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Coinbase sees highest BTC selling volume since FTX collapse as Bitcoin drops Record-breaking $4 billion loss transfer by short-term Bitcoin holders indicates market sentiment shift amid volatility —Link

125.7K views17:43
GameStop has decided to wind down it's NFT marketplace,More Than 30% of Crypto Games Have Been Discontinued —Link

38.1K views04:17
Top 7 Token Unlocks of the Upcoming Week.

BitDAO $BIT - $147.74M
Sei $SEI - $88.09M
Uniswap $UNI - $55.54M
Fusionist $ACE - $38.53M
Lido DAO Token $LDO - $28.48M
Axie Infinity $AXS - $27.15M
ApeCoin $APE - $22.48M

89.6K views18:11
Boosted yield on Mantle Staked ETH has attracted over $500M, making it the 5th largest ETH liquid staking protocol — link

116.4K views06:18
Day two of spot Bitcoin ETF trading tops $3.1 billion as Grayscale and BlackRock lead — link

110.6K views17:29
Grayscale sent 21.4k $BTC to multiple addresses, including Coinbase, in the last 30 days.

78.9K views04:01
The average cost of production per Bitcoin, post halving, will be US$37,856: Coinshares — link

106.1K views17:41
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89.9K views16:31
Bloomberg analyst: Bitcoin  ETF had more volume than 95% products launched on Wall Street in the last year.

This is only the beginning

128.8K views15:28
NEW: BlackRock released a chart showing how Bitcoin is the best performing asset

67.9K views03:24
HUGE : According to CryptoQuant, Coinbase’s #Bitcoin OTC trading volume reached $7.7 billion today.

Reaching the second highest level in history. This means that the purchase of BTC through OTC transactions may be related to the passage of the spot #BTC ETF.

84.3K views15:18
Solana transaction volume hits highest level in more than a year as memecoin activity increases — link

85.8K views04:25
Crypto OTC Volumes on Wintermute Soared 400% in 2023

15.2K views18:07
Ethereum L2s-TVL has surpassed other L1 chains combined — link

28.9K views01:40
Bitcoin open interest soars past $20 billion, hits 16-month high

Binance and CME experience substantial uplifts in Bitcoin open interest values.

14.2K views18:11
Bitcoin  has officially formed the first-ever weekly golden cross in its entire history

20.7K views11:43
The number of up-to-date merchants accepting BTC cataloged by BTC Map increased 174% in 2023

33.7K views03:40
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34.7K views20:11
TronDao, blockchain with the most daily active users at 1.5M

37.6K views15:51
Around 1.11 million $BTC were bought between $42,560 and $43,245 and have not been sold yet, making this one of the strongest support walls!

45.3K views06:41
Currently, rollups account for ~12% of all gas paid on Ethereum, up from 3% at the start of the year — link

18.1K views14:32
Chains with more than $100 million in TVL that experienced the most growth in December 2023 — link

25.3K views05:24
All the 11 spot ETF Bitcoin issuers have filed their respective 19b-4 amendment form this Friday, adding momentum to potential approval — link

18.1K views15:14
Stablecoin transfer volumes continued their upward trajectory, increasing from $920.6B to $1.2T in December.

Ethereum and Tron remain the frontrunners in stablecoin activity, accounting for a hefty total of $740.3B. However, Solana has made notable leaps, jumping from $86.2B to $297.3B, which reflects an MoM growth of 244.9% — link

25.3K views02:59
Celsius Network to Unstake All Ethereum Holdings to Pay Back Creditors

15.1K views18:05
CME Bitcoin OI Dominance hits 32%, a new high.

Meanwhile, Binance tanks to 25%, the lowest dominance since Jan 2022 — link

34.7K views02:07
Bitcoin addresses holding at least one bitcoin reached an all-time high at 1,025,807 addresses

44.7K views17:27
Crypto exchange volume cracks $1 trillion for first time since late 2022 — link | tl;dr

20.5K views06:07
The Bitcoin CME futures open interest is back above $5B, amid TradFi trying to front-run spot Bitcoin ETFs

18.7K views17:38
Solana USDC just became #1 stablecoin by tx volume, Dethroning the dominant Tron USDT.

23.3K views08:45