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₿𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: Bitcoin  the most popular ETFs on Wall Street again this week.

115.5K views10:12
Marinade has successfully differentiated itself among staking strategies in Solana — link

109.5K views17:52
MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Holdings Surge 50%, Valued at $9 Billion!

23.9K views07:22
90% of all Bitcoin holders are in profit after the price of Bitcoin reached $47,000.

128.3K views18:12
The 7DMA of new addresses on Ethereum climbed to 99,280 last week, the highest level since Dec 2022 — link

116.9K views06:12
The number of addresses with over 1,000 Bitcoin is the highest since December 2022

134.9K views18:21
Over the past 7 days, daily bridged volume to Solana has increased 335% — link

106.7K views06:02
As the spot Bitcoin ETFs settle into more normal trading, GBTC has lost dominance in volumes. At the start GBTC accounted for over half of daily volumes across ETFs, but now accounts for ~30% and was trumped by IBIT last week — link

46.8K views16:39
NEW: MicroStrategy now holds 190,000 $BTC worth over $8.2 BILLION

52.2K views15:53
Since the implementation of EIP-1559 in early August 2021, a total of 3.97M ETH, equivalent to $10.98B, has been burned — link

79.1K views08:32
93% of all bitcoin are held by less than 2% of all bitcoin addresses.

91.1K views18:22
Miner Reserves Fall to Lowest Level Since July 2021

“In the last two days, miner reserves have fallen by more than 14 thousand BTC, approximately $600 million in reduction.”.

13.6K views06:12
According to the data, publicly-traded entities with the largest BTC holdings include:

Grayscale: 487,026 BTC
MicroStrategy: 189,150 BTC
BlackRock: 66,200 BTC
Fidelity: 59,224 BTC
Purpose Investments: 32,318 BTC

24.7K views18:45
The value of $BTC owned by BlackRock exceeded $3 billion

32.5K views17:42
In absolute magnitude, the vast majority of the #Bitcoin holder base remains steadfast, with the percentage of held supply across multiple age bands residing just below ATHs:

1+ Years Ago: 69.6%
2+ Years Ago: 56.4%
3+ Years Ago: 43.5%
5+ Years Ago: 31.5%

82.5K views05:42
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80.4K views19:37
Alts market share of volume relative to BTC is back down to 34% after peaking at 53% in Dec — link

81.1K views18:22
During the last seven years, Bitcoin’s annualized return has averaged ~44%, while that of other major assets has averaged 5.7% — link

102.8K views07:56
BTC performance is behaving like that of the past 2 cycles, as the current halving cycle is ending with the fourth halving anticipated to happen in mid to late April 2024 — link

16.4K views17:27
Bitcoin Accumulation Trend Score has approximated the value of 1 for the last 4 months, and it's at its strongest in nearly three years, with large entities actively buying up $BTC.

78.5K views08:04
Ethereum Mainnet fees dropped 44% in 2023, while fees on ETH L2s surged 400% — link

98.5K views19:03
NEW: Bitcoin miners send $173M in $BTC to exchanges in biggest selloff since May 2023

129.2K views08:52
Bitcoin hashrate has surged 10.99% over the past six days, reaching a seven-day SMA of 535 EH/s

108.7K views17:43
The biggest selling pressure by miners since May 2023

“In total, more than 4000 bitcoins flowed to spot exchanges, around $173 million in selling pressure.”

106.8K views06:47
New spot Bitcoin ETFs amass 150,000 BTC as GBTC market share falls to 36% — link | tl;dr

31.0K views17:23
Two months post-settlement, Binance's market share is recovering.

Volumes rose to 49%, up from multi-year lows.

97.7K views07:52
The outflows in Grayscale last week totalled $2.2bn, although data suggests outflows are beginning to subside as the daily total continued to reduce towards over the week.

Newly issued US ETFs saw inflows totalling $1.8bn last week, and since launch on 11th January 2024 have seen $5.94bn of inflows.

96.6K views19:02
BSC's DeFi TVL surged 33% in Q4 to $4.3 billion, excluding liquid staking. The Venus Protocol surpassed PancakeSwap as the top DeFi player with a 39% share. However, the top five protocols collectively accounted for 85% of BSC's DeFi TVL — link

92.6K views08:28
Grayscale Selling Is Slowing Down

BlackRock And Fidelity Accumulation Is On The Rise

Bitfinex Whales Have Started To Long Bitcoin

70.3K views20:02
9% of the Bitcoin supply has never moved since it was mined —a large portion of which is believed to have been mined by Satoshi in the early days of Bitcoin’s history — link

122.4K views08:41