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Subscribers: 300,085 (Update date: 2022-01-24)
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The FIRST deflationary NFT Launchpad that offers Game changing IDOs and NDOs, no gas wars, fair distribution and FREE NFT airdrops of new and upcoming NFT projects.
ℹ️Сontact information: @Robert_ETH

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2022-01-21 10:56:21
💎Codyfight is a turn-based strategy NFT video game that is all about the battles of wits among the players provides players a friendly user interface (UI) and eliminating the need for grinding.

🎮The gameplay is turn-based and contains unique mechanics. Thus, even players without coding knowledge can play and learn on the way.

Codyfight is many cool things in one:

⚔️A multiplayer, turn-based strategy programming game and immersive environment where tech-savvy enthusiasts can have fun and put their talents to good use,

🌐A metaverse where one-of-a-kind pre-programmed (ro)bots with custom NFT skins confront each other in engaging battles of their owners’ wits and logic,

⚙️A platform where users can develop their own unique robots using any programming language, challenge others, earn cryptocurrency, and become the ultimate player-programer!

📊Trade NFT skins on the Community Shop, or unleash your inner artist and earn from your drawings

▪️ Website ▪️ Telegram ▪️ Twitter ▪️ Github ▪️Medium
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2022-01-20 09:55:51
Come into the Battlefield!

🔰PolyGod Studios presents both simulated & real-time multiplayer game starring the Norse Gods, with the ability to pick your own characters, warriors and much more.

⚔️Polygod is a tower rush video game in which the objective is to destroy the most opposing towers, with the destruction of the King's Tower being an instantaneous win.

🔥The NFT’s are inspired by Norse mythology and each NFT will have it’s own set of skills and special abilities that can be utilized in the upcoming PVP PolyGod Game, as well as mining the $MYNT coin. The game will feature a mining rig that will allow players to mine Mynt tokens which is the currency of the game.

💰The Marketplace is where players can trade Warriors,Contracts,Badges, and Towers through auction.

👥Players can choose the initial price of the bid in addition to the buy now price. Also we will allow the borrowing and lending of different collectables.

Official links🔗Polygod:
▪️Website ▪️ Telegram ▪️ Twitter ▪️ Discord ▪️ Medium
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2022-01-19 09:51:24
🌆 Metafluence will be a virtual city inhabited by influencers, their most loyal audiences, and brands.

🐦 As social media transitions to the metaverse, Metafluence is building an influencer-centric ecosystem where influencers, their audiences, and brands are easily engaged in transparent and incentivized relations.

🔹1600+ Influencer Campaigns in 40 countries 🚀

🔹5k+ advertisers including Fortune 500 Companies 🤯

🔹500k+ influencer network worldwide 💪🏻

🗓 IDO date: 24th January

💰Initial Market Cap: $322.5k

Whitelist 👈

🌐 Metafluence Official links:
🔹Telegram Announcements
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2022-01-18 12:56:40
👻Codyfight is a turn-based strategy NFT video game that is all about the battles of wits among the players.

🤖In Codyfight, players can play against other people or deploy self-programmed bots (AI) in matches. Each bot is a combination of two main parts: NFT Skin and CKey (game access identification key).

⛓Codyfight is a blockchain-based AI vs. human competition metaverse that will bring together millions of creative, tech-savvy, and multi-talented people in a community-driven game.

🎯The goal is to win in the ultimate arena where the savviest gamers can compete with AI algorithms.

💪Codyfight robots’ skins will be available for sale as digital collectibles or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

⚙️In addition, robots’ skins are created by certified artists and community content creators with different rarity and value. Players can obtain these cosmetic items and trade them outside of the game.

Connect with us to get the latest info and updates:

Telegram (Announcement) | Twitter | Website | Github |
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2022-01-17 08:07:32 📈Inthe second half of 2021, blockchain games have become the driving force behind the whole crypto industry. The rise in popularity of gaming and its number of unique active wallets, surpassing even theNFT and crypto space, has had quite a transformative effect on the gaming industry as a whole.

