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#WOO Waking up
6.9K views03:13
120% profit with #STORJ
10.3K views21:23
+50% within few hours

10.2K views21:15
10.1K views20:47
#STORJ look at volume

Shitcoin season only
11.6K views17:22

Significant volume with the forming of triple bottoms.
4.8K views05:17
They unfollowed every projects they invested and supported in bullrun.
There is no tweets in their pages anymore.

The Whales left.
6.5K views03:49
One of them is not like others today

#MTL +15%
12.3K views07:48
#SHIBA +50% already
8.8K views18:53
#NKN +40%
12.1K views10:12
#WOO up 40% from our entry

But seems the real party not came yet
13.0K views08:27
Shitcoins party

#API3 +30%
13.5K views06:57
Few of them are waking up from dust
13.5K views05:43

4.9K views01:31
#RSR +33% profit
5.3K views01:18
Currently, Tether marketcap has dropped ~20%, which is about $15B burning out market.

Result is BTC dropped from 30k to 17k.

It is not the first time in BTC history.
11.2K viewsedited  15:31
11.8K views14:50
#STORJ +45%
But It seems the real party not came yet.
13.3K views09:01
Good info in thread
3.7K views02:04
10.6K views16:31
Another top trade today #STORJ
12.0K views15:15
#LIT +33%

On the top gainer in Binance
4.5K viewsedited  00:52
#BTC short reached 15% profit
9.3K views20:20
Half of equipments have to shut down
12.2K views16:21
More BTC inflows to Exchange.

Most likely from Miners
12.7K views16:18
Everyone is getting silence because #LIT is pumping while btc is dumping
14.0K views09:15
Buy small bag #LIT here
15.2K views07:43
Bulls make money
Bears make money
Pigs get slaughtered
15.5K views07:03
It was programmed
15.1K views06:59
Result Update

30k to 20k (now)
7.8K views20:54