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Fastest and most decentralized cryptocurrency on #TraceChain protocol.
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2022-12-28 14:39:00 Hi all!

We invite you to join #MetaBridge testing! It becomes available with the new #MetaHashGate version.

But be careful:
- Service is in a test mode
- Testing may be completed at any time. No compensation is provided for in this case
- Do not exchange large amounts until testing is completed

Instruction -

Let's start right now!
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2022-11-24 13:12:25
No more words, it's a new #MetaHashGate version!

Upgrade it to enjoy SMART TOKENS!

Find instructions here -
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2022-09-29 12:18:02
Please note that Torrents older than the 0.149 version no longer pass tests. This means that such nodes will not be rewarded tomorrow.

Update your nodes as soon as possible -
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2022-09-28 14:14:36 Friends, some of you wonder why unupdated Torrents still receive awards.

Since the deadline was pretty short, we decided to add a few-days delay. We will let you know when the changes finally take effect.

In the meantime, please update your nodes —

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2022-09-22 17:30:32 #MHC deposit/withdrawal are restarted on KuCoin

If you have any questions about depositing or withdrawing funds, don't hesitate to contact the chat admins @vinnythe and @maxwe1fox.
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2022-09-22 08:12:00 Time to update your Torrent nodes!

Starting next Monday (26.09) all Service Torrent nodes must be no older than version 0.149 (v6.0) to pass tests and receive rewards.

In the meantime, we're working on the overall stability of the network to make the next major releases as smooth and secure as possible.
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2022-08-05 18:21:15 #MetaHash secures Internet

Use #MetaHashGate, share your experiences and wishes — we're building a decentralized Internet together!

Join our Community Chat! -> @metahash_eng

Follow the link attached to
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2022-07-19 14:10:45 Project progress 19.07.2022

Join our Community Chat! -> @metahash_eng

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2022-07-08 19:21:42 Waiting for cryptomorning. Hype cycles

Join our Community Chat! -> @metahash_eng

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2022-07-01 18:59:22 Project progress 01.07.2022

Join our Community Chat! -> @metahash_eng

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