🎮Play-to-earn mechanics began the gaming revolution and SIDUS is conquering this wave to bring out the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game.

🏆SIDUS HEROES is a new Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game that challenges AAA-level games and brings a refreshing new experience to the blockchain gaming market. The game does incorporate certain traditional NFT gaming components, like having a DAO community and NFTization of in-game items.

Accessibility of Content
⚡️The SIDUS team made its game available in one click! To start playing, users don’t need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC or Mac. All they need to do is to open their browser and type in the game URL.

The World Based on Crypto and Blockchain Philosophy
⛓The social structure of SIDUS is developed in alignment with crypto and blockchain principles. The top 12 blockchains are represented as planets, each with their own race of beings — Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya and Polkacyon are just some of them.

We took the traditional online RPGs division of labor for multiplayers and carefully applied it to the SIDUS reality, spicing it up with exceptional NFT capabilities.

A Strong Core Team
👥The SIDUS NFT Heroes team features a large number of highly skilled blockchain developers, with years of experience in building DeFi and NFT products. Many members of the SIDUS team come from the game development industry and are skilled in applying cutting-edge technologies and multimedia solutions.

Official Links:
🌐 Website:
⛵️ Opensea:
👾 Discord:
🕊 Twitter:
📄 Medium:
📣 Telegram:
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2022-01-14 13:18:34
⚡️Be Whoever You Want To Be in The ERTHA Metaverse ⚡️

🥷In Ertha, each player is responsible for shaping their destiny. Experience the unmatched freedom provided by the Erthaverse by choosing a life that's right for you.🤯

🏔A good life in Ertha can provide a better life in the real world. Grab a few ERTHA HEXs and become a landowner. The number of HEXs available is shrinking by the day!📉

📊Landowners will be able to develop their land. All transactions taking place on player-owned HEXs generate $ERTHA from rental agreements, business fees, tax collection and more. There are a great number of mechanics at play in Ertha, making it the most diverse and deep NFT based game out there.⚙️

you want to dive deeper? 👉 Look at This

✈️Life in the Ertha Metaverse is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself. Make sure to check out our brand new NFT HEX Globe and start plotting your course to dominate Ertha!💪

Web | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Buy NFT
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2022-01-10 12:24:28
🍾 Great news for NFTLaunch NFTAdvance tier holders!

🔥We're excited to announce our first private deal allocation!

🤩There will be a private deal allocation for Marvelous NFTs!

🚀 Launch date: January 14th

To be eligible you have to stake 180,000 $NFTL and complete KYC

💰 Buy now and stake: 👇

🥞Pancake: Buy NFTLaunch on BSC

🦄Uniswap: Buy NFTLaunch on ETH
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2022-01-08 16:41:16
🎉 Marvelous NFTs presents: Bad Days

🔥 Bad Days originally began as an animation series that went viral on YouTube with over 1 billion views and 850K subscribers showing superheroes having a "bad day." Now, these iconic characters have made their debut into the cryptosphere with a NFT, play-to-earn game!

🎮 Bad Days gives you the chance to collect, own, breed, and battle as your favourite heroes and villains by Stan Lee in this very unique game!

🦸‍♂️ Unleash the Hulk's rage, shoot Spider-man's webs, wield Mjolnir as Thor, surf the cosmic waves as the Silver Surfer, devour worlds as Galactus and if you stand very still, you'll be as invisible as Drax! There are so many more! Captain America. Iron man. Loki. Venom. Magneto. Thanos. Dr.Doom...

❗️Gamers, this is it! GAME O.... wait.... FLAME ON!🔥
🗓 IDO Date: January 14th
💰 Initial marketcap: $185K

🌐 Bad Days Official Links:
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2022-01-05 19:39:08
💥🚀Marvelous COMBO Airdrop valued over 5,000,000 $DRAW Token💥🚀

Dear my Heroes,

As Dragon War gears up for its approaching IDO in late January. It is now time to lay out the plan for the biggest event ever - The Marvelous Combo Airdrop.

