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Logo of telegram channel officialbullishcrypto — BULLISH CRYPTO ( VIP OFFICIAL )
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Welcome to Bullish Crypto Comumnity!
Where You can Explore the World of Digital Currencies & Invest in Your Financial Future
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2023-05-13 12:07:05
Principles of Financial Freedom and Financial Literacy

Here are a few key principles to remember:
Budgeting: Track your income and expenses to effectively manage your finances.
Saving and Investing: Develop a habit of saving and explore investment opportunities for long-term growth.
Education: Continuously educate yourself about personal finance to make informed decisions.

Empower yourself with financial knowledge, take control of your finances, and unlock the door to financial freedom!
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2023-05-04 12:27:00 Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that our upcoming business meeting will be held online via Zoom on Friday, May 5th at 3:00 PM. This will allow us to safely connect and collaborate from the comfort of our own homes or offices to discuss new strategies and ideas for our business. Please check your emails for the meeting details and Zoom link. We look forward to seeing you all there!
5.2K viewsedited  09:27
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2023-04-22 15:07:06
Investing for the long term is smart, but it's important to balance greed and fear. Being too greedy can lead to taking unnecessary risks, while being too scared can cause missed opportunities. A well-informed and level-headed approach is key to long-term financial success..
2.3K views12:07
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2023-03-23 00:49:16
Bullish Crypto wish a Happy Blessed Ramadan to All Muslims May God bring it back to you with blessings. And may God accept your fasting, your prayers, and all your deeds.
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2023-03-14 16:48:25 Binance, Bittrex,, KuCoin
#ETH/USDT All take-profit targets achieved
Profit: 1512.6493%
Period: 28 Days 1 Hours 41 Minutes
3.3K views13:48
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2023-03-06 11:24:05
Dear Community,

We are very excited to share the news regarding the recent evolution of our company which will allow us to present ourselves as the most innovative and trusted investment company. Our commitment will remain our highest priority for our customers and partners. After all the hard work that goes into strategically setting up and crafting a new office and a new website, you might want to scream it from the rooftops when it finally goes live. Don't forget to get on all your social media platforms and share the news with all our beloved followers.

Follow us & stay tuned ..
3.4K views08:24
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2023-03-05 22:48:00 Binance Futures
#MKR/USDT All take-profit targets achieved
Profit: 1001.4837%
Period: 1 Months 19 Days 3 Hours 39 Minutes
6.7K views19:48
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2023-03-01 23:43:02 Binance Futures
#SNX/USDT All take-profit targets achieved
Profit: 1072.2656%
Period: 3 Months 18 Days 19 Hours 47 Minutes
8.1K views20:43
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2023-02-20 11:30:56 Binance Futures, ByBit USDT
#SOL/USDT All take-profit targets achieved
Profit: 426.3566%
Period: 3 Days 14 Hours 8 Minutes
3.5K views08:30
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2023-02-18 19:10:12 Binance Futures, ByBit USDT
#ETC/USDT All take-profit targets achieved
Profit: 164.1044%
Period: 3 Days 23 Hours 32 Minutes
1.6K views16:10
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