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The Open Network (TON) is putting crypto in every pocket. By building the Web3 ecosystem within Telegram Messenger, TON is giving billions the opportunity to own their digital identity, data, and assets.

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2023-12-18 15:30:01TON Community Weekly Digest

Here's a roundup of the most exciting news from the past seven days in The Open Network (TON) Ecosystem.

Network Growth:

The number of registered accounts on TON grew from 3,947,236 to 4,043,474 (+2.4%) between December 11 and December 17, 2023.

Ecosystem News:

Ledger hardware wallets added support for TON, allowing users to securely store Toncoin and other TON tokens (jettons) with the highest security standards. Read more here.

The introduction of Compressed NFTs (cNFTs) on TON has significantly reduced minting costs, with the @Getgems NFT marketplace releasing over 75,000 cNFTs at a fraction of the usual minting price, marking the beginning of a new era in NFT creation and accessibility. Read more here.

OKX collaborated with TON to launch the TONomania campaign, starting with Phase 1, where eligible participants can "Learn & Earn" by completing a quiz in the OKX app to win a share of the 8,000 Toncoin prize pool. Read more here.

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2023-12-14 17:18:16TONomania Phase 1

OKX, one of the first exchanges to list Toncoin (TON) and one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has joined forces with TON to introduce TONomania – a series of engaging events and opportunities.

This campaign will firstly be open to CIS users and unfolds in three phases. Phase 1 kicks off today, December 14, 2023, and runs until December 28, 2023. Get ready to "Learn & Earn" and win a share of the 8,000 Toncoin prize pool. Terms and Conditions apply.

How to participate?
It's simple - complete the quiz in the OKX app to earn up to 5 Toncoin.

The details of the next two phases will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Additionally, mark your calendars for three informative AMA sessions covering the TONomania campaign, TON Ecosystem, and TON Community, scheduled for December 14, 18, and 21, 2023. All three sessions will be hosted on OKX’s official YouTube and Telegram channels.

Don't miss the first one today, December 14, 2023, at 17:00 UTC, featuring Anthony Tsivarev, Director of Ecosystem Development at TON Foundation. Watch here:

Learn about the details and embark on your TONomania journey today here.

Please note: The campaign is now open only for CIS users. Follow our updates for other regional campaigns.
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2023-12-13 21:45:14Ledger hardware wallets now support TON

Ledger, one of the most popular hardware wallets in the world, has integrated support for TON. You can now securely store your Toncoin (TON) and other TON tokens (jettons) on Ledger hardware wallets, ensuring the highest security standards for your digital assets.

To store Toncoin and TON tokens (jettons) on Ledger devices, follow these simple steps:

Download and install Ledger Live on your computer.
Update the firmware of your Ledger Nano S / Nano S Plus / Nano X.
Install the TON Network (TON) app on your Ledger device through Ledger Live.
Access MyTonWallet and install the browser extension for Chrome or download the desktop client.
Open the extension, click 'Import from Ledger,' and connect your Ledger device.
Confirm the connection on your Ledger device and MyTonWallet.
Choose a TON account from the list and add it to your dashboard.
Navigate to the dashboard, click 'Receive,' and copy your Ledger TON address for secure transactions.

Please note, while TON NFTs can be stored on Ledger devices, they currently do not display in the wallet interface. This feature is expected to be added in the future.

For a comprehensive guide on how to store and manage your Toncoin and other TON tokens (jettons) using Ledger and MyTonWallet, refer to Ledger’s detailed blog post.
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2023-12-12 19:20:00The dawn of cNFTs on TON

The Compressed NFT (cNFT) format has recently gained popularity, enabling the creation of extensive collections ranging from hundreds of thousands to a million items — all achievable at a fraction of the minting cost.

The first cNFT use cases on TON took place recently, marking the beginning of a new era. The team behind the @Getgems NFT marketplace:

Released over 75,000 cNFTs as part of the Egg Fight Club game, where egg-cNFTs serve as gaming assets in the fight for the grand prize. In this initial attempt, the minting price of cNFTs was approximately 40 times cheaper than typical NFT mints.

Unveiled the first Pearls by Gems drop in collaboration with the creators of Lost Dogs: "Lost Dogs: Consequences" collection, featuring postcards of varying rarity and the backstory of the long-lost world.

Minting 16,191 cNFTs in the Pearls drop cost just 1.5 Toncoin. Typically, a collection of this scale would cost around 800 Toncoin. Thanks to the cNFT standard, the cost has been reduced by more than 533 times.

Join the Pearls Drop channel and pre-authorize your wallet with @pearls_drop_bot for upcoming cNFT drops. To learn more about cNFTs, read this post.
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2023-12-11 17:34:35 Network Notification
The Open Network upgrades are helping the network deal with increased load. TON has continued to be fully operational. From 11 am to 2 pm UTC, TON processed 2,363,002 million transactions, reaching a peak TPS of 371.

