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👀 Crypto Mountains - cult channel about cryptocurrencies and blockchain 👀
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2023-08-31 20:30:30
Web3 and the Financial Sector: Must-Knows for Business Leaders

Blockchain tech company Paxos published a blog post on Tuesday illustrating how Web3 can empower enterprises in the financial sector, and kickstart a “new era” of digital sovereignty.

“Web3” is a loose term for capturing the oncoming third generation of the internet, which combines the decentralization of the early internet with the utility and functionality of the modern age.

Blockchain is at the center of this transformation, creating a decentralized foundation for storing and exchanging both information and money.

By outsourcing such “essential infrastructure components” beyond a single entity, Paxos believes blockchain can help restore the rapidly “waning trust” in traditional institutions.

Security would also receive a boost, as decentralized business models would help defend against surging cybercrime and data misuse, again fostering digital trust.

Moreover, Web3 empowers consumers to take control of their personal data, rather than seeing it harvested and sold by centralized platforms. Consumers could therefore monetize their data individually, and create “more equitable digital ecosystem.” Paxos wrote:

“All of these benefits also happen to be the pillars of a sound financial system. These benefits will continue to become important as other industries utilize the technology to meet the demands of today’s—and tomorrow’sconsumers.”
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2023-08-29 18:00:07
MetaTrace running everyday NFTs pre-listing giveaways!

MetaTrace - Free-to-Play and Earn, geolocation crypto game on the real-world map is preparing for listing and running a series of daily contests with a prize pool of $100.000!

More detailed conditions are described in the official channel of the project, but you definitely need TraceID to participate!

You can get it immediately after free registration on MetaTrace Quest-Platform!

Join the community to know more & win tokens and NFTs from different collections to get access to the closed app testing! It's an opportunity you won't want to miss!

Subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications and follow the daily giveaways!
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2023-08-29 16:00:05 ​1000 $HYDRA GIVEAWAY

Only 3 steps to victory! Get in on an open-source Proof-of-Stake blockchain (650 nodes, $10M staked) before August 31, 23:59 GMT:

1. Follow Hydra on Twitter and Telegram
2. Purchase only 200 $HYDRA (buy it on MEXC, KuCoin, etc)
3. Send $HYDRA to your Hydrachain address

Join the Hydra army and become one of the 20 winners!
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2023-08-28 18:01:44
US Treasury Department Proposes New Reporting Requirements for Digital Asset Brokers

The US Department of the Treasury and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Friday released new proposed regulations that would require the brokers of digital assets to report certain sales and exchanges in an effort to crack down on tax cheats, as well as to assist law-abiding taxpayers know how much they owe.

As per an announcement made on the Treasury Department’s website, “the proposed regulations would clarify and adjust the rules regarding the tax reporting of information by brokers, so that brokers for digital assets are subject to the same information reporting rules as brokers for securities and other financial instruments”.

According to the Treasury Department and IRS, under current tax laws, digital tax calculations are “difficult and costly to calculate”.

Under the administration’s new proposal, brokers will be required to provide a new Form 1099-DA, which it says will help taxpayers determine if they owe taxes, and would help taxpayers avoid having to make complicated calculations or pay digital asset tax preparation services in order to file their tax returns.
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2023-08-25 17:30:00
Worldcoin Faces Global Regulatory Hurdles Amid Expansion

Recent developments around Worldcoin have reignited discussions on data privacy and the ethical implications of personal identification. The project's audacious goal to grant everyone on Earth a biometrically verified digital ID has captured attention globally—and not always in a good way.

With its rapid ascent, the platform faces significant challenges, as governments and experts scrutinize its methods and intentions.

Worldcoin launched on July 24 of this year, issuing its WLD cryptocurrency token. Initially given to beta program participants, Worldcoin offered an airdrop of 25 WLD (worth around $2.21 USD each at the time of launch) to people willing to undergo an iris scan.

The company states its mission is to create a global system where anyone can verify their humanity online. To achieve this, they introduced the World ID, a unique identifier generated through an iris scan.

This IrisCode acts as a one-time mark to ensure authenticity, and once issued, the ID is stored on the Worldcoin blockchain, ostensibly safeguarding user privacy. Simultaneously, the World App stores user credentials and doubles as a cryptocurrency wallet, facilitating transactions with WLD.

As of August 11, over 2.2 million people have registered on the platform. But this rapid expansion hasn't been without its share of controversy.
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2023-08-22 18:31:20
Blockchain Capital Co-Founder Sues Hacker For Stealing $6.3 Million in a SIM-Swap Attack

Co-founder and managing partner at Blockchain Capital, Bart Stephens, has taken legal action against an unidentified hacker who allegedly stole $6.3 million worth of cryptocurrencies from his digital wallets, Forbes reported.

Stephens claims Jane Doe exploited a SIM-swap vulnerability, manipulating personal information sourced from the dark web to bypass security protocols with the cellular network provider.

This breach enabled the hacker to reset account passwords and ultimately gain control over the victim's digital assets.

The lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on August 16, alleges that the hacker orchestrated the attack in May by commandeering Stephens' cellular network account and subsequently transferring his private cell number to a new device.

Earlier this month, the fund's Twitter account was compromised in an unrelated security breach, used to promote a cryptocurrency token.
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2023-08-19 18:00:54
Crypto Lender Helio Sentenced for Falsely Claiming to Hold an Australian Credit Licence

Australia-based cryptocurrency lender, Helio Lending Pty Ltd, has been handed a non-conviction bond after falsely claiming to hold an Australian credit license. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) revealed that Helio falsely claimed it held a credit license in an August 2019 news article on its website.

Helio Lender, which offered cryptocurrency-backed loans using digital assets as collateral, was neither a license holder nor a representative of one at the time of the statement. In response to the charges, Helio pled guilty and has been fined accordingly.

The ASIC Deputy Chair, Sarah Court, stressed the importance of accurate information provision to customers and potential customers, stating that Helio's false claims deceived clients into believing they had the protection of a valid credit license.
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2023-08-18 19:00:55
Dear friends!
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2023-08-18 17:00:03
Unleash the Power of Dexsport: Safe and Transparent Betting

Experience the future of betting with Dexsport! The cutting-edge Web3 platform operates on BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, OKC, Avalanche, Arbitrum blockchains, offering you a secure and transparent betting experience.

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2023-08-18 14:00:05
Savl Wallet is the Swiss Army knife of apps for DeFi and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With its user-friendly interface, it offers more features than any other digital wallet on the market.

Savl is the only digital wallet with built-in KYT (Know Your Transaction/Anti Money Laundering) address verification, for enhanced transactional security.

With Savl you can effortlessly swap cryptos and tokens via DEX/CEX protocols.

Savl is a self-custodial and users can easily buy and manage 250+ different cryptos and tokens while retaining full control over their assets and private keys.

Our latest feature, 'Community', is a world-first. It enables users to communicate with like-minded people, stay up-to-date, and directly interact with leading crypto brands and products.

Savl offers staking on Solana, ROSE, and Velas, with rewards ranging from 4% to 8% APY.

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