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2022-12-08 16:43:41

Overnight the sell delta has been building up, with liquidity building up at $16800-$16600. The orange block indicates where we have a lot of liquidity (100x long) liquidation level, which is where I think the price will go first.
We still have a lot of liquidity above, which I think is a matter of time before that gets taken too

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2022-12-02 14:58:47

Liquidation map. Currently, in the market, their delta is positive, which means traders are entering more longs than shorts at this level. This creates liquidity for the market makers to take.
There is significant liquidity above $17k, which I would like to see taken before we have some correction.
Looking below, as expected, there is significant liquidity below

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2022-11-30 14:43:49

After yesterday's move up, the price left behind imbalances between $16500 and $16800
and a bullish order block $16500 -$16300. These levels could get tested before getting another move up as the price now has shifted bullish after breaking the recent lower high.
I also have the $17559 daily level marked as a level of resistance which is also the top the current range price has been trading in

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2022-11-28 14:30:07

Order flow chart

Sideways price action mainly over the weekend, with price dumping upon the weekly open.
Order flow was showing bearish divergences just before the drop

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2022-11-21 17:40:33

With all the FUD surrounding Crypto and, more specifically, the FTX hacker selling their ETH, if the price capitulates, where is the price likely to find support

In this chart, I have applied a fixed range volume prime tool.

The first fixed-range volume profile has been pulled from the start of the bull run to the current price action, and the second range has been pulled from the current all-time high to the current price action.

$900 is the value area low of the second range + previous lows and would be my first area of interest if we fall lower.

Below that, we haven't got much support in terms of volume until $600. This is evident with little volume build-up between this range
The biggest volume support ( point of control ) is located where we saw the breakout in late 2020 at around $400

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2022-11-18 18:25:20

One coin that could perform well during the world cup is CHZ.
Looking at the technicals, we are below resistance which makes looking for longs here risky. I have also noticed a cup and handle pattern forming on the higher timeframes.
$0.28 is where a bearish order block was located and has now been tested a few times, so I expect this level to break soon. Once a bearish order block has been broken, this would turn into a bullish breaker if retested and held

My targets if we get an entry is $0.39 - $0.55

My invalidation would be if we broke $0.29 and then began closing back below it on the daily and weekly timeframes

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2022-11-14 17:31:27


Over the weekend, price action continued sideways despite all the bearish news with FTX.
Price eventually hit the daily level, and that's where we got the bounce. The price hit $16800, which was the CME gap + bearish order block where we currently find the price.
My plan for today is simple if we get a move up from here, the next level of interest is $17565, which is a new daily level + area of previous resistance above that we have a big zone of imbalance that could get filled before we see the next move downwards
Current local support is $15871 and $15300.
More specifically, I have an interest is $15300 as this would run the low of $15600, which was put in last week. More updates to follow

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2022-11-13 02:10:17

Dollar strength index

We have seen significant weakness in the dollar recently, and this was compounded by the CPI coming in lower than expected. This is an encouraging sign that potentially, the Fed will begin bringing down rates quicker than expected. As you are all aware by now, the Dollar has an inverse correlation with BTC and the Stock market, which makes a case for a relief pump more probable. Looking at the chart, the dollar looks set to lose its parabolic trajectory. However, this is a little subjective. The level I am watching is the red zone, which, if lost, will be a significant market structure change which, in turn, could signal a rally for stocks and BTC

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2022-11-10 15:09:06 Some thoughts on the current market conditions
This week has shown us that anything is possible in this crazy volatile market we call Crypto. Yet, another lesson in “not your wallet, not your Crypto" Due diligence on which platform you trade is more important than ever. Undoubtedly, this will be a challenging time for many. I have been through two bear markets and watched BTC drop 50% in two days. One thing that stands true is that once the dust has settled, thats where the opportunity lies.

”When times are really bad, we forget that they will ever be good again, and when times are good, we forget that times will be bad again"

Tilman Fertitta

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2022-11-08 11:37:21

There is a lot of FUD flighing around with the whole Binance / FTX drama, which has put the entire crypto market on edge in the fear we will get another repeat of the Luna fiasco.
From a pure technical point of view, BTC has now filled the imbalance we have had our eyes on for weeks, making the current retracement an obvious one.
The current local resistance is $21300 ( daily)
Local support is $20K, which is the value area low.
I still have my eyes on the great zone $1930. This is where there is a lot of support confluence

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