The exponential growth in network activity impacted certain services. However, most have been upgraded in the last hours and are now operating normally. Thank you for your patience as the network and its infrastructure begin to cater to the demands of mass adoption.

Normal services from centralized exchanges should resume shortly.
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2023-12-11 15:38:27 Network Notification
Due to the exponential growth in network activity, some services on the network infrastructure may experience some disruptions. Centralized exchanges may not be able to process deposits and withdrawals due to these disruptions.
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2023-12-11 14:00:02 TON Community Weekly Digest

Here's a roundup of the most exciting news from the past seven days in The Open Network (TON) Ecosystem.

Network Growth:

The number of registered accounts on TON grew from 3,890,436 to 3,947,236 (+1.4%) between December 4 and December 10, 2023.

Ecosystem News:

Bitget Wallet, Asia's largest all-in-one Web3 trading wallet with over 12 million users, has integrated TON Mainnet, allowing users to easily add TON. Read more here.

We gathered some of the key highlights from Gateway, TON's first in-person conference, where over 500 attendees joined to witness significant announcements and exciting developments in the TON Ecosystem. Read more here.

On December 5, 2023, TON experienced a surge in network activity due to the launch of the TON20 inscription use-case by the Tonano team, resulting in over 2 million transactions and showcasing dynamic sharding technology in action. Read more here.

The TON Blockchain experienced reduced performance due to a transaction backlog. Now, all network services are operating normally thanks to the quick response from TON validators and community projects. Read more here.

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2023-12-09 17:20:51 TON Network Online: A Heartfelt Thanks to TON Community
As of 7:20 AM UTC today, The Open Network (TON) has effectively resolved the recent network congestion issues, thanks to upgrades implemented by TON validators. This advancement has enabled the network to process transactions swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring the safety and security of all user assets during the slowdown.

There have been some significant lessons learned here, and still remain some challenges to address with introducing slashing for underperforming validators, and continuing to upgrade the validator network with the best hardware and routes of communication. In part the solution is already integrated into our network's architecture, but there will be further upgrades and we are already significantly better positioned to handle similar scenarios in the future.

Throughout this event, a significant milestone for the blockchain was realized - 200 million transactions have successfully been processed.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our community for your patience and support during this time. We extend special thanks to all the validators as well as Tonano, Fragment, @Wallet, Tonkeeper, TON API, dTON, re:doubt, Tonhub and Orbs teams for their exceptional efforts and collaboration, which were instrumental in stabilizing the network, and communicating the status to TON Community.

As we move forward and services resume, we anticipate a smooth transition, although minor delays might occur as teams resume full services. We've set up a direct contact form for those who need personalized assistance. Your trust and cooperation have been invaluable, and we remain dedicated to continually enhancing the TON experience. Thank you for being with us on this journey.
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2023-12-08 15:19:03
Transactions Delay Update

Yesterday marked a pivotal moment for our decentralized community; coming together with unprecedented collaboration. We made the necessary steps back toward the high standard of operations the TON Community expects.

The focus was stopping the transaction queue from growing, which has been achieved and meant:
Working with the Tonano team to pause mints and stop transaction growth.
Working with Fragment team to pause auctions and protect user’s digital assets.
Contacting +70% of all independent validators to begin upgrading using the patch provided. Any remaining validators can get in touch via this form.
Removed some of the poor-performing validators, running on rate-limited bandwidth.

Today, our focus is on efficiently processing the backlog in the transaction queue.

To do that we have just released a second validator upgrade here, and with faster routes of communication to +70% of validators, a resolution is near.

Track TON back to full performance in real time
In true TON community fashion, the most necessary components are being built by the community! Tonkeeper has created a dashboard to track the network decongestion in near real-time.

You’ll see two charts on the dashboard, pictured above.

Chart 1 shows the cumulative amount of delayed transactions. Until it drops to zero, the network can only process very few new transactions.
Chart 2 shows the rate of congestion/decongestion. Values below zero indicate increasing congestion, and values above zero indicate clearance of the transactions.

In the next 10-20 hours, we expect to see an increase in the rate of decongestion as more and faster validators will join the next validation round.
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2023-12-08 00:17:28 Call for Network Validators to get in contact!
The TON blockchain is experiencing reduced performance now due to a backlog of transactions in the queue to be validated. We’ve received a response from many validators on the network who have already upgraded using the patch provided this morning.

However, there are still some we have been unable to reach. We need to collect the machine specifications from all validators to progress the upgrade as quickly as possible. If you maintain a TON validator node, please get in touch with us urgently so we can resolve the network performance issues.

You can reach the team via this google form. If you know someone who maintains a validator node on TON, please also feel free to forward this message.
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