypto influencer marketing in 2024
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2024-01-26 10:13:19

Real Traffic for your Telegram channel or Group.

+20000 Members for your project

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2024-01-25 14:10:12
AMA Session on DeFi Million
1Hour session and promotion for your project.

For more details DM @mikevazovskyi
27.9K views11:10
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