📥Link Airdrop:

⏰Time & Date: 1:30 PM UTC 03 January 2022–00:00 UTC 23 January 2022

👉 It's done in a very simple way, just Join and Complete all tasks at:

⛔️Note: The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning

⚠️Caution: If many users have the same score, the random completes all the Steps will win

📌Event Information:

👉Official announcement on Twitter:

🌐 Official Links
Website | Medium | Main Chat | Announcement | Twitter | Discord| Fanpage | Youtube
53.1K views16:39
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2022-01-02 09:06:50

✅ To help mitigate the risk of being contacted by any malicious individuals - please see below!



❗️The #MARVELOUS NFT’s - BAD DAYS IDO will only be held on the platforms announced by the marvelous nft team -, and not on telegram

🌐 Bad Days Official Links:


give your Seed Phrase or Private Key to ANYONE

🔐 For further protection, please complete the following steps to prevent yourself from being added to any fake groups on TG:
1. Settings
2. Privacy and Security
3. New chat from unknown users, tick Archive and Mute
4. Groups & channels
5. Who can add me to group and channels
6. Only My Contactsm
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2021-12-30 15:47:22
Cryptosnake🐍 has announced the Intergalactic Snake Competition with a prize pool of 18,000 BUSD! 💰😱

The Play-to-earn game based on the Snake from Nokia 2000s was launched in late autumn - this event was expected by more than 100,000 people from the international community of Snake.

Cryptosnake already brings players from $10 to $100 per day 🤑

Dates: January 20-24, 2022.

- only Black Mamba can take part;
- the game balance of the snake: from 150 SNK;
- winners from 4th to 10th place receive a win for their game balance, and those from 1st to 3rd place - to their BUSD wallet.

🏆 1st place 10.000 BUSD
🏆 2nd place 5.000 BUSD
🏆 3rd place 3.000 BUSD
🏆 4-10 places from 10.000 to 2.200 SNK

🎯 How to win? Collect the maximum number of pixels.

🕹For more details 📣 please join our Telegram chat

What else is there in the chat?

▶️ strategies for making money in the game
▶️ instructions and news
▶️ top 5 players daily.

Pump your skill 🚀 and have a good hunting 🐍💰
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2021-12-30 14:36:10
🎮Play-to-earn mechanics began the gaming revolution and SIDUS is conquering this wave to bring out the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game.

🌎The World Based on Crypto and Blockchain Philosophy

🔗The social structure of SIDUS is developed in alignment with crypto and blockchain principles. The top 12 blockchains are represented as planets, each with their own race of beings — Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya and Polkacyon are just some of them.

🌐The initial NFT collection that the project released, termed the ‘Genesis’ collection, consists of 6,000 completely unique NFT works of art. Every Hero was randomly generated from thousands of hand-crafted visual attributes. Heroes are unique as there are no two Heroes that have 100% the same traits. The Genesis collection consists of 6000 Heroes and has 3 levels of rarity: Original, Rare and Legendary.

🕸 Website▫️🐦 Twitter▫️🗣 Telegram chat
▫️📣 Announcement channel▫️📨 Reddit▫️☑️ TikTok
🗽 Discord▫️
🛥 OpenSea▫️🎥 Youtube▫️🧾 Medium
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2021-12-29 18:39:31
#WorldOfDefish trading will begin at 4 PM UTC on:

🥞 Pancakeswap:

🔥 Dextools:

🦈 Official Links:
8.4K views15:39
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2021-12-29 15:01:23
#DOTPad Announcement

⚡️DOTPad provides a unified crowdfunding platform for all things Substrate, giving future Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem projects a means to bootstrap their development, grow their userbase, and fast-track their development.

