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2023-05-21 21:18:05 Ripple's price (#XRP) is currently trading around a Fibonacci resistance level, which I expect will pose strong resistance for it. Therefore, I plan to enter a short-selling trade from the following prices:

1) 0.47$
2) 0.48$

My targets will be as follows:

1) 0.42$
2) 0.39$
3) 0.33$

And the stop-loss price (ST) will be set at 0.51 dollar.

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2023-05-21 02:18:21 The following is the optimized text:

Market and Bitcoin Update:

Medium Time Frame (MTF) - 4 hours:

Looking at the four-hour chart, BPRO momentum ranges provide detailed insights into Bitcoin's price evolution.

Recently, we've witnessed a shift from a downward trend to a sideways one, with momentum ranges swinging horizontally. This suggests that Bitcoin is trading within a defined range between $26,000 and $27,800.

Since March, Bitcoin has continued moving sideways and is likely to continue within this range unless there's a significant breakout above $28,000 or below $26,000.

Currently, Bitcoin is expected to trade around $27,000 with a high likelihood of random fluctuations and side noise.

However, there's an emergence of two types of modified fake break patterns at the lowest local volatility levels, strongly backed by a 91% strength BPRO Divergence Alert system. This could signal the potential for a short-term recovery towards the upper range area, near $28,000.

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2023-05-20 00:34:16 Speculations seem limited, but I see the "CITY" token, tied to Manchester City Football Club, possibly seeing significant activity in the upcoming month. The club just qualified for the Champions League final after a fantastic win of four clean goals against Real Madrid in the second leg, making them the strongest candidate to win the title against Inter Milan.

According to our Czech betting site, the numbers are in favor of City with odds of 1.42 to 7.42.

The expectations here suggest that if Manchester City wins the Champions League - the most likely outcome - it would be their first win in history, which could lead to a significant increase in the value of the token.

The token already has a solid structure and has been accumulated for 377 days so far.

However, remember these are just speculations, and they aren't always accurate or actionable.

We're just trying to predict what people might expect at the right times. Do you remember how successful CHZ was before the World Cup started?

So, I think there's a good chance of this plan succeeding, and I'm willing to allocate some risk to it based on expectations indicating there might be a 100% increase or even more.

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2023-05-18 12:19:02 Hello

Based on the chart, the price is near the resistance channel and the downward channel has been successfully broken towards the top, and there is a possibility of re-testing this area


We expect to see an increase and pump from this area, also, the market range is an acceptable scenario too
The key point is that for any large pump and massive profit, we need a larger trading volume

Note: Pay attention to the price that appears on the shortcut chart (at the top of the main chart in black)

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2023-05-18 11:24:01 Follow BTC analysis It seems that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching the local support level in the daily chart, making now an ideal time to consider long entry opportunities. You can buy BTC at a price of $27,300 at the moment, if you plan for this…
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2023-05-18 10:24:02
Pump Signal Announcement :

Date : Sunday May 28 2023
Time : 17:00 pm GMT
Exchange : KUCOIN
Advantage : Free for all

Once again all our members managed to make huge profits on our previous pump (BIFI), which reached over 600% with millions of dollars in volume over the first couple of hours, and with outside traders from all over the world entering after our members bought in. We had multiple waves to take profit, as our whales supported the pump and held prices up, but it’s not even close to what we’re expecting on our next Kucoin Mega Pump.

This is what we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the past few weeks… we’ve found a Kucoin loophole for our next coin, which will allow it to go over 3,000%, and will hold up for hours. We’re also bringing in the biggest whales in the space with us, meaning we’ll see the strongest and most profitable pump we’ve ever had.

This Kucoin Mega Pump will take place on Sunday May 28 (exactly 11 days from now), with a goal of no less than 3,000% for all our members… Be ready for further announcements and don’t forget to turn on your push notifications for our channel!!

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2023-05-16 18:29:13 The #XRP coin continues to dump and press downwards.

So far, the price is close to the entry point I determined at Fibonacci levels:

1) $0.39
2) $0.38

My targets for this deal are:

1) $0.46
2) $0.51
3) $0.66

And the stop loss will be placed at: $0.36.

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2023-05-15 23:22:01 #LTC For those who followed my last analysis of the #LTC, you will notice that the price has broken the uptrend level. In my previous analysis, I mentioned that I would enter a buy deal from the Fibonacci level 0.786. The price has already reached this level…
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2023-05-15 21:21:00 #BTC maintains the support level in the blue area I previously mentioned. So far, no closure has been recorded below this area, so I am still keeping the same targets: $28,800 $30,000 $31,017 @RosePaid
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2023-05-15 19:44:38
Tether has started reinvesting some of their profits/excess reserves into Bitcoin.

How much have they acquired in Q1, you ask?

Just around 52,670

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