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2024-01-14 21:11:26
Top 7 Token Unlocks of the Upcoming Week.

BitDAO $BIT - $147.74M
Sei $SEI - $88.09M
Uniswap $UNI - $55.54M
Fusionist $ACE - $38.53M
Lido DAO Token $LDO - $28.48M
Axie Infinity $AXS - $27.15M
ApeCoin $APE - $22.48M

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2024-01-14 09:18:00
Boosted yield on Mantle Staked ETH has attracted over $500M, making it the 5th largest ETH liquid staking protocol — link

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2024-01-13 20:29:01
Day two of spot Bitcoin ETF trading tops $3.1 billion as Grayscale and BlackRock lead — link

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2024-01-13 07:01:43
Grayscale sent 21.4k $BTC to multiple addresses, including Coinbase, in the last 30 days.

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2024-01-12 20:41:38
The average cost of production per Bitcoin, post halving, will be US$37,856: Coinshares — link

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2024-01-12 18:28:16
Bloomberg analyst: Bitcoin  ETF had more volume than 95% products launched on Wall Street in the last year.

This is only the beginning

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2024-01-12 06:24:57
NEW: BlackRock released a chart showing how Bitcoin is the best performing asset

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2024-01-11 18:18:06
HUGE : According to CryptoQuant, Coinbase’s #Bitcoin OTC trading volume reached $7.7 billion today.

Reaching the second highest level in history. This means that the purchase of BTC through OTC transactions may be related to the passage of the spot #BTC ETF.

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2024-01-11 07:25:22
Solana transaction volume hits highest level in more than a year as memecoin activity increases — link

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