📈 Want to learn all about #DOTPad, the Kusama and Substrate networks, and what to expect after launch?

👀 Check out the #DOTPad website to get all the details!

37.0K views12:01
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2021-12-28 13:38:07
🤩Check out the first look at World of DeFish!

🐟Here is a preview of this massive upcoming strategic play to earn game!

💸This video gives you a first look at the in-game UI and shows how every piece of equipment is a revenue generating NFT! Plan your strategy, prepare your fishing gear and watch the numbers fly up!

🗓 Launch date: Wednesday December 29th
💰 Initial Marketcap: $369K
👉 Whitelist:

🐡World of DeFish Official Links:
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2021-12-27 14:54:56
@TedefiBot - 🔹First Trading Bot with own chart and staking 🔹TEFI Token inside Telegram🔥

APY - 500% + Staking Planning Inside Telegram based on Binance Chain 🔸🔸🔸

Expected Price after Staking at the end of December: ~$0.5$ + 495% 🔥

125.00+ Users Traders Behind 🔹Tedefi Network Exchange

2 Weeks Plan:
🖇New trading pairs implementation
🔐Staking Airdrop announcement 🔥


Investors relish stable returns from TEFI Token inside the Tedefi Telegram Exchange @Tedefibot. Considering upcoming updates to the network, the price is expected to triple by the end of the year!

📠Tedefi Information
🔹Token Symbol: TEFI
🔹Network: BSC
🔹Circulating Supply: 35,050,000 TEFI

✅7 Days : +24.70%
✅30 Days : +190.70%
✅Expected Price at the end of December: ~$0.5$ + 495% 🔹

🔹TEFI Token keeping value in the middle of a huge market correction
🔸Instant Withdrawals inside Tedefi Exchange

🟢 Telegram bot : @TedefiBot
🟢 Website :
🟢 Team :
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2021-12-27 07:35:15
🎉 Introducing BlueZilla's largest public allocation ever and the next step to the ultimate cross-chain ecosystem - #DOTPAD

🔥 DOTPad is the perfect solution for ecosystem growth for Polkadot, Kusama, and Substrate. These projects are resolving interoperability issues by building a truly open and cross-chain landscape.

📈 DOTPad's focus is on delivering top tier projects around topics such as: parachain and layer 1 chain projects, native projects and dapps to grow the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem, infrastructure to support the growing ecosystem, and much more!

🤝 With the recent announcement of the BlueZilla investment and partnership with the Master Ventures Polkadot VC Fund, BlueZilla will stimulate massive evolution of the DOT and Kusama ecosystems.

✅ Click here to read more about the partnership!

🗓 IDO Date: January 27th
💰 Initial marketcap: $290K
👉 Whitelist:

🌐 DOTPad Official Links:
🔹Telegram Ann
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2021-12-25 00:17:42

🤩Gamers, check out this brand new trailer! It contains never shown before IN-GAME FOOTAGE! And this is only the beginning!


Katana Inu trading is now live on
🥞 Pancakeswap: Buy KATA on BSC
🔥 Dextools: Chart on BSC

🦄 Uniswap: Buy KATA on ETH
🔥 Dextools: Chart on ETH

🐕Katana Inu: Website
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2021-12-24 09:29:15
#KATANAINU trading is now live on:

🦄 Uniswap:

🔥 Dextools:

🗡 Katana Inu Offcial Links:
196.6K views06:29
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2021-12-23 14:23:53
🌍Website: Official Website
📢Telegram Official: Velhalla Official Channel
📢Telegram Ann: Velhalla announcements channel
🐦Twitter: Velhalla Twitter
🎥 Instagram: Velhalla Instagram
🦎Gecko: Velhalla on CoinGecko
🥇CMC: Velhalla on CoinMarketCap
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2021-12-22 12:32:41
🦌🦌🦌Holiday Reindeers are Coming To Town 🦌🦌🦌

