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Pump and dump. You're the dump, not the pump

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2021-05-04 05:43:01 Next is ETH ( Ethereum) an obvious choice here! ETH is where institutional investment is going to after BTC. We have ETH stacking and we also have a Network Upgrade coming in July which will burn a portion of ETH on each transaction to help lower the gas fees.…
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2021-05-04 03:41:18 UPDATE :

I don't think that bull market has ended.

If you're not able to see your capital decrease by 20-30% this market isn't for you.

I'd say that we probably got the correction that everyone expected, but not everyone is buying here which is very good, in the market psychology aspect. We can also see how the masses are turning bearish fast after corrections/dumps which is again very good for the market.

People who traded the last bull market should be more comfortable with this correction as we already got the same 30-40% drops in 2017 and we continued pumping harder after that.


I will point some interesting levels for you to watch :

Bullish scenario :

- 55000$ is the first confirmation level to reach.

- 60000$ is the key level, closing and consolidating above it will send BTC again to new ATH.

As traders you have to watch for both scenarios the bullish and bearish one.

Bearish scenario :

- Closing and consolidating below 40000$ will make things bearish and would give a bigger correction in the mid term.


I'm almost sure that altcoins will not do like in 2017, not in term of x gains but in the number of coins that gonna moon.

Let me develop..

You have to choose wisely where to put your money this time.

Old coins that pumped hard in 2017 may not all make the same gains and the majority of them will not gain much.

DeFi and other new tech coins will get enough space to moon.


If you're getting stressed while trading, you're doing it wrong.

When you start loosing think of it as saving your capital from a total loss instead of trying to revenge trade to recover impossible losses as you will be broke mentally.
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2021-05-04 03:39:05
I got sent this by a longstanding member! This is just a showing a potential scenario of how a true altcoin season could play out
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FAMILY CRYPTO Big Whale Crypto

And many things

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2021-05-03 15:51:18

+1000% pump coin will be posted in BINANCE WHALE'S LEAK

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2021-05-03 14:39:01 #SNX/USDT
Client: Binance
Trade Type: Regular

Entry Zone:
18.300 - 18.400

Take-Profit Targets:
1) 20.000
2) 22.000
3) 23.982
4) 25.861

Stop Loss: 16.789

Trailing Configuration:
Stop: Breakeven -
Trigger: Target(1)
Risk level 5/10
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2021-05-03 14:39:01 #FXS/USDT
Client: Binance
Trade Type: Regular

Entry Zone 1:
7.120 - 7.200
Entry Zone 2:
6.400 - 6.450

Take-Profit Targets:
1) 8.000
2) 8.751
3) 9.500
4) 10.120

Stop Loss: 6.100

Trailing Configuration:
Stop: Breakeven -
Trigger: Target(1)
Risk level 5/10
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2021-05-03 10:44:02 BNB/USD - Once again, no surprises here! BNB ( Binance coin ) -This was an obvious choice from many months ago. As the Bull run intensifies, the majority of traders will flock to the number exchange. They have a team committed to increasing the coins use case, and the price soon followed. My target for this coin is $1000 and re-evaluate from there
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2021-05-03 09:45:12 LTC/USD - Yesterday we had the highest monthly candle close in Litecoin history. On the Logarithmic scale We see a huge channel forming with overhead resistance located at $1000. LTC has lagged behind ETH and BTC and eventually we will see price move in a similar manner. This is also a large cap altcoin which will move well if BTC dominance continues to fall
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2021-05-03 09:15:13 The majority of my holdings are large Cap coins; as we see BTC dominance drop, large Cap coins will begin to pump first, followed by Cap and Small Cap coins. This is my opinion
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