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New Visa dashboard shows that Solana has significantly more stablecoin transactions than any other blockchain.

26.7K views05:42
"Bitcoin on-chain dynamics are decidedly positive" after the halving, with strong exchange outflows and record ETF inflows suggesting healthy market absorption, according to Bitfinex

26.6K views06:02
While the U.S. consistently accounts for the lion’s share of stablecoin purchases, global demand is increasing, with a diverse representation of nations and regions contributing to over $40 billion in purchases in March 2024 alone — link

26.6K views18:22
During Q1 DEX volumes on BNB Smart Chain hit quarterly highs not seen since Q4 2022. On average, there was $1.1 billion traded daily on DEXs — link

26.7K views03:51
Base DeFi is continuing its climb upwards. TVL is now over $1.6B, nearly a 100% increase in 1 month — link

26.5K views07:42
On the 20th, post-halving, ~$80M was spent on Bitcoin transaction fees. More than triple the previous all-time high — link

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PORTAL seems to be cooking up some new things with their new launchpad

The debut token on the Portal Launchpad is $SOMO ( and those who stake $PORTAL will be able to receive a guaranteed allocation for the $SOMO sale which is happening on Thursday, 25th April at 11 am EST and I’m expecting this to skyrocket

Within the niche of Web3 gaming, we’ve seen many successful launches recently such as My Pet Hooligan’s $KARAT – $SOMO could be next. SOMO will quite literally be the Pokemon Go of Web3 and is also a playable 3D game

$SOMO seems to be the next big cook following after $PORTAL’s success, hitting a 3bn FDV and it was the biggest Binance Launchpool launch in history. I would really recommend picking up some $PORTAL and staking via their launchpad for the $SOMO sale

Wallets will be able to purchase up to 1 ETH of $SOMO and to balance the demand against the available allocation – there will be a weighted raffle to give everyone a fair chance. Your chances in the raffle are dictated by your ticket size and how early within the 24 hours you purchase.
The earlier you purchase and the bigger your ticket, the more $SOMO you’re likely to receive. The current presale price terms seem very fair considering other rounds available like Pixelmon’s $MON and Revolving Games’ $RCADE.

Portal Twitter:
SOMO Twitter:
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Among offshore markets Binance’s BTC market share currently stands at approximately 55%, down from over 80% a year ago.

Bybit saw the strongest increase in market share this year, growing from 2% to 9.3%. OKX’s market share also jumped to 7.3% from 3% a year ago — link

26.7K views07:42
Solana DeFi TVL increased by 232% QoQ to $4.9 billion, ranking it fourth among networks.

Lending and yield protocol Kamino jumped from Solana’s fourth largest to the top DeFi protocol by TVL. Its lending protocol ended the quarter with almost $1.3B in TVL, an 811% QoQ increase — link

26.6K views17:42
The new whales' initial investment in Bitcoin is almost twice the old whales' cumulative total

26.6K views05:42
Transactions on the TON network have been up over 100% since mid-March, and TON is closing in on the BNB chain in terms of transactions per day — link

26.6K views16:53
MORGAN STANLEY: Bitcoin miners are the quickest way to establish new data centers because they already have access to significant amounts of power

Their models indicate that Bitcoin miners trade at a substantial discount to the intrinsic value of the power they secure

26.6K views05:42
Bitcoin Profit ratio of current supply is 88.8%

The last time this level was reached was on February 7, 2024, when the price was $44,000.

26.4K views16:32
Argentines are buying #Bitcoin to protect themselves from 276% inflation instead of rushing to exchange pesos for dollars, per Bloomberg

26.6K views17:53
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According to glassnode, affected by the Runes minting activity, on April 20, Bitcoin miner revenue reached US$106.7 million, of which 75.444% came from network transaction fees, both reaching record highs. — link

26.7K views07:51
Bitcoin ETFs now hold 851k BTC, about 4.3% of all circulating Bitcoin. After starting with weekly inflows from $1.2 billion to $2.5 billion, there's been a slowdown since late March.

26.6K views16:12
The supply of stablecoins rose more than 14% in the first quarter as market participants continued to increase their usage — link

26.7K views07:42
Magic Eden is now the #1 NFT marketplace, overtaking Tensor/Blur/OpenSea — link

26.7K views16:03
45 million transactions were recorded on Base in April, 50% more than the total in March — link

26.7K views05:41
Bitcoin’s most explosive gains are typically post-halving — link

26.8K views18:22
Bitcoin's Halving Effect : The avg direct cost of production of one #bitcoin is expected to increase from $25,000 to $37,800.

26.8K views07:42
TVL on programmable Bitcoin layers increased 127% QoQ — link

26.8K viewsedited  15:43
Over 13,000 Bitcoin have been taken off Coinbase today!

26.9K viewsedited  05:52
Layer 2s saw a significant increase in on-chain profits in March. Net on-chain profits reached $44 million, 4 times more than February — link

26.8K viewsedited  16:02
Layer 2's total value locked (TVL) surged 24.4% month-on-month, with Arbitrum One and Base driving a $5.7B increase of the total $8.4B rise in TVL — link

26.7K views06:52
The Uniswap Labs fee switch has turned out be lucrative, generating over $1M in fees in some recent weeks — link

26.9K views15:42
Bitcoin ‘Halving’ Will Deal a $10 Billion Blow to Crypto Miners: BBG

26.6K views04:32
Bitcoin markets have seen a surge in spot trade volume since the US Spot ETFs went live in early January 2024. As the market reached the $73k ATH in mid-March, daily volumes recorded a peak of ~$14.1B.

This magnitude of spot trade volume is equivalent to the height of the 2020-2021 bull market, although it has started to cool down in recent weeks, currently at $7B/day.

26.6K views07:42
Bitcoin ATH break in prior cycles, it could be argued that current Euphoria phase (market in price discovery) is still relatively young.

Previous Euphoria phases have seen numerous price drawdowns exceeding -10%, with the majority being much deeper, with 25%+ being commonplace. The current market has seen just two ~10%+ corrections since the ATH was broken.

26.7K views16:32