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that same @Texas dude is now in ton
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I don't write first

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2024-06-02 17:09:30
$NOT rose to $0.021 and broke through the new ATH

We trade on the Bybit exchange

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2024-06-02 12:12:37 #Notcoin 0.019700
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2024-06-01 22:47:40
Whales are strategically accumulating huge amounts of $TON—this is a strong indicator of an upcoming pump.

The number of investors holding between 100k and 1M $TON is rising.

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2024-06-01 22:37:01 #Notcoin 0.016
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2024-06-01 10:58:17
You can brand your Notcoins until June 16th!

Withdraw Notcoins from the Notcoin bot to your wallet.

Those who have staked need not worry. (Like me)

The special staking offer has ended, but levels and exploration will open soon to new users.

Some of the unclaimed tokens will be used for development, and the rest will be burned

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2024-06-01 10:55:07
The former Binance CEO began serving his sentence in a low-security federal prison in Lompoc, California.

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2024-06-01 10:44:33 It became known that after the incident with the delay in sending the deposit On the day of Notcoin's listing, several key Bybit executives resigned.

Bybit is now publicly looking for new technical specialists.

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2024-05-31 19:21:59
Political rivalry of meme tokens.

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2024-05-31 19:17:43 The listing of the $XROCK token will take place on @xRocket on June 7 at 11:00 UTC

XROCK withdrawals will be available after official listing on DEX exchanges

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2024-05-31 19:15:41 As a result of the hacking of the Japanese DMM Bitcoin exchange, 4,502 BTC ($305 million) were stolen. The platform team guarantees that all lost funds will be returned to users.

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