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Announcing The World’s First On-Chain Intelligence Exchange
Arkham Project Visualizer

Buy and sell information on the owner of any blockchain wallet address—anonymously, via smart contract.

Buyers on the Arkham Intel Exchange request intelligence from the community by placing bounties.
Bounty hunters claim them by submitting the requested intel, thereby earning rewards.
Conversely, anyone with valuable information on a wallet or its owner can offer that information for sale for a buy-it-now price or via auction to other users
This creates a liquid market for information, allowing on-chain sleuths to monetize their work at scale: “intel-to-earn”
We built the Intel Exchange after noticing 2 trends:
1. Significant demand for on-chain analysis from traders, investors, journalists, researchers & protocols
2. The growing number of talented on-chain sleuths who participate in our community every day
Arkham’s Intel Exchange finally gives sleuths a way to monetize their skills, and meets the growing demand for on-chain intel in a scalable way.
Bringing together 2 sides of this huge market.
1. Buyers
solicit intelligence by posting Bounties, requesting intel on anything they’d like to know.
Bounty hunters claim these bounties by submitting intel in response to them.
Any Intel bought & sold on the Intel Exchange will be exclusively held by the acquirer for 90 days
2. It will then be propagated to all users.
This gives the purchaser time to extract as much alpha as possible from the intel in the short-run
While ensuring decentralization of on-chain knowledge to the community over the long-run.


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