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Pump and dump. You're the dump, not the pump

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2023-12-30 18:55:23

BTC.D 12H Chart

Bitcoin dominance has absolutely cratered, led by renewed strength on Ethereum and other major alts like SOL and AVAX. This is the kind of trend we want to see if capital is going to flow down into the medium & smaller caps and set of a broad-scale altcoin rally. Next level I’m looking down at is 50.8 and if that flips to resistance it’s a long way down to 49 area.

That’s it for today’s report. I hope it was helpful. If so, please leave a sticker!

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2023-12-29 18:22:53 #FLOKI Next Target : 0.000066$ Zon LONG : 1) 0.000038$ 2) 0.000034$ Target : 1) 0.000051$ 2) 0.000059$ 3) 0.000066$ ST : 0.000033$ @Whalescryptovip
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2023-12-27 20:21:57 It looks like BTC's falling wedge actually managed to put an end to the drop - at least for now. As I mentioned yesterday, this wedge didn't have a big impact so far as BTC didn't even come close to a breakout pump, but at least the dump slowed down for now. BTC is also above the 42,000 dollar level again, which is a good sign for the bulls.

Overall however, BTC is still trading back and forth between 40,000 and 44,000 dollars.

16.7K views17:21
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2023-12-26 20:58:46

I’ve added two charts here on the four hour timeframe (H4). The first is our price action chart and the second shows BPRO, our in-house indicator.

While price continues to hold the H4 FVG below then I’m waiting for a close above the CISD candle. This isn’t the immediate CISD as we have one to the left but this aligns with our daily.

Now, it’s important to make sure we allow closes on the same timeframe (daily for daily, H4 for H4 etc) so I don’t want to protect bad habits here. This comes down to your timeframe preference in terms for your system but for me a close above this level with displacement would allow me to drop to there LTF and find suitable long setups.

If this is just a deviation/fakeout then we should see a sharp withdrawal back beneath which would most likely not give us our LFT long triggers. If it did and we get stopped out so be it, thats why we manage our risk. However, this can also give us a clue as to where price is heading after showing weakness.

BPRO has been incredible at keeping us with the trend and has also priced up every corrective move by showing us the divergences (black box above price). The thin grey and black lines are the H4 trailer (showing current trend) and the thicker grey line bottom right is the daily (High Timeframe trailer) which has kept us bullish and favouring longs. Buying the pullbacks post-BPRO divergence has proved extremely profitable.

The equity markets and dollar index (DXY) can offer confluence here too as weakness in the dollar is normally positive for risk-assets like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, so keep an eye on those when the markets reopen.

Wishing you all a great Sunday, a wonderful Christmas/Festive Period and I look forward to seeing you around the Nest next week.

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2023-12-26 19:28:00 Pump Signal Announcement!

Date : FRIDAY January 5, 2024
Time : 17:00 pm GMT
Exchange : KUCOIN
Advantage : Free for all

With the massive success of our previous pumps (reaching peaks of 700-1,500%), a team stronger than ever, and the next alt-season just around the corner, we’re ready to announce the biggest Kucoin Mega pump we’ve ever had. We’ve been waiting for this pump for a long time, the first pump of the year… we’ve put together a massive and global marketing campaign over the past months, which means we’re going to see over a million new traders joining our next pump, which is expected to reach a high of no less than 1,500%. We’re also about to have the biggest volume we’ve ever witnessed, and that’s exactly why we decided to pump on KUCOIN. This means that all are members will be guaranteed the first entries, and the biggest profits…

Our main goal for this pump will be to once again bring the most outside traders into our pump, which will push us up to our 1,500% target. Our elite team of whales will be supporting the pump for hours after our signal, which will guarantee the biggest profits for all our members.

We have exactly 11 days to prepare for this massive pump, which will take place on FRIDAY January 5, at 17:00 GMT. We expect millions of traders worldwide to participate in this pump, and we’ll make all social media platforms explode after our signal, which will get us to our 1,500% target (or higher). Be ready for further announcements and don’t forget to turn on push notifications for our channel!!

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2023-12-24 20:36:14 #ADA Next Target : 0.82$ Zon LONG : 1) 0.61$ 2) 0.59$ Target : 1) 0.68$ 2) 0.77$ 3) 0.82$ ST : 0.54$ @Whalescryptovip
19.2K views17:36
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2023-12-22 21:02:34 #SOL Next Target : 100$ Zon LONG : 1) 0.60$ 2) 0.58$ Target : 1) 0.80$ 2) 0.90$ 3) 0.100$ ST : 0.48$ @Whalescryptovip
17.1K views18:02
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2023-12-22 20:57:17 #ARB Next Target : 1.8$ Zon LONG : 1) 1.11$ 2) 1.05$ Target : 1) 1.5$ 2) 1.68$ 3) 1.84$ ST : 0.95$ @Whalescryptovip
16.6K views17:57
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2023-12-21 21:54:11 #ADA Next Target : 0.82$

Zon LONG :

1) 0.61$
2) 0.59$

Target :

1) 0.68$
2) 0.77$
3) 0.82$

ST : 0.54$

18.4K views18:54
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2023-12-20 21:36:21 #LTC Next Target : 92$

Zon LONG :

1) 67$
2) 66$

Target :

1) 81$
2) 88$
3) 92$

ST : 64$

12.8K views18:36
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