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Logo of telegram channel pancakeswapgem — Pancakeswap GEM
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The best channel for investment with best projects, we will promote projects in many channels.

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2022-06-20 17:03:18 Pancakeswap GEM pinned a file
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2022-06-20 17:03:11 Too lazy to read? Then we will enlighten you quickly!
Mayors - P2E mmo strategy which is coming out already on June 30!

Dynamic NFT
Staking, burning, thoughtful vesting rules of BEP-20 game token Vote$
On the project's website you can find a detailed whitepaper where all this is painted.
Active social networks and constant support from moderators, communication with the team directly during the AMA. Next AMA session one will be this Tuesday - June 21
WL competition is LIVE NOW!

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2022-06-15 21:45:55

With the various types of skill in the skill system, your doggies are supported effectively and have higher chance to win in the race.

Do you like Rally Banana skill , Poisom bone skill or any other interesting skills in the game? Pleas let us know in the comment!

Don't forget to join testnet version in order to receive interesting Airdrop: Join now

Testnet Dogeon Game Instruction: Medium

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2022-06-12 19:49:39
- MobiPad

This is a new project build around a multi-chain launchpad with a mobile app, which includes several features, such as anti-rug mechanisms.

The mobile app has a one-view dashboard, a built-in auto-vesting portal, anti-snipe systems, staking/farming and more. The $MBP token itself, has 4% buy tax and 10% sell tax, with a total supply of 100 million and initial market cap of $32k. Project has also been KYCd and Audited .

For more info:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Trailer |MVP
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2022-06-08 05:03:39
​New #BSCGem

Name : Kishita Inu
Status : Ongoing Pre-sale
Rating by BSC Newspaper : 9/10

What is Kishita Inu?
Kishu inu is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency with the aim of helping fund youth football clubs in troubled around the world, It is our mission to strengthen football through empowering the youth and allowing them to have the opportunity to stay out of trouble while staying in shape.

Safe team
Huge Potential
Amazing Marketing Plans
Soccer World Cup FOMO is here
Presale is now open on

Social :
Telegram Group

Links :
Whitepaper (EN)
Buy Kishita Inu (Presale Stage)
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2022-06-05 23:13:36 BACKSTAGE - #BSCPAD + #VelasPad

Backstage is a decentralized ecosystem powering the Entertainment industry. It's goal is bringing Web3 technology to the back end of any small and large gathering around the world.

To achieve this #Backstage already have partnerships with industry giants such as Venues, hundreds of Clubs, Hotels, Art and Music Festivals, Theater, Sport Teams and just managed to sign in and become share holder of The Music Walk of Fame that owns the rights of the most famous artists in the Music Industry.

Backstage Ecosystem is powered by the BKS token and divided in ramifications:

NFT Ticketing - Unique platform for minting NFT tickets designed to drive merchandise and at-event sales; loyalty and royalties NFTs to generate revenue while offering owners privileges, lower fees and future engagement with their favorite Artists

Crypto POS Wallet - The first Business Crypto Wallet, seamlessly accept crypto, swap currencies, pay invoices and store NFT's; a buyback mechanism to support partner liquidity and create buy pressure for the BKS token

The marketplace - where all connection and transaction happens, considered the new social and business network for the industry

The Metaverse implementation - for P2E games experiences, augmented reality brand marketing and virtual world access to the Backstage Universe.

IDO date: TBA

Initial Market Cap: $325k


Backstage Official Links:
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2022-06-02 09:54:48
HeliconNFT's Massive Airdrop & Officially Partners With now is an investor and strategic partner of HeliconNFT for the foreseeable future. is a leading crypto exchange platform who offer their services to over 2 million users in over 120 countries.

This announcement is in line with HeliconNFT mystery box launch and airdrop event.

11,999 mystery boxes are offered to purchase and unlock containing NFTs and HDT
100 BNB Airdrop with each winner receiving 0.5 BNB as proceeds

End date: 12 June 2022

Register on the whitelist so you don’t miss these events:

Helicon is an all-encompassing marketplace for all your Defi, Gamefi and NFT needs. Joining the HeliconNFT ecosystem through the mystery box launch grants you:

Airdrop of 0.5 BNB each winner
Early access to unique NFTs
Oppurtunity to trade these NFTs on Helicon marketplace using native token HDT
Holding HDT comes with incredible rewards

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |Youtube
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2022-05-30 17:39:03
XLUNA is the first decentralized leverage casino on the blockchain. Using decentralized technology, community governance and smart contracts to allow our users unparalleled wagering securely placed on a trustless, non-custodial wagering platform that will revolutionize the global casino industry by allowing players to invest.


Complete tasks to earn up to 1.6 Million XLUNA
300 XLUNA for 5000 random participants
1000 XLUNA for top 100 referrers
Join Airdrop: @XLUNACasinoAirdrop_bot

Global Chat:
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2022-05-30 12:20:23 Pancakeswap GEM pinned a photo
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2022-05-30 12:20:20
1/Congratulation to all the users who followed the deal yesterday. It be x2 and will xx many more times in the near future.

2/ Today May 30th, UDOGE is officially going to launch the mainnet game and NFT Ukadoge Marketplace.(Noted: when bidding, each next round will increase 10% the number of previous rounds.)
Download here:

3/ Organize charity auction: only 1 time of 20 NFT Doge Common Dog, starting price is 1 billion Ukadoge tokens.
Start at 12:00 UTC today

4/ Currently, the Chinese community is also waiting for the mainnet game's release date so the possibility of fomo is very high, you can increase the amount in your account
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