Holiday Reindeers the next NFT craze in NFTs. Don't Miss out

🧑‍🎄💸 Mint launches 23rd December 💸🧑‍🎄
🤑 10,000 NTFs to be minted on ETH🤑
🦌 $100,000 prize for the first Reindeer to collect a pack 🦌
💸Earn from your NFT through our Gift Giver💸
☃️Negotiate and Swap NFTs with other owners within our in-world game☃️
💥🔥Deflationary NFTS🔥💥
🦍 New NFTS created on the Fly🦍
🥃 Watering hole - RPG world where you can set up deals with other reindeers 🥃
💸Seasonal NFTs games with more prizes to come💸

Medium: Holiday Reindeers Medium
#reimdeerlivesmatter #reindeersholidays
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2021-12-22 08:29:52
🎉 BlueZilla Exclusive IDO - Verve

🔥 The future of interactive content is here, and fully decentralized! Verve is giving power back to the people by empowering streamers, content creators, and viewers with a rewarding, user-owned, and future-proof platform.

🎥 As a creator, you are given all the tools to produce the engaging and interactive content you've been dreaming of. There are no insane fees taken from creator's income, a NFT clipping tool for your iconic moments, and much more! With Verve's watch-to-earn system, you'll be racking up rewards just by hanging out with your favorite creators and streamers!

📈 Since being fueled by the Velas network, all transactions like donations or NFT purchases are nearly instant, secure, and at an ultra low fee!

🗓 IDO Date: January 20th

💰Initial marketcap: TBA


🚀Launching on:

🌐 Verve Official Links

🔹Telegram Ann
113.8K views05:29
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2021-12-21 12:21:32

📢 The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! 🚀

⛓Staking is available on the #BSC chain with OVER $3 MILLION IN REWARDS available for stakers! 🤯

Staking link:

Please be sure to read our detailed article on exactly how to stake your MetaVPad tokens 👇

⏰APY reveal and first reward distribution will be shown at 4:00 PM UTC today!

MetaVPad tiers

🛒 Don’t miss out and grab your #MetaVPad tokens today!

🌐 MetaVPad
▪️Telegram Ann

Stake - Earn - Participate 🚀
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2021-12-21 12:00:35 💡Do you know what happens when you combine blockchain gaming and a team full of passion? You get KATANA INU! 🎮Katana Inu is an revolutionary, all-encompassing ecosystem for both gamers and traders driven by DeFi and NFTs! The Katana Inu game itself is a…
110.7K views09:00
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2021-12-20 11:25:20 🦖Ever wanted to own your own dinosaur?

⛓Welcome to DinoX — a world of collectible and tradable NFT dinosaurs living on the Ethereum blockchain!

👥Players build dinosaur kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others and retain actual ownership of the game due to the benefits of the metaverse.

🌈You need to have a $DNXC token to purchase a dinosaur. The digital dinosaur will start as dino eggs, and owners have the freedom to hatch it or not. All dinosaurs can be traded, sold, or kept by owners, whether hatched or unhatched.

Key Features of DinoX

🦖 NFT Dinosaurs are the core of the DinoX ecosystem. Hosted on Ethereum as ERC-721 tokens (DNX), these pixelated dinos can be collected or traded like other NFTs, but what makes them unique is that they’re interactive. You can take care of them, train them, breed them to create completely new dino species, and they play the main role in the DinoX gaming world – DINOX World.

🌍 DINOX World is an interactive digital world where your dinosaur NFTs are playable characters! Potential dangers, as well as rewarding discoveries, lie around every corner. You’ll be able to care for and train your dino while navigating your surroundings and unlocking various rewards, tokens (DNXC), and enhancements as well as more dino NFTs.

✅ Official Links
🌐 Website:
🐦 Twitter:
🗣 Telegram group: @dinoxproject
📢 Telegram ANN: @dinoxannouncements
📜 Medium:
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