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BACKSTAGE - #BSCPAD + #VelasPad Backstage is a decentralize | Pancakeswap GEM


Backstage is a decentralized ecosystem powering the Entertainment industry. It's goal is bringing Web3 technology to the back end of any small and large gathering around the world.

To achieve this #Backstage already have partnerships with industry giants such as Venues, hundreds of Clubs, Hotels, Art and Music Festivals, Theater, Sport Teams and just managed to sign in and become share holder of The Music Walk of Fame that owns the rights of the most famous artists in the Music Industry.

Backstage Ecosystem is powered by the BKS token and divided in ramifications:

NFT Ticketing - Unique platform for minting NFT tickets designed to drive merchandise and at-event sales; loyalty and royalties NFTs to generate revenue while offering owners privileges, lower fees and future engagement with their favorite Artists

Crypto POS Wallet - The first Business Crypto Wallet, seamlessly accept crypto, swap currencies, pay invoices and store NFT's; a buyback mechanism to support partner liquidity and create buy pressure for the BKS token

The marketplace - where all connection and transaction happens, considered the new social and business network for the industry

The Metaverse implementation - for P2E games experiences, augmented reality brand marketing and virtual world access to the Backstage Universe.

IDO date: TBA

Initial Market Cap: $325k


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