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Logo of telegram channel originaltairdrop — 🚀Original Airdrop 🚀
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2021-05-30 18:56:26 A Group will be created by some Experts who can explain Forsage to you better.

And they will Guide you on how to Join and make a lots of Money with Busd Forsage
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2021-05-30 18:43:58
3.8K voters25.1K views15:43
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2021-05-30 18:43:04
3.3K voters25.3K views15:43
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2021-05-30 18:38:52
3.2K voters23.6K views15:38
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2021-05-29 12:07:43 New airdrop: Punk Network x NFTCastle
Total Reward: 500,000 PUNK
Distribution: TBA (To be announced)

Airdrop link: Airdrop Page

Follow Punk Network on Twitter
Follow NFTCastle on Twitter
Join Punk Network Telegram Group
Join Punk Network Telegram Channel
Follow NFTCastle on Instagram
Submit your Polkadot(DOT) wallet address from trust wallet
Complete other tasks

Note: This airdrop will end on 14th June, tokens distribution will be announced by the project team.

Additional Information:
Punk.Network is an open, smart and NFT-friendly public chain and PUNK is the source-generated token of Punk.Network, with the function governance, pledge, circulation, dividend and utility.
28.7K views09:07
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2021-05-29 12:05:48 Airdrop Reminder
22.0K views09:05
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2021-05-28 16:45:33 New airdrop: Smaugs NFT x JulSwap
Total Reward: $10,000 in SMG
Market: Coinmarketcap, BIKI, Bitmart
Distribution: within 2 days after giveaway finished

Bot airdrop link: airdrop page

Complete the Telegram tasks
Complete the twitter tasks
After above tasks done, submit your details
Then, press on "Active Events"
Then, press on "SMAUGS (SMG)"
and complete the SMAUGS tasks
Then, press on Validate steps and you're done

Note: This airdrop is limited for 20,000 Participants, $9,000 worth in SMG shared equally between all valid users and $1,000 worth in SMG shared equally between top 10 referrers.

Additional Information:
Smaugs NFT is the Worlds first AI-Powered marketplace based on Binance Smart Chain where you can sell your digital assets as NFT tokens in the digital world while paying less fees. Smaugs Nft works on fully decentralized smart contracts. It sends NFT Token gifts to its users randomly. When you create an NTF Token in Smaugs Marketplace, you can increase your earnings by earning Smaugs Tokens.
25.6K views13:45
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2021-05-27 22:49:33
Tron || Cex Tron Giveaway
Reward || 500 Trx
Referral || 0.09Trx

Airdrop Link --> https://t.me/CexTrxAirdropBot
Start the bot
Get upto 4 refferal
Claim your TRX
Stake Your Trons to earn 20% + capital

2 Referrals to qualify for free Trx Claim
25.8K views19:49
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2021-05-26 16:26:20 New airdrop: N1CE (N1CE)
Total Reward: 30,000 N1CE
Distribution: After Token Launch

Airdrop link: https://n1ceofficial.medium.com/launching-imanexpert-contest-5c2efd6ae15b

Join N1CE Telegram Community Group
Read rules and complete the tasks from the contest page
Follow N1CE on twitter
Like and Retweet the contest Post

Note: The N1CE Team and Ambassadors will select the best 50 videos, Contest rewards will be distributed to your BSC wallet address, and the winner of the contest will receive an extra exclusive reward from the N1CE Team. Distribution will be issued after the Token Launch, which is scheduled for 18 June.

Additional Information:
N1CE is the first community-based platform which aims to gather knowledge and expertise about crypto and blockchain. There will be a marketplace of expert-provided products and services that anyone can purchase. Experts will also post public content like article and videos about crypto and blockchain, which can be tipped by community members.
27.6K views13:26
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2021-05-25 23:22:07 New airdrop: NFT GATE (GATEX)
Total Reward: 400,000 GATEX ($200,000)
Distribution: after NFT Gate TGE

Airdrop link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_FnW_rWvYM7TKKihju_jwYJ6yoRVTJs2NCAAo_VOb4uD6Aw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Join telegram Group and Channel
Follow on Twitter
Like and Retweet pinned post and comment with the text in the airdrop page
Follow on Medium
Submit your details on the airdrop page

Note: Total 400,000 GATEX will be shared among all the participants who completed all the tasks and submit details correctly. Tokens will be distributed to your BEP-20 wallet address after NFT Gate TGE.

Additional Information:
NFT Gate provides a suite of applications to the NFT ecosystem to unlock the future of its mainstream. It introduces the first IDO launchpad and incubation platform to the NFT ecosystem. NFTs the Platform Supports Multi - Chain Networks on Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Solana.
26.9K views20:22
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